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Friday, 30 September 2022

Lead Me, O Evil Mullahs Of The Christian Taliban...!!!

 Because once we come to power, we can drag fat old cat ladies out of their one bedroom apartments, stuff bibles up their uterii, and sew their legs shut...

We'll grab 'em by their pussy hats!!!


I think I better go back to Blab and hang out with the bad kids where we can be safely ignored...

Eeichst der reichzcht von zigginhagen!!! (In Nazi, that means 'smell ya later...!)🤣

Meanwhile - Out In The Hen House


Oh yes you will, chickie...

Not only will you willingly go to KFC, you will happily jump in the pot
and fry yourself up too...!

Yannow I used to listen to those birds laugh in derision when some 
people refused the vax, choosing instead to rely on God to protect them...
and they supposedly died horribly from the pox as a result.
"Stupid christians!!! tee hee hee hee!!!!"

I watch these clucks kill themselves and worse - their kids... and I
find little merriment in it.
But I suppose Darwin and Murphy must be paid their due.
Better you than me, air head.

Going To War: They Pretty Much Seem To Agree...

 I am a big fan of Terrance Popp on JewToob.  He's ex-special forces and like most of those guys, he has a few screws loose. But, when you consider the hits he's taken throughout the course of his career and personal life... it's a wonder he hasn't blown his brains out - or had some mudflapped jihadi or screeching social justice warrior do it for him.

The other day he was on about something put out by the fellas at Iraq Veteran 8888. Those guys are gunnies and they have a good channel of their own on guns. They will rattle about current events and issues the odd time - and the day's topic was "Why Military Enlistment Is Nosediving". I am already fairly familiar with the issue as I am a fan boy of the squaddies and I tend to keep a sharp eye on them and their affairs. I am up to speed with guys like BCE at the Intrepid Reporter, Popp at Redonkulus, and Iraq Vet among others. The men seem to be agreed that this is a double edged sword - the kids are refusing to opt in, and at the same time, the military is hemorrhaging experience and talent. Guys with extensive deployment histories and honorable service are dropping out en masse because their sacrifice and service means nothing in a military obsessed with diversity, wokeness, and political correctness. We have all seen the viral videos of the she-boons lipping off at their superiors with impunity, and the wahmen that can't even come close to passing the PT requirements. The pros are bailing out and actively encouraging younger people not to enlist.

Pop seems to think all that points to conscription. With the bombing of the Nordstream pipelines the Biden regime is now absolutely committed to war with Russia. The problem is that the Ukraine is one bad day away from complete and total defeat. Poland and Germany are about two months away from ruin if this stupidity continues. Biden and his faggotry are going to need LOTS of bodies to throw into the Russian cauldrons ... and anyone with any sense is passing on the military for a career.

A lot of the guys that stop by the Thunderbox are American patriots and often have extensive military experience... and I wonder what they would do if America instituted a draft and recalled its vets as Russia has done?

If Biden goes to war with the 'Kraine and institutes the draft - would you go to war for him? free polls

Adventures In Social Medicine

 Well… Pa Filthie is coming along. He’s woozy but knows where he is, and he can even crack the odd rude joke. In the hospital the fag pointed to his pee bottle and said, “whaddya think of my toilet, Glen?” I picked it up and told him it was MY toilet now… and was gonna take that sweetheart home and use it myself! We were HAR HAR HARing it up when mom got mad and gave us the stink-eye. She shooed me out shortly thereafter. Can’t take Glen anywhere, dontchya know!


Mom is hacked right off at me because she wants me to come visit in the afternoon. Problem is, I can’t get parking that late in the day. The parkades fill up with idiocy and road rage as the retards try to find a place to park. It was incredible - yesterday, a woman walks out and gets into her car. An old lady coming the other way stops - right in the middle of the road. She sees a space opening up… and stops to wait. The woman in the car gets behind the wheel… but hauls out her cell phone and starts to talk. The old hen waiting for the spot sits patiently while the cars stack up behind us both. Horns start the blare as enraged drivers grid lock. I thump my head on the wheel and try not to chimp out. We are at a tee intersection… and cars begin to stack up from that direction too. I burned up 45 minutes in there. Parking is $4.50 an hour or $14.50 for a half day.

