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Monday, 29 August 2022

Lets Get This Monday Started Off Right!



  1. never thought about doing that, but then again I carried a Swiss army knife for years before going in the army
    funny how people used to ask me what knife I carried back then and I tell them Swiss army they just look at me like I was nuts or something because it wasn't some stupid rambo blade.
    I still have it too, a very old and well used champ with most of the parts. lost the tooth pick years ago !

  2. See?! 1911 can handle ANYTHING! HOORAH! Mikey of Trees

  3. And that right there sir is why we consider you the leader of the resistance . I don't mind killing commies as long as I can have a cold one afterward .

    1. Oh yeah, I forgot. Kill a commie for mommy. I wonder what my ranking is on the Lists by Feds. Probably pretty low with the legions of newly red pilled normies coming unhinged with the in-your-face BS right out there in front of God and EVERYONE. Tree Mike