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Friday, 23 September 2022

Friday Ramble

Pa Filthie got his hip done yesterday and was not a happy camper when he came out of the anaesthetics and pain killers. Pop has always had problems with medications, and apparently he was disoriented and confused. He was in his own private drug induced hell - and was convinced he had to get up and go to work… and he got in a fight with the nurses and almost tore his IV’s out. Big Bro and Mom were there, and apparently he gave them the business too. 

One of the the advantages of acquiring faith is that it makes it much easier for you to step back from family shenanigans like these, be a bit more impartial, and even find some sympathy for characters you otherwise might not. Mom is back to being awful again… but she is under a lot of stress from Pop and her own self-imposed ideas of how the world should work. I can help her with the small stuff, and if she needs help with bigger things… she knows where I am. Big Bro is on the scene, and he is perfect just like she is… so between the two of us mom will be okay.

I am looking after Pop’s K9 cohort… a yappy, happy little pocket dawg. He barks at everyone not because he is an ankle-biting little turd - but because he is happy to see you! Right now the poor little bugger is worried about his master and doesn’t understand what’s going on. He’s an interesting soul… he has the heart of a lion, the bladder of a race horse, and he poops like a parakeet.

Right now, Pop is in a holding pattern at the hospital…
and so it goes for we, his loyal servants and retainers.

I intend to remove myself from the family drama as much as possible, while helping as much as I can. When I am not busy with that… I will be down in the Reclusium trying to breathe life into my monsters. Right now I am jammed up with assembling the bird, testing everything for fit and balance - then taking everything apart again to make alterations. The hours pass un-noticed as I fart about reciting magical incantations and four letter words.

I had a chip-out and then a chimp-out!
The damn CA runs everywhere and glues to everything - whether it should, or shouldn’t!
I made a filler out of PLA wood glue and saw dust.
I will bugger around with this and get it smooth again. 

The lines and curves on that rear end are 
poetry in motion.
God may have made birds… but His children have made airplanes,
and they are almost as beautiful.
Structural components bend and flex, and download onto
stronger members that don’t. Mastering the interplay 
between stresses and structure  are proof that we are
worthy of our Maker, and that He doesn’t ask for anything
from us that we cannot give.

Some of the stress and worry are getting through to me a little bit too, I guess. I hadn’t been sleeping for  a few nights and I had the same dream: I found myself in the middle of a bright, sunny, early spring day. I am chest deep in ice water but not cold. Around me is nothing but sunshine, melting snow and ice. Then, out of the murky depths of the water… a corpse floats up and at me. I am not panicked or repulsed… but I push it away…and wake up with a sense of mild worry. Like my gut or subconscious are trying to tell me something. It’s probably nothing - just my normal psychological problems, HAR HAR HAR! Probably from huffing too much glue in the Reclusium.

Remember Tester’s model glue when you were a kid? Man… that was the good stuff! It even smelled industrial and made model building serious stuff when we were kings kids. This modern CA is awful: it literally hisses and smokes and sets instantly… and smells awful. and There is something inherently evil about that…

I did sleep last night though. No corpses, ice water, or lonely nocturnal vigils. Now - if you’ll excuse me… I need to do a dawg patrol, check in on mom, and do some chores. I hope you all have a wonderful and short workday… and that you have a great weekend lined up. 

Thanks for dropping in to listen to me ramble.




  1. I remember the old Tester's Glue pretty well, although I was never any good at putting together the plastic model cars - nothing ever fit. I finally gave up on it.

    I've watched family drama unfold into WW-3, complete with bio-warfare attacks and nuclear weapons. I want no part of it.

    The only thing I've learned about medical care and staying in a hospital is that the patient desperately needs someone with a clear head, above average intelligence, and hopefully some medical knowledge to make sure the patient isn't being neglected or maltreated. Between that and playing step 'n fetchit your schedule will be full.

    That's a nice dog, by the way.

    1. Yep. I am a WW3 war vet and have the scars and broken heart to show for it. That pup is just awesome... but I think mom intends to put him down as soon as possible. I told her I'd take him if he becomes too much trouble but - these are the kinds of battles mom and I used to have. I am not going to fight any others with her. She'll do what she does, and take the consequences same as you or I. Contentious women are a fact of life in my family and they'll drive you bonkers with their BS if you let them, HAR HAR HAR! Been there, done that, got the tee shirt as they used to say...