There is no other public parking nearby either. In addition, Dad’s little dog will pee on the floor if I’m not there to let him out. He’s on a special kind of food that makes him thirsty… and he just pees and pees and pees when he gets out. His bladder is bigger than Mort’s! Poor little bugger… But in mom’s mind I am just being difficult and troublesome. She’s playing other little head games too…but as she gets older the quality of them has gone into steep decline. Or maybe I just got wise to them? She’s nice when she remembers I’m looking after her dawg but awful when she forgets!


Dad has a long road ahead of him. I’m thinking it’s time to consider stuff like mobility scooters, assisted living and wheelchair accessibility… but I’m stupid and don’t know anything and Mom and Big Bro will figure it all out. I shouldn’t get all up on my high horse about it… one day I am going to be old and stupid too! Hell, I’m halfway there already!

Have a great Friday, you guys - and thanks for dropping in.

Thursday, 29 September 2022

The Future Is Feminine


I bought an e-book where the author proposed that witch burnings were actually a means of community protection. His supposition was that witches were usually worthless women that gossiped, started rumours and feuds within the community, slept around, and created discord and acrimony in those around them. Pioneer communities lived close to the edge and as they say - a house divided against itself cannot stand. Folks HAD to get along to survive. Looking at the antics histrionics of our nasty and contentious women today… it makes a lot of sense. They are tearing the country and western civilization apart.

I personally might add that witch burning would actually build morale, cooperation and camaraderie. I’ve got the funnel! Has anyone got any gasoline and matches? 


It’s prolly just re-bottled Famous Grouse cut 
with AeroSHELL or Winchester Red Dot.

I favour more permanent solutions 

 Only thing outta place there is the kerosene lantern. I went to kerosene when I couldn’t get my Coleman lanterns to work. I bought two or three and left the last one in the trash. Kerosene is not as powerful but that didn’t bother me at all. I left them going all night outside the tent in case I had to take a leak…and they worked wonderfully. But … those glass globes are fragile as hell. I have them in my preps along with back up globes and kerosene. 

For backpacking I’d go with a chithouse LED flashlight and call it good.

Remind Ya Of Anyone...?


Now, for my next trick... pull my other finger!!!

Go ahead... pull it.....

On Twatter, of all places, this new Italian chick is giving Fwance the business. I'm glad the normies are finally waking up, at least. Gawd - we're having a great day on Blab.

I know that awful little green frog is a product of the youner generation... but that fat little bugger looks more like me or Cederq than we do... HAR HAR HAR!!!



Bring your A game and a first aid kit, guys.

just sliced off his own…errrrr… yannow what?
Scratch the first aid kit.
Darwin and Murphy will thank you…

My heart really goes out to the special forces guys. Someone on Blab was saying that often, when operations like these go terribly wrong… the guys involved become loose ends that have to be dealt with and they end up having “training accidents”.  

I don’t get it. If it were just the US with such a terribly incompetent, immoral govt…or just Canada or just Fwance…I wouldn’t worry. But…it’s all of us, at once: America, Fwance, Germany, Britain, Canada, Australia, NewZealand… every single one of us is governed by a neoliberal moronacy. 

And now America is blowing up its ally’s pipelines. I could spend time fisking Aesop, but… what bother. Russia may have problems with their leadership… but we are in big trouble with ours. If we don’t do something about it… they are going to start something they (and we) will wish they hadn’t.

Wednesday, 28 September 2022

It Works! Try It…


I’m sur we can all agree that I’m charismatic,
outspoken, honest and talented…


🎼 Orey-kadory!
Don’t spit on the floor! 🎵 
Use the cuspidor,
🎶 That’s what it’s for….

It is my contention that a man like Barack Obutthole is properly employed either shining shoes or cleaning  spittoons… and it appears he has taken my recommendations to heart! I’d never a thunk that could be done as an inside job, but I suppose that boy had more going for him than I thought!

Some Last Minute Hurricane Advice For BP, BC and Aenus McThag!!!


Good stuff, Alex! I’m sure the fellas will jump right on that! 

America should drop everything and start setting up wind power in Florida. I wonder how much green electricity is in one of those hurricanes? 

