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Sunday, 25 September 2022

Dropping The Dime On The Small Hold

 Quiet, everyone! I am on the phone with Canada’s Minister Of Unsavoury Internal Affairs…!

Yes!!! Hello, Mx. Chubster!?! Yes, I called to report a gardener….his name? Errr, I have his initials: PP! Yes! Yes…Pee Pee! At the Small Hold…! I think it’s in the States somewhere… but look - he’s admitted to growing berries, and green plants! He raises all kinds of farting goats and chickens and they’re all destroying the environMINT -!!!

Hmpfppfpffff! She hung up! Or maybe we got cut off? I better go through my blog list and rat out all the other dangerous extremists like Vicki at Mom’s scribbles (she traffics in canned vegetables), Chicken Mom at Coopville… I am going to lie about Cederq and Quartermain just to get them in chit…

You stupid Americans!!! Gawsh… I’m sure glad I live in a free country like Canada where we stomp on hatred and extremism!!



  1. heh. They will come and arrest my carrots

  2. Might as well, I am sure as P/P's errant carrots that people will be snitching on each other. First time they get stitches, the second, ditches...