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Tuesday, 9 August 2022

🎶 Swing Low, Sweeeeeeet Garbage Truuuuuck…


🎼 Coming for to carry me hooooooome -

But! What is this heresy!?!?

An angel of God!?!?

Carrying a rifle made by scum sucking commie bastards!?!?

And - a friggin Glock?!?

Get thee behind me Satan!!!


  1. Glocks and Kalashnikovs are a construct of the white male patriarchy and the comrades of the glorious unity collective won't even get a Hi-Point or a Jennings, no not even a Grendel, Intra or Kel Tec!

  2. Swing low sweet Huey gunship
    Coming for to blow the Muz away!

  3. Maybe it is a PSA Dagger and a PSA AK.