I’m not too worried about the fellas. They’re preppers, after all. All the same…best of luck guys.

Things That Go FRA-A-A-APPPP In The Night


Ya ever cut a fart that you can actually see? I have, and they’ve woken me up at night, they’re so bad. It’s really unfortunate that a guy can’t somehow capture them. If I could - I’d mail them to guys like Quartermain, Cederq and Biden.

Are farts aqueous? Perhaps something involving a moist sponge… 🤔 

 Hmmmmmm. What have we here? Looks like a no-frills .45 carrying what may or may not be a precision adjustable rear sight? We can look at it closer once we’ve had a few drinks, I suppose.

That little skinner knife up front… veeeeeery interesting. This person is either a well versed sportsman schooled in the ways of the field and stream… or he’s some big city soy posing as one. That is simply a superb little skinner, and would be just the ticket once the deer is on the ground and it’s time to go to work! A business like blade, with a generous handle and a finger groove for added control and precision…? A skinner doesn’t get any better than that! But! If someone is carrying that as an EDC blade…? You’re prolly looking at a piker, or a Californian, or a poseur! Skinners are for skinning; their utility is extremely limited beyond that. 

Eagle Rare bourbon? I am out of my area of expertise. I was a scotch drunkard connoisseur and most of that was with single malts. If memory serves (and sometimes it does) I have had Four Roses, Makers Mark, Elijah Craig, Blanton’s… and they were all good, but I really remember liking Blanton’s the best.  Buffalo Trace was spectacular. This is a 17 year old? That could be good or bad… but if someone else is pouring… I suppose that automatically makes it good, right?

My drinking days are largely over… but I wouldn’t mind trying a wee dram just for fun.

Tuesday, 27 September 2022

Friggin USN Again!


Lookit these guys!!! They’re always doing stuff like this! No doubt,
Pete F is mixed up in this tomfoolery too!

Straighten up, you buggardly tosspots!
I’m getting sea sick just looking at ya over the internet!!!

Via Matt Bracken

Hmmmmm. Interestinger and interestinger….

 “ Today, September 27, "somebody" blew up both Nord Stream pipelines by underwater sabotage, that is, with a submarine/mini submarine/frogman demolition raid. Who? "Somebody." But only Americans watching brain-dead up-is-down 2+2=5 propaganda 24/7 will believe Putin ordered it. Why?

Because Russia controls the natural gas input to the Nord Stream pipelines with valves. They can turn the pressure on and off at will. As long as the pipelines are undamaged, Russia holds more face cards and has more options.

What happened today with the submarine/mini-sub/frogman pipeline demo attack, was that Europe lost ANY chance to reconsider its sanctions against Russia in return for more natural gas.

Now, who, pray tell, might want to forestall ANY opportunity for Europeans to reconsider their sanctions against Russia, as winter sets in, people freeze, and factories shut down, leading to mass unemployment, the worst economic depression in a century, and possibly mass riots that could overturn governments?

Think hard. Ponder. Did Russia originally cut off Europe’s gas? NO. Europe put sanctions on Russia over Ukraine and said, “We won’t buy your nasty damn Russian gas anymore.” But, the option to reconsider sanctions, and buy Russian gas again, was always open. Russia controlled the valves, and was always willing to honor their multi-year contracts and keep selling natural gas to Europe. {Buying with Rubles, etc, as many countries are.]

Now, after the Nord Stream pipelines were blown up today, the option for Europeans to reconsider their anti-Russian sanctions is closed, at least this winter. Only America can send them replacement liquid natural gas, and we can’t send half of what they need by LNG tanker. Way less than half. 

So Europe is now SCREWED. Trapped like a cave diver who is a thousand feet from the cave exit, looking at his last air bottle's gauge, as the needle heads to zero. He's not going to make it, and he knows it.

Here is another analogy. A guy you don’t like much owns a golden goose. Every day it lays a golden egg, and you buy the gold egg on favorable terms. Every day, long term contract. You do massive jewelry business, whatever. The deal works for both of you.

