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Thursday, 29 September 2022


Bring your A game and a first aid kit, guys.

just sliced off his own…errrrr… yannow what?
Scratch the first aid kit.
Darwin and Murphy will thank you…

My heart really goes out to the special forces guys. Someone on Blab was saying that often, when operations like these go terribly wrong… the guys involved become loose ends that have to be dealt with and they end up having “training accidents”.  

I don’t get it. If it were just the US with such a terribly incompetent, immoral govt…or just Canada or just Fwance…I wouldn’t worry. But…it’s all of us, at once: America, Fwance, Germany, Britain, Canada, Australia, NewZealand… every single one of us is governed by a neoliberal moronacy. 

And now America is blowing up its ally’s pipelines. I could spend time fisking Aesop, but… what bother. Russia may have problems with their leadership… but we are in big trouble with ours. If we don’t do something about it… they are going to start something they (and we) will wish they hadn’t.


  1. its too late, the pipeline was a line crossed and the only reason we're not glowing is putin isn't ready yet. it will come when he feels he has things in order. i just pray he hits d/c first so i can die knowing he incinerated those bastards.

  2. The crayon eater Aesop has felt led to use his crayons on every available blog with the message it's absurd to think American did it.

    Brags about America doing sneaky shit then says ANYBODY could have done it even a fisherman with an attitude.

    I miss the pre-drudge Aesop.

    1. He's always been a little on the dull side Michael. I am watching him melt down right now as he goes into the boards with the commenters - and yep, he is his own worst enemy. It's the stuff of high comedy if you don't take him seriously.

  3. Lot's of back room players could have done it. One thing you can be sure of IMHO is that the most obvious suspect that the MSM gloms onto the most (see U.S) did NOT do it.

  4. I've given up trying to interject logic and reason into otherwise emotional discussions. We did it. Biden said we would. Our ships were there. We are one of the few that could do it. Putin has the spigot so he didn't need to do it, and said he'd happily sell gas to the EU if they dropped the sanctions. Matter of fact, he doesn't even need the false flag, as there are NATOs people, gear, weapons, and sticky fingers all over Ukraine. The only one it benefits are the neocons here, and the cabal. Like Cortez burning the ships, it gives Germany and the EU no way to back out.

  5. On Friday, Putin addresses his country. Probably to say that 3 or 4 regions of Ukraine are now part of Russia, as they have voted to be.
    (BTW Assop, they voted to be part of Russia in 2014, which is why after years of being shelled and murdered by their own government, they kept begging Russia to intervene, and Russia finally did earlier this year).
    This means any Ukraine attack in any of these areas amounts to an act of war by Ukraine and those supplying them.
    Russia has been careful to follow international law through all this.
    Next week will tell all about where we're going. It doesn't look good.

  6. All too true, fellas. Nobody wants to believe this and I get it. A line was crossed. America can no longer even pretend to have the moral high ground on any of this. So the media cooks up these hare brained narratives... and enouh idiots go along with them rather than admit our leaders are out of control and can no longer be trusted - by its allies, or its own people.

  7. We've become the Evil Empire that we used to warn others about. Welcome to the New Dark Ages.

  8. Iran was right all along. US, the Great Satan. Hooda thunk? Tree Mike

  9. I truly think it was probably the CIA that blew up the pipelines. However, if it was possibly another country, my bets would be on China, as they would have more to gain from it than Russia, or anyone else.