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Thursday, 22 September 2022

Mucking Out The Tard Stables

Quartermain has hoisted that surrender flag faster
than a fwenchman!!!
It’s The Ghost Of Keev!!!!
Saved again… by a horny 3 balled tomcat!

The latest narratives are tumbling out of the lame stream media’s gaping rectum -  to splatter on the heads of the usual suspects. It’s so bad I’d suspect these two are trolling, but… there’s other morons parroting and believing this stuff too. Is it an intelligence failure? Or lack of intelligence? My money’s on the latter, Baghdad Aesop and Comrade Misfit aren’t the brightest bulbs in the unplumbed profundity of the Retard-O-sphere.

I could debunk all that and Fisk those morons point by point with elementary logic, but who needs logic when you have JewTube and CNN? The latest one I heard was that “the Russians can’t get the computer chips they need to run their fighter jets, so they scavenge them from automated dishwashers…”. Crowds of people heard that and actually hooted like gibbons with delight and laughter. Stupid Putler!!! 

Why bother? As autumn gives way to winter, Europe will start to freeze without oil and gas. Businesses will start to fail. All those billions upon billions of fake dollars will start to crush western currencies. The world’s trade alliances will continue to shift to exclude western competitors. But then the mass media will hunch up…grunt…and fart out another narrative…and the morons will be on it as soon as it plops out onto the ground. It’s all too predictable and tiresome.

The real humour of it is that these stubfarts pound their hairy chests and scream defiance at The Establishment saying that they’ll never be loaded onto cattle cars and sent to the camps. But…the fools are already on it. There’ll be a heated resort and warm showers when they get there. Narratives can move more stupid people much faster than trains ever could. 

Preppers are consumed with stocking supplies, weapons, provisions, talking about tactics for survival and so forth… but don’t give a second thought there sources of information. These days, with the morons and forces in play… trusting the wrong people for your info could be fatal.

Choose wisely, folks.



  1. The sad part Glen is the Not thinking things through part.

    America has not seen major war on it's own turf since the Civil War in 1861. About 161 years ago. Our public's resistance about getting into that "European War" known now as WW2 was because folks were STILL ALIVE that fought and saw WAR's destruction and suffering face to face in the "Great War" aka WW1.

    It took major Lies and propaganda (But I repeat myself) to get us involved in that "European War".

    Americans aside from the very small percentage of military families in America has seen war as an OVERSEAS thing. Almost a Videogame that happens to little brown people OVER THERE.

    We see a blown apart city on TV or the internet, puff out our chest and say "Merica!" we got big Guns.

    Never thinking that civilians, women, children and old men are dying and suffering seeing their children blown apart.

    I posted over at General Aesop's a little post about not thinking things through.

    Soon enough we will see the effects of war here in my beloved Republic.

  2. I saw that, Mike. I don’t get it either. Aesop will hurl insults at Creepy Joe and acknowledge that the man was a kiddy diddler in his prime, and a pant-shitting moral and intellectual derelict today… but Joe will tell Aesop and those like him who to hate and why…and they will go right along, led by the nose.

  3. I have been in a couple of countries shortly after the end of a civil war (Mozambique and Haiti). The damage to the psyche of those countries is unreal and neither one will overcome that damage anytime soon. Let us hope that never visits us here.

    I get pretty cynical when I read internet warriors try to tell me that our domestic enemy is soft and will fall apart when faced with resistance. Pretty sure that the combatants in the above mentioned conflicts had similar thoughts.

    1. Growing up in Jackson Mississippi in the Sixties you could still see the effects of the 1860's. The Poverty created by that war lingered til the GIs returned from WWII with full pockets.

      As my hometown attests in 2022, that poverty is returning as competent people flee and leave the Gritters and Hustlers in charge.

  4. Killer Chick the A 10 Warthog Pilot was hotter and didn't make you eat Borscht first.

  5. I can't even talk about it some days. How fuckin stupid these kids are. Showing a tiktok of a few t-64s and some BMP 1's that belong in a museum and claiming Russia has abandoned all (yes they mean ALL) their equipment. Not a single T-90M confirmed as destroyed in Ukraine and not even 8 total T-90's of any model seen, and Russia is running out of equipment? I mean how insanely coddled are these guys? Then they go on about Russia not having men? Some snowflakes and Liberals have a rude awakening coming real soon I am afraid.