Now, you get into a fight with the owner of the goose, mainly on behalf of one of your much richer friends who hates the goose guy even MORE than you hate him. You are pressured into not buying any of they guy’s golden eggs. Your rich friend assures you that soon the owner of the golden goose will come begging you to buy his golden eggs again, because his income has been cut off.

But it doesn’t work out the way your rich friend said. Turns out, Mr. Golden Goose can sell his golden eggs to other people. He’s not going broke. On the other hand, you, the big league jeweler, you ARE going broke without the gold. You are looking at closing your chain of jewelry outlets and laying everybody off. Bankrupt.

Now, is it logical, do you believe, that under any circumstance, the owner of the golden goose is going to break the neck of his golden goose and kill it, out of a fit of pique, BECAUSE YOU REFUSED TO BUY HIS GOLDEN EGGS!? “

Hmppfppfff all plausible, as far as it goes. And although I am not a petro market specialist… I would not be overly panicked by this. Look - pipelines have breaks all the time. Repairing them fast is now a science. At best… this is just a raised middle finger to Putler. Chances are they’d be able to fix that thing within a week. If Europe and Russia reconcile, they’ll be able to supply emergency fuels by rail and by truck as well.

If that is what actually happened - and I suspect that it is… it would indicate the guys behind it are shitting bricks in fear and are getting sloppy and desperate. Don’t be surprised if some major pipelines in North America mysteriously fail too. Guarding tens of thousands of miles of pipelines will be impossible, and similar retribution would be a piece of cake.

Globohomo has no idea of who they’re effing with.

BW Spotted


Up Your Ass, Justin

 Alberta is finally telling Justin Trudeau to shove his gun grabbing up his skinny fwench ass.


I had thunk that Alberta has fallen to the lavender mob. We should have challenged this much, much earlier. We should have rejected it the day it came out.

The 300,000

This is the best case scenario the Uke soldier faces
in the ‘Kraine.
It now looks like they’ll fight to the last man - or else.
Most Ukes, though, will never see the Russians
that kill them.

 As I suspected, the great ‘Kranian counterattack has fizzled out; the Ukes literally have nothing left to follow up with. In the news, talking heads are yapping about them pushing on to liberate Mariopol and outside the mainstream media stupidity chamber… actual strategists are laughing. Their warnings about lopsided attrition rates and kill ratios fall on deaf ears. The ignoratti are laughing as 300,000 trained Russian combat vets are getting called up to move into the ‘Kraine. They think Putler is a mad man, who just magically flipped out one weekend and decided to invade the ‘Kraine on a whim, for no reason whatsoever. He’s calling up troops because “he’s panicking about his impending humiliating loss!” It doesn’t even dawn on them that he’s been preparing for this conflict for at least  6 years, possibly double that.

The referendums in the Donbas are all going horribly wrong, so the western establishment tells us they are fraudulent. These are the guys that told us that Donald Trump hacked the 2016 election, and the one that installed Biden was as squeaky clean as church on Sunday.

Right now Poland is screaming it’s head off - stop sending money and equipment to the ‘Kraine!!!! They’re losing - badly! Send it to Poland instead!!!! They know the score: they know that in a couple months, they are going to have that Russian Bear on their door step when the ‘Kraine falls… and the Globohomo Establishment will expect the Poles to be their new proxy to taunt and annoy the Russians. And that the Russians can do the same thing to them that they did to the Ukrainians. Again.

Aesop, his husband and their boyfriends are carrying on and gaming WWIII complete with nuclear exchanges…and the prattling of the faggotry has gone from the ridiculous to the sublime. They are not unusual. I saw the vid he scribed his last poast from and it had tens of thousands of likes. The comments filled up with 6500 fanbois who think victory in the ‘Kraine is assured. “A limited exchange of nuk-u-lar weapons will smarten those pesky Russians up, A-HYUK, A-HYUK, A-HYUK!”

This is what Russia looks like to the
mass media LOLberts.

