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Monday, 15 August 2022

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A corrupt world gubbimint?
Corrupt organized sport?
Who could imagine a world like that???

WL was beaking off about Rollerball and it just triggered a lot of memories for me. It came out at a time in my childhood when I was moving away from kids stories to the more mature stuff in the young adult section of the bookstore. I got in supreme chit as a kid because I wasn’t into sportzball. I was in high school when I discovered that much of it was “fixed”. I always disappeared on Grey Cup Day or Stanley Cup day because it all just bored me to tears. 

Nowadays it’s not only fixed, it’s fake and gay too. Don’t forget to kneel down to the niggers, don’t forget cheer extra loud for the tranny and female players, be sure to sew a rainbow on your uniform… and my Dad still watches that shite to this day. I watch the cable cutters turning their noses up at this Globohomo product and there’s a lot of bravery in that. Pop lives and dies for sportzball as does all my clan. If they were deprived of it I’m sure they’d exhibit withdrawal symptoms. I still wonder how people can watch that shite. But for whatever reason… I DID like Rollerball. As a kid I was blown away by it.

Of course as the Globalists start to seriously bear down on us and oppress us… we are not going to drive flying cars to civilized and organized blood sport events. We’ll all get treated to The Knockout Game where roving bands of niggered youth bash old men over the head with a brick from behind, or they kick old bag ladies in the teeth or shoot white toddlers - all necessary sacrifices to the religion of our ruling class. They even did a remake of Rollerball so that the vibrants and women could star in it.

Whatever. Tonight we can see a better dystopian future for ourselves, as envisioned by our grandparents, back in 1975. Pass the popcorn. 😊🍿 

Jap bastards? Beating a team of white Texans?
The horror!!!

The future could be truly chilling and awful!!!


  1. Twisted Metal world is going to rock!
    Honk, honk!

  2. “The future could be truly chilling and awful!!!”

    No no, it’s all good. The last man standing (skating, whatever) is incredibly popular, a veritable folk hero, an astonishing athlete, and a man of great personal integrity. And he’s also a Jew. So it’s not some dark, dystopian vision, but rather a reflection of the world as it ought to be.

  3. Me too, saw the fix while in high school and except for wrestling and rifle club, I dropped football and baseball and water polo much to the discernment of the various coaches. Today don't watch any sports, no nigger ball at all. Don't even watch broadcast TV. Just selected movies on DVDs is my TV entertainment. Books are my passion, always have been.

  4. back in the army, my NCO asked me if I wanted to bring the kids to a softball game. I told him I rather watch my dog take a shit before I watch any stupid ball game. he didn't like much after that.
    never had much use or care about any stupid game. too busy working for a living back then. sure wasn't going to waste my time watching a stupid game

  5. Rollerball was the first R rated movie my Dad ever took me to. I was disappointed as there was no T&A. It only had violence that today would get a TVMA rating.

    Now the second R rated movie we saw was Slap Shot. Not only was there T&A but there was violence and the Hanson Brothers.

  6. Then again, we're being forced in the direction of Rollerball by "our betters." Think of it; J6 hearings? Mehh... Guys beating the hell out of each other... and MOTORCYCLES!!! ...HELL, YESS!!! ... if you care about TV... I think TV will go down as the "root cause" of our demise... Sheer Pablum...