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Sunday, 14 August 2022

Taking The High Road

 I lurk at a lot of the blogs of religious men and seldom comment. Most of them are older, and have led sheltered lives, insulated by their communities, their wealth, and their money against a lot of the stuff going down in the modern world. They don't want to talk about that - they want to talk about scripture and exhort their community to be not of this world and to take the high road in all things. I get that, they are like that in my church - to an extent. But they will call bullshit when they see it - even if in the mildest and politest terms. I think that straight talk is why we are seeing more people coming through the door and other churches are seeing less show up on Sunday.

I was watching an old boy on JewTube years and years ago. He was addressing the young men in his church because he was appalled (and rightfully so) about the surging divorce rates, and he was giving it to those young men with both barrels. They had to grow up! They had to man up! They had to take on responsibility and be leaders in the families! Why - if they did that, women would naturally defer to them as heads of their families and wouldn't be so troublesome -

A young fella stood up in the audience and interrupted. "But... Pastor - what am I supposed to do when my wife tells me she wants a divorce because she's not happy? And she can't tell my why she's unhappy?" The pastor stopped and reconsidered. "The point of my sermon, son, isn't to talk about women, it's to talk about you, the word of God, and walking the high road-"

Another young man stood up. "My ex wanted an open marriage where she could see other men. What am I supposed to do with that?" Another stood up and complained about his wife's approval of a son that dressed like a woman. Others were gearing up to speak when the Pastor angrily cleared his throat. "Again! We are NOT TALKING ABOUT THE WOMEN. WE ARE TALKING ABOUT YOU. Please sit down so I may continue!"

The young man that had started it all remained standing, shook his head in disgust, turned on a heel ... and walked out. About a dozen other young men stood and did the same. Parents and people in the audience hissed in anger and dismay as the young men silently walked out. Had I been there, I would have made a nuisance of myself with loud applause - and would have joined them. For his part, the Pastor looked confused and unhappy and wondered what in hell had just happened. The comments stacked up with thousands and thousands of comments with parents shitting on the kids, the men shitting on the women, the women shitting on the men and others shitting on them all.

All we hear about is how there has to be a seperation of church and state. To me, if you throw God out of your politics and current events... it will have the same effect as throwing Him out of the schools. You'll get drugs, violence, promiscuity and perversion running unchecked. The church has cravenly bowed down to the Globohomo monster and to me it is just craven. Problems like this are their fuggin jobs. And it doesn't just fall to the clergymen, the rest of us should be right in it too. Sticking your head in the sand and refusing to acknowledge the problem is craven, and the men that would put on religous airs and lecture the rest of us about morality ... that is just sanctimony, and people can see it. When that pastor dumped on those young men, he let everyone down, from the kids, right on up to God himself.

At least that is how it looks to me. But whadda I know? There are children with a better grasp of the Bible and faith... although I am learning fast. These divisive issues should not be dividing us. They should be causing us to gather closer together.

I dunno. I see genuine, 24 carat evil walking the earth, and if we are to be Godly Christians, we should be confronting it rather than avoiding it and pretending to take the high road in doing so. Sitting on the sidelines and scolding everyone while specific, individual lunatics drag your families and communities to hell... that is not Godly conduct. That's sanctimony as far as I am concerned.

Sorry for the rant... but I call 'em as I see 'em. And I am tired of out-of-touch ass hats scolding everyone as they sit on their hands and do nothing. 

As always, thanks for stopping by and listening to me vent.


  1. One of the tools of the left in their quest for total control is the destruction of the traditional western family. They achieved that with the creation of "no fault divorce" where no reason was needed to end a marriage. They then inculcated the notion that being "happy" was a "god given right", especially for women and if they weren't they should pull the eject lever and hop onto the cock carousel looking for Mr. Right...or at least Mr. RightNow. And they then rigged the legal/family court system so that when women did this they won Cash And Prizes as part of the divorce. It's a wonder any man ever gets married in this insane clown world now.

    1. Took the words right out of my mouth.

    2. I never did. I've been straight and single all my life and never once regretted it, especially with the divorce rate the way it is and the divorce court system ready to take everything away from the man and give it to the woman - for his entire life.

  2. Back about 1980 I was getting a bit crazy again and the old woman left me and went out to stay with her wealthy aunt in California . Her aunt got rich by leaving her husband and 4 kids and tripping out to Vegas to get knocked up by Frank Sinatra Jr . Had a daughter from that gig and ended up owning a bunch of Alaska oil bearing land worth millions . Anyways after the Squaw got to missing me , she came back and we have been happy as possible . Cause we are in love . She told me the preacher at her aunts church counseled her to divorce me and get another man who was wealthy and not like me a lowly mechanic . 57 years married and still in love this year . And the preacher was a woman , heh .