When the squaddies went to war in Iraq they noted that while they were in the sandbox…Americans at home were at the mall. Today they’re at the theatre watching cartoons. Or super-hero movies. One of my esteemed visitors the other day said that the pursuit of truth leads to an island…and how true that is. After watching General Aesop’s vid, another one, a mere click of the mouse away…featured a live cast where this Australian fella is podcasting right from Moscow. He noted that the Russians there are concerned and frightened about the events in the ‘Kraine…but they will not be cowed. Grim veterans are reporting in to do their duty and hold against the west at any cost. Their women understand and will support them from home as best they can. There are protesters and activists, of course… but they are held in contempt and generally ignored. Those 300,000 new Russians are not for the Ukes…they are for Poland and Germany…if NATO decides to get stupid about all this. There were only 158 people viewing that one - from a source right in Moscow, with boots on the ground. Some clowns dance better than others, I guess.

I’m personally almost certain that contrary to Aesop and his alarmist cohorts… nukes are not on the table. WW3 is simply not economically feasible. But…another Cold War? That could be extremely profitable to any number of divisions of Globohomo Inc. An arms race would inject new cash into flagging defence contractors. A cause de jour might re-invigorate nose diving recruitment…? I’ll have to think about that some more. 

Is this whole thing a senseless waste of money and lives? Or is there a larger plan at work here?

Black Powder Geeks: Southpaws


Monday, 26 September 2022

Camping With Filthie

 Usually it was a little chit like Quartermain. They’d lift their ghost stories from ghastly comic books they’d read and scare the shite outta the rest of us with them. Next thing ya know… there’s footsteps outside the tent. Or a banshee screeching in the far distance. Or soft, quiet maniacal chuckling out in the trees.

Of course now that I’m older nothing scares me at all anymore. Except maybe The Goat Man. Or maybe the Outhouse Monster.


The Dual Nature Of Light

 Back in high school, in chit house physics you learn about the conundrum that faced the tall foreheads as they struggled to understand light, how it behaved, and why it behaved that way. Otherwise kindly mild mannered academics experimented and almost ended up at each other’s throats over the issue. Leading egg heads were sure light travelled as particles, and their adversaries were sure that it propagated as a wave. There was much hand waving and raging about it until Albert Einstein came along with quantum theory. Guys that were at each other’s throats were suddenly stymied by the new theory - and it’s implications. Then they started to fight about that.

Anger is a lot like light, and has dual contradictory properties. In one form, it consumes the soul, it’s all there is, and consumes everything around it as well. It has its own event horizon where those outside can see nothing inside, and those inside can never see out. Or get out.

From another relative vantage point… it’s nothing, just a singularity, a point in space where nothing works as it should. With enough distance you can see it all quite clearly, and the maelstroms that drive it and sustain it are nothing… just abstract perception with no real meaning in the real world.

This weekend Mom finally let me in to see my dad. He was still delirious from the meds and anaesthetics but was capable of sporadic stretches of lucidness. He’s in tough shape but he’s still with us. Mom is being awful and doesn’t want me involved at all with the family crisis. But my Big Bro is perfect so the two of them will make the best of it, and my input is not required. She’s trying to exclude me from everything to be a **** … and I just don’t care anymore. Stuff like this used to make me seethe… but now?

My place in the family is that of the dog’s servant. I am allowed to go to their house and let him out and pick up after him and take him for a walk. 

It’s enough.

Mom told me that if they can’t care for Sam… he will go to live with Big Bro.  She decided that to be a **** too, and again, it might have set me off in another time and place but not now. Unlike me, Big Bro has not had good luck with dawgs and this little bugger is special. Everyone deserves at least one dog like this in their lives and I have been blessed with several. 

I strongly suspect I will be cut out of the vast Filthie fortune when the king passes and I don’t care about that anymore either. Big Bro can have the dawg, my 25.7 cents share of the estate, because I don’t need it. Any of it. I live a life of opulence, grandeur and splendour in my basement! I will be the world’s first cellar-dwelling  geriatric “incel”, HAR HAR HAR! 

For now it’s good to be a dutiful son, seldom seen and not heard. For whatever reason, I am finally free of the anger and bitterness that used to make the slights, issues and taunts hurt. It is an incredibly profound experience.

The Ravages Of Age

 One of the great injustices of life is that - over night - you go from being a handsome young horny toad… to being a disgusting dirty old man like Kim du Toit.

