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Thursday, 11 August 2022

Waffle House Fight Club

 Gawd, I gotta stop hangin’ out at Blab.

When civilization dies… it won’t be in an insane nuclear exchange that sends us back to the Stone Age! No, my friends - for we are already halfway there! Civilization will die in thw Waffle House! I keep saying it - it’s gonna be awesome! 

Whaddya think, Quartermain? Does it remind you of Uncle Bob’s a bit? 😂👍

Wait! What was that, Cederq? Care to say that again? How would YOU like a face full a waffles?!? Oh - you think he’s a laff riot, Phil? You want a piece of this too? Maybe the rest a ya’s might want to watch a nice music videeyah - while I f*** these two jokers up!🤬

Well I didn’t come outta that one all that great either! I am too old for this shite! GAH! For all of you that show up to fight and brawl at the Thunderbox -  or watch the tard fights…thanks for stopping by. I hope your Thursday’s off to a good start. Now, if you’ll excuse me…I’m gonna go lay down… groan…


  1. right there is a very good reason to never go to those places.
    also a reason to be armed at all times.

  2. Love me some waffle house. Mine doesn't have any niggers at it though so we don't get all that extra fun.

  3. Waffle House needs to keep someone on staff to go out and f***up those customers' cars in the parking lot when they behave that way.

    The WH near me seems to have a very different clientele. Never any problem, and most the people eating there are probably carrying. And would rather defend the WH employees.

  4. First rule of Waffle House Fight Club is we don't talk about the waffles! Other then that, I am not up to smack talking, a 98 year old, 87 pound old woman could kick my arse back to last Thanksgiving, (ours, not yours.) what, with blowing out my ACL yesterday. Even you, on a bad day could clean my clock, kinda wish ya would, it has been slow as cold Maple Syrup, (yours not ours) lately.

  5. "It's always them" has become a pertinent cliche.

  6. It all started on May 13, 2007 at a Golden Corral in Toledo, Ohio, on the corner of Alexis Road and Lewis Avenue.

    Nothing Says Happy Mother's Day Like a Fist-Fight

    From the article:
    Golden Corral employees tell News 11 it all started when an elderly woman told the family at the table next to hers that their children were "acting like animals." After that remark, the fists and feet started flying.

    Piecing it all together, one fat, black baby-mama had her little pickaninny with her, and the thing was screaming its head off.

    Sitting at an adjacent table was an elderly white woman, who, unused to life in the jungle, asked the baby-mama if she'd please quiet the child down. Baby-mama responded by encouraging the pickaninny to scream louder. The white lady yelled, 'Shut up!', and just like that the fight was on.

    There's a certain segment of society that are prone to react violently for no apparent reason, who steal, break things, and tend to gather in organized social groups to cause further mayhem. They recognize each other by clothing, complex hand signals, and the name of the group.

    Who are they, precisely? Here's a clue: It ain't the Amish.