    1. Congratulations Mr. Orinsky. You made it!

  3. Zactly. Those of which you speak are so called organized religion who have gone wayward.

    That is not the Saviors Church as you have recognized. It occurs from the old maxim, any organization that is not 100% right eventually goes left.

    Keep doing what your doing Glen and thank you.

  4. Good read Glen. And you're right.

  5. Thanks for this Mr. Glen.

  6. The church lost me, not me losing the church and I was married to two preachers kids(ya think I would have learned) I was looking for advice and counsel and got that type of new age sanctimonious, psycho babble from men who were cowardly, too cowardly to look me in the eye and give me God's word.

    1. Good thing I know you and know your story, or I'd be thinking you were a dang Mormon. Those pain meds gotcha so you can't even tell a proper story. Married to two preachers kids!!!
      Why hell son, what do you expect. Most of us have trouble with just one. But you're telling us that you had 2. And it reads like at the same time!!! Dang Mormon.

  7. Organized religion is not religion at all. When the quantity in the collection plate matters more than the message, it's time to move on. I've noticed some denominations pride themselves on elaborate "sanctuaries". I've said for years that the only difference between the Taliban and the Baptists is where they spend their money. One's religion should be a deeply personal study and understanding of the Bible and living your life based on the lessons to be learned from it. And the leaders of a church should guide, not preach.
    But, I'm pretty much a Pagan, so what do I know ?

  8. When the Catholic church saw the divorce rate soaring, it instituted something called "Pre Cana," which the betrothed couple had to attend before being married. There the Church would attempt to talk the couple out of getting married for SIX MONTHS. If the couple survived this, the Church would consent to the marriage. Mind you, this was run by priests and nuns who had NEVER been married. My wife and I wanted to marry in the church. I was in California, on leave from my Coast Guard station in Kodiak, AK. We had two weeks to get this done. Not one church would marry us without going through the Pre Cana gauntlet. One priest even went as far as to tell us to live together up in Alaska until we could run the course! Yeah the same thing the same church calls "living in sin!" We ended up doing a civil marriage. We were eventually married in the church by a Catholic chaplain on a Navy base. He said "I wish you had talked to me about this. We could have worked around it. ...If it can be "worked around" in the military, then why not in the civilian world?

    Later on down the line, the Pope was asked about his stand on homosexuals. He said, and I quote, "Who am I to judge?" The papal lineage goes back the apostle Peter. He was the first Pope. He was told by JESUS that whatever Peter bound on Earth would be bound in Heaven, and whatever was loosed on Earth would be loosed in Heaven. If the Pope does think he should judge, then he shouldn't be Pope!

    ...And don't EVEN get me going on the Catholic church's "si se puede" attitude toward our immigration laws! Seems it's OK for these people to break our laws if it fills the church's pews and collection plates. It condones and even ENCOURAGES their WORSHIP and PRAYER to Mary. ...That's worshiping creation and not the creator. That's IDOLATRY!

    ...I haven't been to church in a while, and I used to be a choir director and cantor. In short, I'm Catholic, but my church is not anymore...

    When a church caves to pop culture, it becomes a subtle instrument of the devil...

  9. I am not a theologian or moral authority. I do not speak for God or know His mind and intent beyond the bible. Everything that follows is just my opinion. But… the church has to stop it with this “turn the other cheek” bullshit. Those passages are not suicide pacts, and they are not telling you to accept and enable sinful conduct. Or ignore it.

    Hell’s bells - the wife just got back from the summer girl’s bible camp. It’s for girls about 8 to 14. One of the kids shows up with the rainbow and LGBQT stuff on her backpack. The first thing she does is try and be a disturbance. The would run her mouth, then she started pawing the other girls and when they complained, she threatened to kill them. She didn’t sleep at night because she was on medication. Why would you even think of sending a kid to a bible camp?

    The ladies made me proud - there was no drama or BS, they called the girl’s mom, told her to come pick up her kid, because they couldn’t deal with her problems. At some point Christians have to defend themselves and their faith and churches. These people are feeding their kids to Globohomo the same as the Philistines sacrificed theirs to evil gods. There is no nice way to put it.

  10. It is a pickle. I hated father's day in church. It was always a bash fest. And mother's day was a love fest. When I needed a pastor's advice, I usually asked about their lives and what kind of personal hardships they had endured first. That didn't always work out, but it helped me avoid marshmellows.

    I've heard that to train a bank teller, you ONLY give them real currency. NEVER let them touch a fake in training. When they are on the job they can FEEL the fake because they know what the real deal feels like. Same holds in life.