He was lusting over old fatties and old chit box Euro cars the other day, and I think one of ‘em was one a those rattly old Citroen junkers. Citroen…? That’s fwench for lemons, inninit? When life hands ya lemons, ya make lemonade. When ya blog site is a thunderbox, well…we see a lot a lemonade round here if ya catch my drift. 

Errrr… what was I talking about, again? I seem to have lost my train of thought…

Sunday, 25 September 2022

King Arthur’s Sword And The Holy Hand Grenade


I’ve prolly got the originals stashed somewhere down in 
The Reclusium.
I keep finding ammo and tools and guns down there that I forgot I had.
Gawd only knows what else is down there.

Yep…there it is.
I think we finally found Phil too! 

I remember now. We couldn’t get the lid off the Lost
Ark and he thought we might be able to
pry it off with the Excalibur…

Retard Baby Pics

I fell in with the wrong friends early in life
and was corrupted by the bad kids like Quartermain.

Had I been properly raised and nurtured… there is no
doubt I would have been a leading savant 


Sunday Reading


From The Age Of Kings


What’s Going On Here….?


Hrmmmmmmmm. Caplock…two hammers… but a single barrel?



Hate to ask ya, fellas… but… if it’s all the same to you, can we keep the boats a little closer together on the water for awhile? Not so close so as to scare the fish, or ruin a cast… Just as long as we can see each other. That way, if somebody does something stupid, there’s always someone else nearby to help out.

Not mentioning any names or nothin.

God bless and have a great Sunday.

Dropping The Dime On The Small Hold

 Quiet, everyone! I am on the phone with Canada’s Minister Of Unsavoury Internal Affairs…!

Yes!!! Hello, Mx. Chubster!?! Yes, I called to report a gardener….his name? Errr, I have his initials: PP! Yes! Yes…Pee Pee! At the Small Hold…! I think it’s in the States somewhere… but look - he’s admitted to growing berries, and green plants! He raises all kinds of farting goats and chickens and they’re all destroying the environMINT -!!!

Hmpfppfpffff! She hung up! Or maybe we got cut off? I better go through my blog list and rat out all the other dangerous extremists like Vicki at Mom’s scribbles (she traffics in canned vegetables), Chicken Mom at Coopville… I am going to lie about Cederq and Quartermain just to get them in chit…

You stupid Americans!!! Gawsh… I’m sure glad I live in a free country like Canada where we stomp on hatred and extremism!!


Of Course They Were, Schmuelly….!


I wonder where all the anti-semitism and white supremacy is coming from these days? 

Years ago I stumbled across a channel on JewToob that I thought was great at first. It was called TED-talks… and the idea of it was that the day’s shakers and movers would do little 15~20 min presentations on current events, or breaking research topics, human interest stories and what have you. The first few I saw were fascinating and I thought I was really on to something. I punched that “like” and “subscribe” button like a good little mainstream media monkey and figured I had yet another circus to entertain me.

Then one day this greasy little fella is up there. He’s obviously from (((the tribe))) of palm-rubbing happy merchants with the funny hats. And his topical lecture of the day is classical biblical mythology - specifically the tale of David and Goliath. He spent 15 minutes making a case that by all archeological evidence available… that David was a racist violent bigoted bully - and Goliath was his poor innocent victim - one of the first of a proto-religion that would later develop into a world wide industrial genocide regime. I was shocked and then moved to laughter as this rat faced little cretin wove his own narrative of this famous biblical event. At the conclusion, the muppets in the audience went nuts with adoring applause. I looked at them… and they were all clones: big, fat slags trying to look classy and sophisticated by wearing fashionable scarves and trendy clothes and make up. Kinda like the oinkers and fatties you see in Starbucks all the time. His groupies made me laugh too. I suppose if some (((internet moron))) wanted to re-write the bible… I wasn’t about to get riled about it. I gave the vid a “thumbs down” and noticed most other folks that watched the vid cast down-voats too. Whatever.

If I were to respond in kind… I might openly speculate on why - for absolutely no reason at all, Adolf Hitler might suddenly flip out and start making soap and lampshades out of totally innocent joos that were obviously pure as the driven snow? 

