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Friday, 16 September 2022

For years I was the bitterest old shit you could possibly imagine. My wife and I come from liberal families. Anyone with ant experience with them knows that they think they know everything when they actually know SFA. Most of them are not that bright either. The ones in my family woke up stupid in the morn, they were idiots at lunch time and they were morons at bedtime. When I fell out of their fairy tales and narratives I was un-personed by a few and that was fine by me. Our families dissolved… and I was anything but fine with it for the longest time. Gradually over time I realized it was for the best for all of us. With still more time, I realized that I had actually gotten off very lightly. I became thankful for the distance between us… proximity with morons like that will kill your soul.

BCE is going through the emotional wringer with his family, and in his case, there’s little ones, the law and possibly some failed liberal social experiments involved by the sounds of it. He’s got things much worse than I ever did. There’s enough bad juju there that I can smell it all the way up here in Canada. When I see kids getting caught up in shit like this I recoil and look away…it makes me want to curl up on the couch with a crock of whiskey and try not to think of my own daughter. Details, if ya can spare some change. Prayers out, BC - and you belay that carbine. The best weapon you have now is the one between your ears - if you use it!

Best of luck.


  1. My prayers are going to BCE and family also. Hope he pulls his latest rant. Somehow, I've been undeservedly blessed with the absence of shit libs in my life. Thank you Lord, Odin, Murphy, Kilroy and all the Lesser gods. Tree Mike

    1. It has to happen one of these days, Mike. Some day, some guy with nothing to lose, after getting effed over by the family courts…he’ll try to do something about it. It HAS to happen at some point. It could potentially kick off A Great House Cleaning or Courthouse Putsch.

      I’d hate to see a guy like BC pull the pin on that one.

  2. our greatest weapon is the Name of Power==Jesus
    bce's best bet is to pray more
    i know it is harder to do than almost anything
    speaking aloud the Name and blessing the baby and the situation will help repel the demons
    wherever there is evil there are surely demons
    scary but true
    i am so old i can see how the demonic elements in our nations have expanded, and that at a pace increasing daily
    that is also how to pray for our families
    men, bless your children aloud everyday even if they are miles away
    blessings travel instantly to the object. they are not hampered by time or space, so also bless your generations to come!

  3. He pulled it back. Post is not there now.

    Capable, competent men are hard to find. He's a good one.

  4. This sort of stuff breaks your heart. The liberal social experiments damn near got my son in high school, but a few months in the workforce and a vocational trade has undone that rather quickly. I've been following his trials for a month or so now, and it looks like things are moving in a better direction, but I feel for the guy.

  5. Thanks Glen... the latest update is up now: really appreciate you... it's y'all I have to keep me on an relatively even keel, lest I decide that it's time for 'game on' and I start stacking bodies, and turn that fucking burg into a crater