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Wednesday, 14 September 2022

Filthicus: Blood And Sand

 Once again we seek to divert the ignorant masses from the looming peril and disasters facing our dying empire! The circus is already replete with clowns of all sorts, but seriously deficient in serious sporting venues. Sportzball may satisfy the Greek soys, and Turkish harlots… but not the citizen!!! He will need far better athleticism and meaningful competition to nourish his ravening soul!

So it is that that Rome’s most feared Legion - Legio Retardica - was dispatched to the far corners of the world to capture the the most vicious and blood thirsty beasts made by the gods - and bring them here to fight and die on the sacred sands of the arena for our amusement!

This week I have a monster from the chill murky depths of the ocean!!! Facing this awful monstrosity - no less than an Egyptian god!!! Ladies and gentlemen… if you do not have a sporting constitution…you’d be well advised to look away! 



Errrrrrr…uhh… w-wasn’t that the most horrifying spectacle you’ve ever seen??? Why - I may have to take a tankard of wine and go lay down to calm my nerves - 

Ah shit. Okay, I admit it. That was lame. But I am still going to start drinking early and recommend that you do the same!πŸ˜‰πŸ‘

Have a great Humpday!


  1. T wasn't at all lame. That the claw closed without any cat parts in it once and then the pass was in the claw and the show was on. Claw stayed attached even with however many g forces of acceleration the crab endured. I thought it was a hoot. Your windup didn't hurt it any.
    My lust for violence is sated.

  2. I feel sorry for the cat. Have had it happen to me as those crabs covered in Old Bay in that bushel hate going in the pot.