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Saturday, 20 August 2022

On Gaming Women


If my wife ever regains her senses of sight and smell
and I find myself single, 
suffice it to say I will develop the skills to replace her.

I think my next wife will be a speed skater.
Have ya ever seen the bums on those gals…?

Years ago some cretins proposed the use of outhouse psychology to get not women’s pants by trickery and emotional manipulation. The idea was to bang them and forget them and move on to the next one because any real relationship with the modern North American woman was nigh on impossible. It really seemed like a lot of work to go to just for a roll in the hay.

What’s that? A chocolate waffle? Home made raisin bread? Coffee…that right there could reduce most women (and some men) - to absolute slaves and inspire the deepest loyalty, obedience and dedication. As we sit here in the rubble of The Current Year wondering who won the war of the sexes, it seems that women destroyed our chivalry… but we did away with our sense of romance ourselves… and us fellas are the poorer for it.


  1. Thank God you have her Glenn, and that she has you. I can't imagine trying to start over now. The shared history and memories for forty years aren't easily converted to a new one, I'd reckon.

  2. Don't buy into the Feminist BS. Men didn't kill anything the Women used the power of Mob Rule and Government courts/enforcement to do whatever they feel like at the time no strings attached. If you were lucky enough to find a Woman that did not use this advantage to ruin Men's lives at will, you found a good one. Most Men were not that lucky and adapted accordingly. The first casualty of Feminism was the Matriarchy that enforced the Female Rules, once it was gone there were no rules.

  3. A speed skater could crush your skull between her thighs if you’re not doing a good job.

    1. Brother, I know that's right. They'll break your glasses.

  4. I suppose it all looked good to them as they tore their families to shreds. But we are going into the third generation now that grew up with it. The lonely, vile cat ladies… the elderly drifters…and worst of all… the confused kids. None of it was necessary.

    There are always strings attached, and there is always a reckoning. What goes around comes around.

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