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Friday, 23 September 2022

I’m Calling It


Holy rubber begonias!!! Sounds like the referendums in the Donbas are already going horribly wrong - and they intend to secede from the ‘Kraine. The vaunted Uke counteroffensive in the Kharkiv region has stalled, and the first Russian elements are already showing up in preparation to turn it into another frothing cauldron. The real action right now is in Bakhmut… where the Ukes are blowing up bridges in preparation for abandoning the city. And of course, 300,000 moar pished off Russians are due in over the next several weeks. With manpower like that… now the real war for the ‘Kraine starts. 

On our side? The usual turd polishers are blustering and pretending that none of this is happening. Or they’re bloviating about nukes. Let us dispense with the hand waving and hysterical alarmism: Zelelensky has been screaming for more tanks. The west doesn’t want to give him any because they’ll only get blasted, and the western militaries are already on the hook for tons of lost ordinance and materiel in the ‘Kraine. They are certainly not going to see this through to a nuclear conflict. Currently the west in general, and America in particular - have no plan on how to deal with events in the ‘Kraine other than pretending that it isn’t happening.

Two months. Max. In two months, creepy Joe, Kamela, and Pelosi will be on the hot seat for yet another failed military blunder that will make the debacle in Afghanistan look like pocket change. The snow will be flying, people will be hurting… and all there will be for them is a shrug from their moronic leaders.

You heard it here first!!!


  1. Watch out for the red flag election cycle.

  2. I especially like how the Democrat propaganda arm and the dumb ass fanbois are calling Putin a tyrant and it is a fake referendum yet they back BiteMe calling for violence against half the American citizens. and the Ukraine is threatening their citizens with prison for even voting.. and Putin is the Tyrant?
    Insanity at it's best.

  3. Aint got nary a reason to doubt what you say, Glen. OG

  4. i understood that russia does not want ukraine
    russia wanted treaties honored
    i think dems are fixig to put off elections by an emergency, fake or manufactured, possibly using ukraine in their nefarious plans
    i had read somewhere that the russian speaking areas wanted to go to russian governance

    1. Vlad was actually quite reasonable. He wanted international trade agreements that involved the ‘Kraine honoured and enforced. He wanted a demilitarized Ukraine, and no NATO tanks on his borders. He wanted a deal so that everyone could do business. The Democrats want a partner in money laundering. All this blood is on their hands.

      The looming economic collapse will be too.

  5. Sadly, like that proverb about the Evil Ruler being willing to destroy all to rule over the ashes OUR Socialist-Democrats are the Evil Rulers (in their circle jerk minds).

    I sadly predict a B61 dial a nuke "incident" and massive propaganda it was a Russian Nuke Attack to follow.

    Anything is on the table when the party of Chaos might be losing control.

    Got safe water, year plus food and ability to repair your homes from the resulting chaos?

    1. I’m not worried. The Donks are stupid, but not dumb enough for nukes. I strongly suspect the military would mutiny first.

      Election shenanigans are certainly possible… but that would bring about secession and rebellion issues almost for sure. Possibly some targeted assassinations and entertaining wet work too.

    2. Given your full plate with your dad, I'm tempted not to comment.

      Still praying for all three of you. "One Patient at a time".

      A few too many B61's "unaccounted for" and the Donks have folks crazy or indoctrinated enough (read Deep State) to deploy them.

      indoctrinated (past tense) · indoctrinated (past participle)
      teach (a person or group) to accept a set of beliefs uncritically:
      "broadcasting was a vehicle for indoctrinating the masses"
      brainwash · propagandize · proselytize · inculcate · re-educate · persuade · convince · condition · discipline · mold · instruct · teach · school · drill · ground

      They haven't been shy about murder for hire or deploying the military to destroy countries "For Democracy".

      Did you miss Bidens Reichstag Speech and the Republican Teen murdered by a Democrat with a Pickup Truck. See Cold Fury for details.

    3. I disagree but you make a valid point. I think these shitlibs are all on borrowed time. The cheating, the threats, the lies, the blood, the theft, the lunacy… they’re crashing the system. You can’t run a country like that sooner or later somebody is going to get shot…and the house cleaning will begin in earnest.

      The next election will be the possible inflection point. If the ‘Kraine crashes and burns before them, the Donks are over and done too.

  6. It's a good idea to take note of the political signs in your AO as to where the future targets live. When the shit goes down they will try to flee and your job is to make sure that doesn't happen. Poison needs to be destroyed no matter what.

    1. Yep. There's a lot of people that need to go on a list for later...

  7. You've called it a few times so far:

    At least you're consistent.
    Maybe right too, someday.
    But probably not.

    1. Felix the cat NATO (READ American) resupply.

      Aesop seems to be consistent also with reports that Russians were running out of fuel, ammo, troops and so on. Oh, and their Artillery tubes were worn out and about to blow up.

      What is really the constant is war is unpredictable. Been so for eons. You might look those hard words up fuzzball.

  8. Read a report of Chinese troops going to ukraine.
    Instead of being friendly with the Russians,we drove them into
    an alliance with the CCP. What a bunch of idiots in charge.