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Friday, 16 September 2022

It’s About Time

 The wanks at Blab are hacked right off with those stubfart governors bagging up the illegal immigrant human trash swarming in over their borders - and dumping them in swanky upscale communities of prominent shitlibs living in predominantly white areas. They feel (rightly) that they should be loaded into cannons and fired back at Mexico.

On the face of it, it’s an excellent move. The shitlibs and cuck conservatives have made all kinds of political miles virtue signalling about the strength of diversity. They get to look like enlightened humanitarians, while you get to put up with the crime, the incompetence, and the consequences of having illiterate and often violent colouerd chit skins dumped in your neighborhood. It went exactly as you would expect too. Barkie and Mike Obama wanted to transform your America with multiculturalism while insulating themselves from it. That other black baboon - that mayor in Chicago - was an utter laff riot as she squealed and about street chitters being dumped in her back yard. One would think that rubbing Leftie’s nose in the consequences of the problems they create might trigger a clue in them, and motivate them into to do something about their actions.

Unfortunately the leftist mind isn’t geared that way. They will see this as a rebuke, or a nasty prank at their expense… and typically they’ll move to get you back and punish you for making fools of them. And that usually means getting you back in spades, and twice again with interest. I will bet dollars to donuts that seething democrats are brainstorming right now on coming up with a way to strike back at Florida and Texas. Knowing chitlibs as I do… this will probably degenerate into another nasty dog fight using humans as pawns.

My father in law played that game for decades - on a much smaller scale. He’d take me into the boards with a nasty cross check, and I’d give right back to that stupid bastard with a slap shot to the head or nards… and it went like that for years until one day the gloves came off…and that was it for our family.

I dunno what the answer is. In our case the only option was separation. At this stage, even if he were alive,  we would never reconcile. Neither he nor I would have it. He lived in a world of fairy tales and narratives he got from his wife and daytime TV and he felt fully justified in imposing his noble values on me, especially as he had no skin in the game.

Looking back, it would have been far, far better for everyone if we’d just parted ways decades ago. As it was the spat exploded and broke apart three generations of family. But hindsight and wisdom are always 20/20. If you have to fight over stupid things with stupid people…all you’re going to win is stupid prizes. Don’t ask me how I know this…

Have a great Friday you guys. If you have a toxic blood feud on YOUR hands…may you have the wisdom, courage and resolve to end it.

Thanks for dropping in.


  1. if you are surrounded by so many trees that you cannot see the forest in its entirety the way to obtain perspective is to distance yourself far enough that the forest may be seen entirely and clearly
    then its true size is visible, and its possible unimportance.
    then walk away from it
    do not engage
    will improve your mental and physical health no end!

  2. Deb may be onto something there. I would much rather engage at a distance than up close. Time to think and chose my words more carefully.

    Happy Freitag to you as well, Dr. GF.

  3. seething democrats are brainstorming right now on coming up with a way to strike back at Florida and Texas.
    The latest word is, Texas sends them to Jew York, the illegals are happy, Jew York rounds them up and ships them to Florida, the illegals are now pissed.
    Shows its not about "sanctuary cities" or any of their shitlib catchphrases, it's all about destroying RED States

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