But - thank goodness - asking such questions is now illegal in Canada. Our pink-socked prime minister, with his own harem of swankily dressed Starbucks green haired fatties and oinkers - has decreed any such questions as hateful and anti-Semitic.  HAR HAR HAR!!! I suppose ol’ Turdo and Schmuelley here can ask such questions of our Maker when they get touched by an anvil and meet Him personally in the next world.


I will not ask embarrassing questions about the holocaust, wouldn’t want to offend Schmuelley, Turdo and the usual suspects. But… what about the historical relationship between joos and Turdo’s ideological cousins - the Bolsheviks? They kilt MOAR joos than You-Know-Who… and they get a pass…? Can we ask questions about that in the spirit of seeking the truth and intellectual honesty?

“Oh, shut up, Filthie! You’re a bigot/homophobe/racist/mysoganist!!! You don’t know nothin!!! Ignoramus!!!”

And…? Eerrrrrrrrrrmmmm… why is it that the pore innocent joos have historically been driven out of every country they ever settled in…?

“For the love of gawd, Filthie!!!! Shut your pie-hole!!! You hateful Christian nationalist!!!! You ignorant superstitious Christian Talibanger!!!

Okay! Okay, already!!! Sheesh! I quietly unsubscribed from TED Talks on “Happy-Merchant-Tube”. Not long after that, I started hanging out at Blab with all the other retards and bad kids. The rude jokes alone were worth the trip.

Saturday, 24 September 2022

Soon, Child…


I’ll Be Da….Darned…😇


A lot of things make sense about Sterling Archer when you look at his mom. She is manipulative, deceitful, tough, forward thinking, practical…and a magnificent old bitch with a rapier like wit. Other times, she is a petulant fish wife that couldn’t find her own ass with both hands. Her son would be offended if someone were to tell him how much like his mother he actually was. 

I am no turtle-necked super spy, and Mom is no alcohol swilling super snark machine… but I saw a rather rancid meme of Mallory… and thought, “That is my mom….”. And I started laughing. I had to stifle it because my wife is sleeping beside me, but I can’t help it. She thrashes in exasperation and rolls over, trying not to wake up, and I want to laugh even harder. I think I shat the bed!


Pa Filthie is dopey and exhausted, but now he’s semi-lucid and capable of some reasoning. He’s cracking jokes at the nurses and doctors and threatening to flash them. He is having odd dreams too - he woke up convinced that Big Bro was a member of some pervert polygamy cult in BC. (That’s plausible). Mom loudly apologized to the staff for her asshole of a husband whom is actually a nice man when he’s not full of drugs and pain. Pop is in tough shape… but he’s still with us. The doctors also found a mass in his lungs they don’t like the look of… but that is a battle for another day. For now… Pop is still with us. And Mom may not kill me  with a .44 magnum. (Or vice versa…). For now. Perhaps the prayers were heard. Thank God.

And thank YOU again for your kind words and prayers. We are going to be alright, and these days… ya can’t ask for much more than that.

Friday, 23 September 2022

I’m Calling It


Holy rubber begonias!!! Sounds like the referendums in the Donbas are already going horribly wrong - and they intend to secede from the ‘Kraine. The vaunted Uke counteroffensive in the Kharkiv region has stalled, and the first Russian elements are already showing up in preparation to turn it into another frothing cauldron. The real action right now is in Bakhmut… where the Ukes are blowing up bridges in preparation for abandoning the city. And of course, 300,000 moar pished off Russians are due in over the next several weeks. With manpower like that… now the real war for the ‘Kraine starts. 

On our side? The usual turd polishers are blustering and pretending that none of this is happening. Or they’re bloviating about nukes. Let us dispense with the hand waving and hysterical alarmism: Zelelensky has been screaming for more tanks. The west doesn’t want to give him any because they’ll only get blasted, and the western militaries are already on the hook for tons of lost ordinance and materiel in the ‘Kraine. They are certainly not going to see this through to a nuclear conflict. Currently the west in general, and America in particular - have no plan on how to deal with events in the ‘Kraine other than pretending that it isn’t happening.

Two months. Max. In two months, creepy Joe, Kamela, and Pelosi will be on the hot seat for yet another failed military blunder that will make the debacle in Afghanistan look like pocket change. The snow will be flying, people will be hurting… and all there will be for them is a shrug from their moronic leaders.

