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Thursday, 22 September 2022

Casual .45 Perfection


And a reading selection, pilfered from Uncle Bob's porn stash!

A cup of coffee - and you're set!

My most accurate 45 was a chit house aluminum alloy framed Auto Ordnance that I bought used back in the 80's. Without a word of a lie - that thing shot head to head with tuned race guns and Gold Cups and much higher grade guns. I knew its history, the previous owner put millions of rounds through it, and then I did too. Eventually the barrel bushing cracked, and getting one fitted would cost more than the gun was worth. I pushed it deep back into the safe and keep it around as a paperweight.

That's the problem with 'casual' guns in a nutshell. Sure, the damned things will shoot like a house on fire, and they will put the lights off for an enriching vibrant or a diverse goblin with one caress of the trigger. But... if you are going to become a range mutt that chews through large amounts of ammunition, you will want a beefier range gun, all steel construction, and all the farkles and bling that goes along with it. The lighter guns just can't take that kind of pounding. Full blown competition nutters that shoot at championship levels like Rob Leatham will burn through a couple guns a year because they just shoot so much. You have to decide what kind of shooter you're gonna be... and gear up accordingly.


  1. well, say what you will about rock island 1911's but they all shooters
    and I have out shot a few kimbers too. have a colt gold cup trophy
    that sits most of the time, it shoots great, but I like the feel of the rock
    one better.

  2. I have a rock island 1911, as well. Shot the bejabbers out of it. Never choked. Nothing fills the hand like a 1911.

  3. The first handgun I bought was in ‘76, and was a satin nickel steel Colt’s Combat Commander. Later that year I bought a blue steel Govt 1911, and love both guns. I use them on whitetails, for defense, and around my farm. With 1911s, I sincerely believe that simple is best.