    Those of us that have had a normal, difficult life can tell the soft headed, weak people the moment they open their mouths. And it's disgusting at a molecular level. I trust hard truth from a hard man. I know what that is. Finding a pastor that is also a hardened man is rare. (I guess a hardened man would just be a man in the old days)

    Religiosity is what the majority of us see in churches now. When they started to go squishy, the men quit going. They began to aim at who was left. The church is geard for women and children now.

    I'm thinking ChuckInBama and I would get along well. We both believe that understanding the Bible will lead to life changes. And my life changes won't necessarily be your life changes. And that is a level of maturity that is hard to find in a church today.

    1. Yep - while ours is not a bashfest on Father's Day, our church expects things of dads and families and they understand the problems... but I sit there looking round at all the happy families there together on Father's Day and I just want to be somewhere else. So many of them will end up like our families too.

  11. Back in the 1980s, when my first wife and I (both Christians) were having marital problems we went to a "Christian" counselor. She pulled the "I'm Not Happy" card and for that reason claimed that she was entitled to a divorce so she could be with her new boyfriend. I protested and said that honoring your vows (as I had done by being faithful to her) and working through the problems was the biblical way of dealing with this. The counselor then told her that he believed that "the New Testament teaches that your happiness is what God says is most important in life" (no, it doesn't, BTW) "and so, if you are happier with you new boyfriend then you are with your husband, then a divorce is OK." And with that "official" permission she did just that, leaving me bankrupt and homeless.
    But, yeah, sure, if only men would step up, then all would be right in the family...uh, huh, yeah, right.
    I wish I was at that service that you mentioned - I would have applauded and walked out with those young men in a show of solidarity.
    In my church's mens' group last month we were studying a book on how God makes men. In the book, the author stated that "Strong men make strong marriages". I immediately objected, stating that, at best, strong men make good husbands. I pointed out that marriage is asymmetric - it's takes two to make it, but only one to break it.
    As far as I'm concerned, the Church has is long overdue for a realignment to biblical principles on this whole matter.

  12. it is the forces of hell against weak and fallen humanity
    the Name of Power is JESUS [YEHOSHUA]
    Himself said, 'this kind come not out but by prayer and fasting.'.
    the use of the Name, whether aloud or silently, will cause demons to go and you may need more than one person to use the Name with you for rebuking demons
    demons are like flies--they return to harass
    we are Eastern Orthodox by tradition 7 prayed up, fasting priests will be needed go after some of the stronger demons
    calling God's blessing on your family and property and blessing each child personally every day is most helpful
    sometimes the troubles besetting you are red herrings to take your eyes off of God and bog you down, in politics,for example
    our nations are suffering well earned reproach for ignoring God and inviting demons in by increasing and nourishing sin
    only God can help us it will take a continent wide infusion of the Holy Spirit to save our nations
    i see the will of the majority is to go along with sin. no repentance.
    by this time i still pray for the nation but i see the wages of sin about to be paid so i pray for God's hand on my child and His people
    the nations seem too corrupt to continue
    it is an all out war with an army of demons into which we are entered
    God, please help and protect us!

  13. We don't teach "retoric" or "rational thought" in school anymore. We don't even teach the "standard falacies".

    A clear minded man told only to talk about the man, would say great: Let's talk about me: What should *I* do, to avoid divorce when my wife demands sex with other men?

    People can't "argue" if they can't mount rational thought.

  14. Was that "pastor" by any chance, Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Washington? I've heard of him and his self-righteous rant from that former Spearhead website. I made the comment that he must of forgot the scriptures of be wary of the leaven of the Pharisees and you can't serve both God and Mammon.

    I thought I might have been stretching a bit on the second points until Driscoll was exposed in a scandal involving Church money.

    Anyway, here's a couple of links on Mark Driscoll:

    1. There were a couple of them like that back in the day, Quartermain. They even drove Uncle Bob round the bend with their BS.

  15. A Christian church should be the one place where truth, straight from the Bible, is spoken. Definitions of right and wrong don't change even if society says so. There is a local church in my area that advertises on the radio as "A real church, for real people, in today's world". I'm sure they will tell me what I want to hear, but not necessarily what is true.

  16. STxAR, "Religiosity is what the majority of us see in churches now." is spot on. So many of the pastors and churches try to take bits and pieces of the Bible to make it say what they want it to say instead of actually reading it in its entirety to see what it actually says. Their "doctrine" is full of holes and unsound since it is not based on the whole truth of God's word.

    Glen, excellent rant. I wholeheartedly agree.

    Ultimate Ordnance, "A Christian church should be the one place where truth, straight from the Bible, is spoken. Definitions of right and wrong don't change even if society says so." hits the nail on the head.