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Tuesday, 23 August 2022

The Fat Lady Sings In The 'Kraine


Most of my other sources are calling it too.
There is still much fighting to do, but the way things stand right now?
It's all over but the cryin'. 

This podcast right here, is why everyone who stops by to use the facilities here at the Thunderbox - should also be on Blab. This one comes to us via Matt Bracken - and that guy alone is worth the trip.

This is how insidious things are: Globohomo Inc - through its fart suckers at CNN, ABC, CBC, BBC, CBS, MSNBC etc ad nauseum - will decide to do a piece on the 'Kraine. They will truck out some empty chattering skulls that will parrot the narrative - irrelevant old retired generals, other pozzed reporters and their own cadre of paid actors - and they will tell you everything ya need to know about the 'Kraine in 60 seconds. Often in less. And boy - do they put on a show! Those old generals look imposing in their dress uniforms. The grizzled reporters just back from the region tell harrowing short stories that rivet the imagination. These are the guys that told us Russia would fall apart in a week, and their economy would be in shambles within two. The Russians are all vodka swilling peasants and Putler is Hitler Reloaded.

When all this started, a certain General Asshat began regaling us all about how Putler Really Messed Up This Time. He had facts and figures from maybe 25 minutes worth of mass media sound bytes telling him everything he needed to know. And - he was a military man. And lord, did he get suckered. He's since gone largely silent on the 'Kraine after having made a fool of himself. He's not the only one, if it is any consolation.

This podcast is two hours. Matt B. says it's worth every minute of your time and I agree. The US military is FULL of guys that know exactly what Uncle Sam's capabilities are. BCE and I think Aenus McThag fall into that category. The real experts in this thing though - are the guys that understand Uncle Vlad and his capabilities. And not only that, his mindset and motivations. 

The boys are calling it. Saying, if I recall, that the Kraine lost the war in May, even though there is still lots of fighting to be done. At this point it doesn't matter, the attrition rates have skewed heavily in favour of the Russkies and no amount of HIMARS or Javelins are going to change the outcome. The only way things will change is if the US gets directly involved - and if they do that, they can kiss Taiwan goodbye because the chinks will start harrying the empire from the pacific rim. Most of what these guys are saying coincides with my previous suspicions. 

Apologies if I sound like I am tooting my own horn; but I have been largely right about the Current Things because I now listen to the Crime Thinkers. Matt Bracken is only one of many. This podcast is only one of many. To understand the region, the conflict the history and the two bit players involved requires an actual study. In days past we could read the newspapers (they did not actively seek to deceive us), and there was honest effort to present the info in a balanced way. That is no longer the case.  We have to do our own homework now…and that takes a lot of time. A lot of people don’t have it

90% of the mass media outlets are owned by 6 corporations, all owned by jews - if that means anything to ya. You might want to think about doing your own fact checking and due diligence. These peope are not friends of legacy Canadians or Americans.


  1. Good spot GF. Great video and Scott Ritter really shone through in his analysis. Glad he got over his attack of the vapours when the US initially supplied the howitzers and such like.

    Been watching Alex Christoforou and Alexander Mercouris over at the Duran lately. Lots of good even-handed/headed discussions. They had a cracking video with both Andrei Martyanov and Larry Johnston yesterday.

    Been reading Andrei for years since the Maidan in ’14 among. For those that don’t know him, he’s old school Soviet Navy and he cuts through the military porn BS with a knife. He also really rates Larry who’s an old school US spook.

    PS. Been meaning to ask. Do you prefer Glen, Mr Filthy, GF or other?

    1. Yeah The Duran was good but I only watched them a couple times. I will have to catch up with them too.

      I answer to all names, Chuck, right on up to and including “Shithead”! 😂👍

      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Yes, I agree. I watched this a couple days ago.
    Just think, if Scott Ritter was listened to a couple decades ago the Middle East would look much different today. But hey, that doesn't make certain people rich.

  3. On a completely different note, I am definitely noticing a major up-ramping of the fear factor also. All 4 horsemen and then some new ones – climate comedy, nuclear pollution/weapons, death by pronouns etc. There is a definite feeling that the tempo is being raised to drive the herd wild and blind to all reason.

    I have read a site called ‘Snippits and Snappits’ since Bill Gates was still buggering up Windows and it’s normally really fun. Noor had a point that maybe the whole point of all this fear is fear itself. One starts moving into the realm of spirituality with such thoughts. Our enemies think on these lines. ‘Food’ for thought.

  4. The Schwab-SPECTRE wants WWIII by any means necessary so the nuclear plant will continue to be shelled until article five but the Kraine is not an official NATO member?

  5. Why does everything that "Takes TWO WEEKS TO FLATTEN, Takes MONTHS or YEARS???
    COVID.....UKRANIAN WAR....DJT's Wife's underwear investi-GAY-shun?????????
    It has become so QUITE BORING that it's difficult to hold any interest to what anyone has to say regarding matters..

    1. That is because you're still stuck on the lie that the earth is a ball. Clear your mind and discover FLAT EARTH.
      It will all start to make sense once you see the level playing field.

  6. I had a ton of my old tea party amigos texting/emailing me to go with them to the J-6 thing but Bracken said it looked like a buffalo jump to him and I bypassed all the offers for a free ride to the DC gulag . Some guys just have an inner knowing that must be respected .

    1. same here. I passed on it because it looked too much like a trap. did tell the guys going to LEAVE THEIR PHONES AT HOME . one of them thanked me a couple of months ago.
      also told him if they could fuck gen. Flynn like they did and getaway with it, what chance do you have ?
      remember, stay away from crowds !

  7. re: Scott Ritter: Iraq did have WMDs, just not nukes. Chemical weapons were in fact used against our troops. There were also mobile bio-labs for producing anthrax. I was there. I know.

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  9. JL is correct in saying that "Ivan" knows his History, and even though there are very few WWII Vets left, all of their Children and Grandchildren knew how those Men defended Russia from European Invaders. Regardless of political affiliation or Religion, Russians are some of the most Patriotic Folks in the World today, and like their Leader, V.V. Putin said, "Nobody will Ever Invade Russia Again - the Bear has Nuclear Weapons."

    Unfortunately for Us, (((globohomo))) and its Minions not only don't seem to Understand this Fact, but they don't seem to Care, either.