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Saturday, 27 August 2022

So… Is Incest A Crime Or Not?


It boggles my mind. Who are these guys, how did they get into the positions they have, and why haven’t we gotten rid of them?


  1. It's STILL against the law to shoot pedo's and commies. Tree Mike

  2. They have been put in their exalted positions exactly because of who and what they are. That is how they are controlled by those who put them there.

    The reason nobody is investigating Ghislaine's client list is because the investigators are on the client list.

  3. Biden, like Hitler is a perfect example of how sociopathic neurotic control freaks rise to the top of the emotional reacting, instant gratification driven masses. The only difference in their presentation is Hitler had the ability to articulate his speeches.

  4. I just wonder how much of this shit we have to put up with. I am already there with my own gov't. I gotta be bilingual? Fuck you. I gotta get vaxxed? No thanks. Gotta hand over my rights and freedoms to my faggot faced prime minister and his harpies? Yeah, no...

    1. Everything will just continue to get a little bit worse each day.
      Then, eventually you check out and it doesn't bother you any more. Lovely future we have, no? I was born in the wrong century.