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Monday, 19 September 2022

Meeting New Bosses

God save the King!

It’s the Queen’s funeral today. We now have a king for the Commonwealth who is an irredeemable twat. Whenever possible he hides in the greenhouse and talks to his plants. He married a tramp right out of the trailer park that had the paparazzi slobbering and scolding 24/7/365. Buckingham Palace did it’s best to put lipstick on that pig… But you can take the sow out of the barnyard, but ya can’t take the barnyard out of the sow. Now the Commonwealth has something called a Queen-Consort, whatever that is. Might as well stick a fork in us, because we’re done. We are no longer a serious people.

The American Establishment is proposing it’s next president too: an eeeeeeeeeevil jooooo…but first he has to defeat “the Christian taliban”. You know… creepy folks like you that believe in God and a country with an actual cultural identity. Of course your morals and patriotism will have to be defeated as well…

In Canada we may buck the trend of electing globalist clowns and cretins. Pierre Poilievre may well be the  next swine minister of Bananada. He makes the right noises about defending rights and rolling back govt overreach … but we’ve all seen his type before. Smol PP plays well to the cameras… but talk is cheap. I am getting the impression that he is a small man with a big mouth… but we shall see of course. I hope I am wrong.

In a CLM (Career Limiting Move)… I think I’ll just stay home and pass on meeting the new bosses. Kinda like this chick is doing…

Whether it’s a work ethic or masochism that rolls you outta bed and into work on this dreary fall day… have a great Monday. I hope your week is off to an awesome start.


  1. Same to you, Glen. Oh, did I mention I'm on vaca? Prolly did! Yay me, Whoop whoop...

  2. Perhaps Chas III will rise to the occasion. See: “Clothes make the man” by Henri Duvernois

  3. Charles may be a twat, time will tell. However, we didn't have a pissed twat like your president, Turdo the 2nd singing along to Bohemian Rhapsody before a state funeral -

  4. You Canucks have no room to allowed Castro's foreskin to become PM....

  5. Glen, you must be so proud of your Prime Minister:

    The only thing I can say in Canada's defense is that Justin at least understands what he's saying ....