      What are you doing this weekend, WL? Swilling gin in a Caribbean paradise? A safari in Africa, perhaps? Any chance you could send the Sikorsky over to pick me up? I could used a getaway too!

  2. glad to hear the op on the hip went okay. parents can be a pain when they get to a certain age. last couple years of my dad life, I help get his ass up and in the shower, feed him and other little things.
    he used to look at me. I explain it to him like this, life is circle. you start off not being able to do shit for yourself. then you can, and that goes on for a while. until you need help again,
    I think he thought I was nuts or something.
    still, it is a hard thing to do. shouldn't be though.
    guess he thought life was going to go fine until it just stopped ?
    we have a small yappy dog too now. where told he was a lab mix.
    okay, always liked labs. he is what they call a laddie (?)
    lab and beagle mix, 25 ponds tops. hyper as anything.
    barks at everything that moves and somethings that do not.
    she loves the little bastard though, so he stays.

  3. Nice job on that tail end…. the lack of a mass balance on the rudder has me wondering about flutter and the vibe damage to your servos. I’ve not built RC stuff, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express once. That and rebuilding flight control actuator mount structures because someone couldn’t balance an elevator correctly….

  4. Ha! That picture made me chuckle. Those could just as well be my legs and feet. I've turned into my dad. LOL.

  5. Love the waxing poetic about the tail assembly Glen. Glad to hear your Pops is on the mend. Stuff like that is a pure dee MoFo at that age.

    1. It sure is, BC. Hey - thanks for popping by! Best of luck with your fambily adventures too!👍

  6. Modern CA glue really is great for gluing lacerations together. The accelerator runs it up to boiling temp first, though, so that's fun. Squeeze, spray, wince, squeeze spray, wince. I only getvstitches now when there's a tendon cut underneath, and even then, not always. My ring finger droops like an old man's pecker because nobody picks their nose or scratches their balls with a ring finger.

    1. That’s bizarre. I have to wonder what kind of lacerations though? Just little ones? That must sting like hell…!

  7. At least it means he's not wearing socks inside his Crocs.

  8. One of the inviolable rules of life that my wife and I have is "Never spend a night alone in a hospital." She once had to spend a night getting IV antibiotics, and some of her nurse friends came in on their own time to spend the night with her--and this was the very floor they all worked on. When my mother was an inpatient with her stroke, I spent several nights with her, and told one and all: "I'm here to yell if any yelling needs to be done." We spent our working years in hospitals and have no end of war stories we could tell.
    As for the balsa project, I went looking for the Ambroid glue that I used to use, and can't find it. It it even made anymore? Like Testers', it was acetone based, and between that and the butyrate dope, I've inhaled enough acetone that if it really was a carcinogen, I should have died decades ago.

    1. Ambroid was the real deal, we all thought it was the best until some heretics started using aliphatic tpes.

    2. Is there anything more intriguing than adhesive science?

      Methinks not…

    3. My standing orders when I have had to stay nights in a hospital, if you gonna inject or infuse through a IV, I am to be awake and fully conscience and able to inspect what you are infusing. If I wake up and you are infusing without my permission you are flying out that window without benefit it being opened and black and blue. I have no trouble saying "NO" and backing it up. Like you Greg, too many horror stories to share...

  9. I don't recall reading about your dad's cognitive abilities, but if he was already showing any signs of dementia, the anesthesia will most likely cause it to progress even more. I went through that several years ago with my mother, and am going through it now with the father-in-law. Even without anesthesia, hostpital stays are hard on those suffering from dementia.

    1. Pop is slowing down a bit. He has to triple measure before making a cut, and sometimes he vapour locks on mechanical stuff and has to think a bit. I hope all these drugs don’t mess him up too bad…

  10. 1 hissing--we were taught to avoid things that hiss
    2 if worried about dog take him home with you and conveniently forget to return him according to events
    3 nightmare ask God to show you what it means if anything He my just indicate it is nothing
    sounds like it means you will keep cool no matter what
    4 i once spent 24 hrs per day for an entire month with a couple of breaks of a few hours in hospital with my mom. husband spelled me a couple of times for a few hours you have got to be there just in case

    i cannot get past recaptcha to forward some of your ood stuff o my other buddies [some of whom are in your sidebar]

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