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Saturday, 17 September 2022


Perfect. The pistol would make a perfect canoe gun
and be handy for those inconvenient nights in camp when a fella has to go
outside to do his business.

The blade looks cool but I am not convinced of it’s utility.
Any of you fellas have any experience with a Tanto style blade?
With paracord handles?



  1. Paracord can make a decent handle but that's not one of them. Would not do well in hard use. Weapon's should not hurt the user.

  2. tanto blades work very well for most things.
    paracord handle look cool but suck if you have to use them.
    as for the 1911, never really like having a light on a weapon, but they are handy at times.

    1. There are situations wherein it can become very desireable to separate yourself from the light source.

  3. I have a tanto folder. It's a short one, but that blade profile is stout. I really like it.
    I've got a flashlight by the bed. Having one with a pistol grip doesn't seem like a bad idea for nocturnal investigations.

  4. No lights on my pistols. Only on the rifle. I do the other hand thing with nice streamlight. Never had a para cord wrap but I'm guessing what the dude above said is right.

  5. Work of art there, but yeah, para cord knife handles suck in the field.

    Some of us don't have cubic bucks. I have had a Glock field knife for a couple of decades. It has held up well. It is an ugly stick tool. Drop it in the lake? Go buy another. Or two, then you'll have a spare.

    Photo of included polymer sheath here--

  6. The tanto blade works fine, but in this case (above) the knife should have a decent guard at the hilt, and a solid handle on it.

    I don't put lights on my firearms, the reason being that when you want it, it won't be there for you. That .45 will work well without any lights or lasers on it.

    My thanks to RHT447 for the link to the Glock knife. I'm going to order one.

  7. Tanto point maybe useful for piercing, but other blade styles are better for other purposes.
    I imagine the Glock knife will do nearly as well as a KaBar, at about half the price.

    Pistol lights seem to be the current thing.
    (I don't support the current thing.)

  8. I agree with the comments above, no light on my pistol, only on the shotgun. Pistol doesn't have a laser yet, but I'm working on it. No rail, so it has to be a grip laser ($$$) or one that clamps on the trigger guard.

  9. lights and laser both have the same problem. if you can use them to see the target, the target can also see you.
    more than one guy has gotten shot by some asshole while using a light or laser. if anything, get one with a instant on and off kind of switch. not one that is on all the time.
    as for the knife, if the hilt was bigger and cover the top of the blade
    and a real handle on it. it might be a great blade to own.

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