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Monday, 12 September 2022

King Charles? And...."Queen-Consort" Cowmilla?!?!?


Fuck THAT.

The only good thing in this is that it isn't Lady Di on the bitch
seat! That cunned stunt is one Britain is far better off \
without! I'm sorry but there is no nice way to say it.

WTF is this? "Queen Consort"? Your Majesty - do you seriously expect me to say that with a straight face? I really wonder what planet I'm on these days what with all these senile geriatrics running around with their hysterics and histrionics. 

I'm a good shit and I know ya gotta resepect your elders. I haven't shot my mother (yet) - but I could, and it would be a justifiable homo-cide too! HAR HAR HAR!!! I just laughed when Biden woke up as Adolf Hitler the other day and did a speech threatening half his people with death and damnation.

So here they are, ascending to their rightful thrones for the first time amidst pomp and ceremony! And for me - a lowly commoner from the colonies up in Canada... I can only think of the appropriate music for the occasion:

Oi. I need a foogin point...

Well I suppose there have been stupider historical precedents set by the monarchy... but... at least these ones aren't sending their country to war or executing people willy-nilly. So...? What will Chuck The Fuck do in his new official capacity? Address the issue of climate change and the environMINT? Reparations for entitled blacks whose lives matter? Will he discuss his plans with the plants in the green house? 

This is all our fault ya know. These old farts should be put out to pasture. They should have gone ages ago. Good God... 'Queen Consort'? Life in Clown World continues apace. Not to pick on them - I am an non-essential old fart too. But... I wouldn't want to do a job like that at my age, never mind theirs. In my family the old ones flat out refuse to be a burden on the younger ones and it is a tradition I can respect. I woulda thunk it would be the same for everyone... but whadda I know?

Would you want to abandon retirement? For a role like that?


  1. Have they said when they're going to replace Lizzie Regina's picture with that of Chuck the Duck on your money? There'll be two Loonies in circulation then.

  2. The "Queen Consort" title was Queen Elizabeth's subtle way of slapping Camilla in the face. Everyone knows that Chuck did the dirty with Camilla while still married to Di...and there are a lot of people who are irked by that fact. So, Queen Elizabeth decided to ensure that Camilla would never be known as "Queen Camilla" by announcing that her title would be Queen Consort. Nobody else married to a King ever had the title "Queen Consort." Until Chuck dies, Camilla will always be referred to as "the Queen Consort" versus "the Queen" (unlike George VI's wife who was known as Queen Elizabeth when he was King and "Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother" until she died).

  3. King Chucky is a commie and a greenie freak.....and now that he's on the throne he can come out of the closet and make life for the Brits even more miserable than it already is by pushing even harder for the end of oil and cheap energy.

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  5. Now would have been the perfect time to get rid of the whole bloated royalty; dukes, earls, princes and all.