You heard it here first!!!


 In the past I have heard BP and other tall foreheads lecture on the contrast and comparison of ancient Rome and the modern US - and their respective rise and fall from power. It was top tier stuff and well worth the read. I am a fan of the ancient Roman history with all its intrigues, crackpots, lunatics and heroes. There are a LOT of similarities between the two empires.

Z does one here where he compares and contrasts Current Year America with the ancient Greek civilization - and he really knocks it out of the park. It's well worth your time, if you have it to spare. 

I think the Roman comparisons might well suit to describe where the modern American Empire is heading... and the Greeks serve as a useful cautionary tale about where we've been, and how we got here. I know that some days I wake up, see the news... and wonder what planet I'm on, how I got here... and who I am going to have to kill to get off it.

Have yourselves a wonderful day.



Friday Ramble

Pa Filthie got his hip done yesterday and was not a happy camper when he came out of the anaesthetics and pain killers. Pop has always had problems with medications, and apparently he was disoriented and confused. He was in his own private drug induced hell - and was convinced he had to get up and go to work… and he got in a fight with the nurses and almost tore his IV’s out. Big Bro and Mom were there, and apparently he gave them the business too. 

One of the the advantages of acquiring faith is that it makes it much easier for you to step back from family shenanigans like these, be a bit more impartial, and even find some sympathy for characters you otherwise might not. Mom is back to being awful again… but she is under a lot of stress from Pop and her own self-imposed ideas of how the world should work. I can help her with the small stuff, and if she needs help with bigger things… she knows where I am. Big Bro is on the scene, and he is perfect just like she is… so between the two of us mom will be okay.

I am looking after Pop’s K9 cohort… a yappy, happy little pocket dawg. He barks at everyone not because he is an ankle-biting little turd - but because he is happy to see you! Right now the poor little bugger is worried about his master and doesn’t understand what’s going on. He’s an interesting soul… he has the heart of a lion, the bladder of a race horse, and he poops like a parakeet.

Right now, Pop is in a holding pattern at the hospital…
and so it goes for we, his loyal servants and retainers.

I intend to remove myself from the family drama as much as possible, while helping as much as I can. When I am not busy with that… I will be down in the Reclusium trying to breathe life into my monsters. Right now I am jammed up with assembling the bird, testing everything for fit and balance - then taking everything apart again to make alterations. The hours pass un-noticed as I fart about reciting magical incantations and four letter words.

I had a chip-out and then a chimp-out!
The damn CA runs everywhere and glues to everything - whether it should, or shouldn’t!
I made a filler out of PLA wood glue and saw dust.
I will bugger around with this and get it smooth again. 

The lines and curves on that rear end are 
poetry in motion.
God may have made birds… but His children have made airplanes,
and they are almost as beautiful.
Structural components bend and flex, and download onto
stronger members that don’t. Mastering the interplay 
between stresses and structure  are proof that we are
worthy of our Maker, and that He doesn’t ask for anything
from us that we cannot give.

Some of the stress and worry are getting through to me a little bit too, I guess. I hadn’t been sleeping for  a few nights and I had the same dream: I found myself in the middle of a bright, sunny, early spring day. I am chest deep in ice water but not cold. Around me is nothing but sunshine, melting snow and ice. Then, out of the murky depths of the water… a corpse floats up and at me. I am not panicked or repulsed… but I push it away…and wake up with a sense of mild worry. Like my gut or subconscious are trying to tell me something. It’s probably nothing - just my normal psychological problems, HAR HAR HAR! Probably from huffing too much glue in the Reclusium.

Remember Tester’s model glue when you were a kid? Man… that was the good stuff! It even smelled industrial and made model building serious stuff when we were kings kids. This modern CA is awful: it literally hisses and smokes and sets instantly… and smells awful. and There is something inherently evil about that…

I did sleep last night though. No corpses, ice water, or lonely nocturnal vigils. Now - if you’ll excuse me… I need to do a dawg patrol, check in on mom, and do some chores. I hope you all have a wonderful and short workday… and that you have a great weekend lined up. 

Thanks for dropping in to listen to me ramble.



Friday Ignorattae And Rude Jokes