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Thursday, 15 September 2022

This winter, a warm home could be a bittersweet, distant
memory for many of us.
Many will wonder how they took such things for granted.


  1. back when we moved into the place we are now. one of the first things I did was to install 2 woodstoves. the neighbors all told me I should have installed pellet stoves instead. well, 2 years ago. winter storm put the power out for 2-3 days around here. we had heat and power thanks to a genny. it also where they found out their pellet stoves didn't work when not plugged in.
    and with heating oil prices like they are, they don't think I am stupid for putting the stoves in now a days.
    didn't have enough power to run the electric stove, but the wood stove work okay for most things we wanted to heat up and eat.

    1. I was going to put one or two in back in the day and I am kicking myself now too...

    2. well, I just knew it was a must have item in the woods.
      so, instead of buying new toys. I bought everything needed
      to install them. close to 5 grand at the time. god knows what it would cost today.
      and wood heat is a lot more even than the stupid hot air machine that makes a lot of noise. and the whole house gets warm too, no cold or hot spots with the stove a going
      my one neighbor loves to come over when he see the smoke a rising from the stove pipe.
      fun fact, with dry and seasoned wood, there is very little smoke at all. and the pipe stays clean too.

  2. Enjoy 'em while you've got 'em fellas. Australia has endless supplies of high-grade black coal, but coal burning stoves have been banned in most areas for decades for public health reasons (I think there was a possible link to increased asthma cases?). However a blazing coal fire is by far the best winter heat I've ever enjoyed.

    We have been slowly outlawing wood stoves in urban areas for years - supposedly because of the alleged particles in the smoke emissions too. With everything getting electrified, combustion stoves will have to be banned because of particles or taking away poor little Greta's childhood or some shite. And if they do it here, it will be tried in Canada sooner or later too.

  3. Yup, SDA vanished yesterday AM. I check his blog every morning at around 6 AM. Hope this does not become a total cluster$uck trend.

    Going over to check on a couple of farmers that post, if they are gone we know it is enemy action.