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Saturday, 13 August 2022

Deja Vu


He has four more as big
as this one

When I was a little fella I had a wonderful (clean) dream: I was in a field between Eden and Elysium… on a clear blue summer day. And in the air, everything from UFOs on down to the oldest airplanes flew for me. I still remember it to this day. I was sorry to wake up from it.

It’s air show day at the airfield, and we are getting shredded by aircraft of every description.

The jets sound exactly right. They move as fast as jets should. We had a nitro control line flight where the plane revved at 31,000 RPM and sounded like 31,000 angry hornets. 

A candy bomber too off, barely clearing the rhubarb crop. He looped back and bombed the runway with treats for the kids.

Two Beegees flew in a ballet of synchronized flight. The electrics danced silently on the breeze.

Fighter planes snarled and rolled and looped. I didn’t realize it all those years ago… but Valhalla was only half a century away. 😊


  1. Did he make it out of 3/4" plywood?

  2. He shoulda double the size and flown it himself.

  3. May the Fokker be with you.

  4. Even to this day I enjoy the rare occasion of watching RC planes fly. Always wanted to do it but never did.