    1. I forgot to add I can remember old intel pictures from the 80's that were just passed casually around that showed fields in East Germany with more T-64 rotting away in them than have been seen in the entire Ukraine conflict to date... Including stuff from 2014.

    2. Russia has had half a dozen real wars with China in the last 100 years, along their shared 5000 mile border, and they can't strip assets from an actual enemy to go to Putin's shithead-war in Ukraine. Not to mention the troops they'd have to keep on the border with NATO countries if they even more stupidly try to widen this conflict.

      It isn't that Russia hasn't got enough men, they don't have enough men that they can spare for foolish Ukrainian operations.

      This whole op was stupid, Glenn.
      And Putin owns it all.
      That bill is coming due, and nuclear saber-rattling isn't going to help him.

    3. China? You think Russia has to worry about China right now? 300K troops is 1% of Russia's reserve strength. Oh I get it you think Russia is running of Men cause they are only using Russian troops in the Ukraine right?

    4. Ayep. Biden, Pelosi, Kerry, and Mitch own it - not Vlad. He's been telling you for over 6 years to do something about that Ukranian yapping mutt - or he would. Now he's doing it and he's slowly grinding the Ukes down, a few hundred at a time. In their last big win in Kharkov... 15,000 NATO troops put the run on 2000 Russians. In the retreat, the Russians lost 200 soldiers. NATO lost close to 2000. The Russians are already starting to swap preliminary rounds in Kharkiv and will turn it into another cauldron soon, depending on what NATO does. The Russians have had their ammo and munitions factories operating at top capacity for the last 6 years. America is running out of munitions, and Ukranians to use them. What they are doing now is gearing up to take on NATO and the US directly because this isn't a proxy war anymore - the Russians (correctly) see it as a war with NATO. If NATO chooses to engage with the Russkies in the 'Kraine, they will do it with a faggotified military that is infested with queers, feminists, and affirmative action hires. They'll be facing off against battle hardened, experienced troops that don't care what Hollywood celebs and Twitter mobs think. When Europeans begin to starve and freeze in the winter - you can bet they will start questioning their leaders, their 'allies' and their enemies. The end days of rainbows, suicidal diversity and political correctness and unicorns could potentially be at hand.

      Speaking of the chinks - if NATO and America commit to the 'Kraine... they'll make a grab for Taiwan. The other turd burglars like Iran, North Korea, and pretty much every arab and african gangster gov't will slip their leash too.
      I have no sympathy for any of the war tourists who go over there and get killed by the Russians - they want to fight for that corrupt land - fine - they can lay in it and rot when that
      murderous Russian bear unloads. Americans might well be coping with with the fallout from this thing for generations.

      But... whadda I know?

    5. Russia has more than enough men on the ground to easily take the 'Kraine. They are gearing up to face off against NATO. If sanity doesn't break out soon, they will be menacing Poland and Germany.

    6. Glen - My reasoning to a T. I will believe unless proven otherwise China, Russia and India are cooperating in this Ukraine situation. When/If the West commits just enough China will strike. It is a BRIC nation cooperation that has been planned for decades IMO.

    7. Obviously PUTIN thinks they're running out of men, or he wouldn't be mobilizing inactive reservists. But what the hell does he know?

      And Zelensky has only been the president of the 'kraine since 2019, which is three years, not six, ever since Ukraine threw out Putin's lapdog puppet.

      If you can't get the easy stuff straight, how are you ever going to do the hard stuff?

      Putin's grasping at straws now, winter is coming soon, which ends this campaign until spring, and he's deathly afraid of internal dissent, which is why only a partial mobilization.
      He's just digging his grave deeper.

  6. There is a reason why dim bulbs are not bred out of the gene pool.

    The problem with high IQ and knowlege is that you begin to see how incredibly complicated and interdependant everything is. (*everything*)
    This leads to endemic uncertainty and doubt.

    Shit's gettin' real, and we need to act. Action is a product of certainty. Certainty is far easier to manufacture when everything is clear and simple (because *you* are simple). Leaders tend towards the more simple, compared to the STEM types that provide the weapons of war.

    There is a role for everyone to play in this genocidal shit show.

  7. These purple haired and confused pillow biters are going to be forced to grow up or perish. They'll be looking for food or a not-too-used piece of cardboard to clean their ass.