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Friday, 16 September 2022

If The Faggotry Is Gonna Play Word Games With Pronouns…

…then I am going to do it with verbs.

Eg: “Filthie! You look like hell warmed over! What happened to you??…”

I’m gonna die…!!! I burgered myself at Rotten Ronnie’s…!!! I need a stomach pump!!!




1. To stuff one’s face with meat byproducts, processed imitation cheese and artificial foodstuffs resulting in a food coma and digestive failure

2.  A form of masochistic gastrointestinal suicide

Hopefully this lass is young enough to shrug it off! Mind that trigger, little lady! 

1 comment:

  1. Les see - AR-15, Ruger Mark something target .22 automatic and CZ or clone. Yeah, she outfitted for Burger King I think. Just make sure you get her order right, her eyes denote 'murder hornet' intensity ...