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Friday, 16 September 2022

Showing My Homework General…

 Of course, I cheated and scribed it all off PP at The Smallhold.

I’ve come across Scott Ritter once before in my study of the war in the ‘Kraine and unlike General Aesop, this guy was a warrior, he is current on the situation in the ‘Kraine and he knows his stuff. I am vindicated, I believe, about my suspicions about the uke victory in Kharkiv. It has been touted as the end for Russia by the usual suspects, but In reality it is starting to look like just the usual ebb and flow of any war. The Russians may lose the odd battle, but the outcome of the war is not in doubt. All stuff like this will do is prolong the war and get more people killed. I’ve never come across Kim Iverson before either. I may well add her to my small but growing list of trustworthy pundits.

PP says Ritter was convicted sex offences, and like him…I tend to disbelieve it. When articulate, knowledgeable and competent men start calling BS on shitty people, they have to be silenced. We just saw this with JL over at the Bitter Centurion when his blog got jammed up. There is no doubt in my mind that if he persists in speaking the way he does, TPTB will manufacture a similar crime for him to be guilty of in hopes of discrediting him. That’s the way libs roll. (Meanwhile they rape and abuse children with impunity).

I might disagree with Scott and Kim, though: no, Russia has not closed the door on negotiations. Yes, they say they have… but no. This is just standard posturing in the negotiation process. If I had any advice for my leaders it would be this - sit down with the man NOW. Treat him like a white man. Deal with him like one. He will deal. It will be costly but the deal we get today will be infinitely better than the one we get next week or next month or next year. But I shout at clouds and clowns.

They are right in that Vlad is not screwing around. He’s kicked the jews out of his financial systems, he’s getting the ruble linked to the gold standard, and he’s forging economic alliances with some very, very  powerful American rivals… and THAT is what keeps me awake with nightmares. Our foreign markets are going to be devastated after this. But I suppose Biden will just have his magic negro press secretary wave her lesbian wand, and will tell us they’ve worked financial miracles. The mass media had been utterly silent on the financial side of things and it just blows my mind. We don’t have to worry about canned sunshine… we have to worry about wide scale economic collapse.

We live in interesting times.


  1. So we're using two-time convicted sex offenders as sources now?
    Good move.

  2. Ah coward liberal hiding behind anonymous.

    Fact check NOT Convicted even once. If you have links to prove elsewise, I'll listen.

    Anybody who speaks against "THE PARTY" aka Orville's 1984 is to be attacked with lies.

    Liberalism when thinking things through (and maybe *shudder* doing some research) isn't an option.

  3. "[Putin]’s kicked the jews out of his financial systems, he’s getting the ruble linked to the gold standard"

    There you go. THAT's why there can never be peace with Putler. We must spend the last Ukrainian life, the last dollar in the American treasury, and the last shred of NATO credibility, to defend Jewish economic power.

  4. Well you touched on the jews so Bracken probably just did a head shake and sad face. He's staying out of the blogger fight cause his boo boos got pinched back at Buffalo jump time.
    As for the General... that doucheface cali faggot has gone so far off he can't come back now. He will never admit he's wrong and therefore he quadrupled down on retard while shitting himself all over everyone's blog in defense of himself. Poor dumb bastard did it to himself though. I've pretty much quit reading and commenting on blogs that post and support his insanity. He is an entity that should be shunned.

  5. Ritter was convicted of sex offenses. He was arrested on two separate occasions. The first resulted in a reduction of the charges to a misdemeanor. He was placed in pretrial intervention. He successfully completed pretrial intervention, the case was dismissed and his record sealed. He was subsequently convicted on January 12, 2012, of unlawful sexual contact with a minor and five other charges. He was sentenced to one to five years in prison. He was paroled in 2014.
    Does he have valid military opinions? Maybe. But when you find someone this fucked up in the head it's hard to believe anything they say. PS I'm not a conspiracy theorist and the information about his arrest and convictions is everywhere.

    1. Of course it is. And I’m sure it’s very convincing too. At the same time the FBI, the media and the courts are ignoring Hunter Biden’s (and Joe’s) obvious problems with underaged girls, drugs, grift, fraud, etc.

      I don’t trust law enforcement, I don’t trust the courts and I sure as hell don’t trust the media.

    2. I agree Filthie. All true. Still does not change the fact that he is a pervert. They have the actual video chat of him showing his dick to a cop he thought was a 15 year old girl. So despite how bad the cops, courts, Hunter Biden, and everything else in the world is, he is still a pervert.

    3. Sorry. If they had that, the guy would be doing time... or he would have before the shitlibs started trying to mainstream pedophilia. They had Trump dead to rights, and that supreme court judge too. I won't believe anything these days until I see the vid.

      I grant you may be right... but I will not take the word of swamp creatures or their establishment fart catchers for anything anymore.

    4. i know nothing about the man, but these days with technology in the video field anything can be made to look like anything.
      very worrisome. any one of us could be charged with any outlandish thing and the pictures be there to prove it!

    5. Ritter did 2 years time in ass-pounding prison. He's a convicted felon. Can't vote. Can't own a gun. Now you're excusing a pedophile to defend a murderer? Jesus H. Christ! You're your own worst enemy.

  6. I helped moderate an MGTOW site in the late 90's and a gaming site or two when my son started gaming in the early 2k's and I am not the least bit afraid to point out that many many men were entrapped by online Feminist law enforcement back then. I am of the opinion if there is not a physical victim that can be pointed too than it is entrapment. They would use all sorts of lies to get their prey to screw up, yet these days Femocrat Congressmen married to Hillery's aids go scot free. I am not of the opinion to discount the man's word on the Ukraine due to something that happened a decade ago during a time of politically charged propaganda looking for someone they could set up.

    1. It was absolute lunacy although now it is slowly getting reigned in by guys like you, PP. I remember guys that got fired from jobs, and prosecuted in court for sending a rude joke on the fax machine, or telling one in those days. Often the men around them were also punished for being near the culprit and were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

      You never say never... but this guy does not carry himself like a perv at all. When pervs get busted they often seek anonymity or obscurity and run from any kind of public attention.

      I will go further too - 90% of all rape accusations are fake, as are accusations of spousal and family abuse. Like you, I need to see scars and obvious signs of abuse and in the vast majority of cases... there are none.

      Just my gut feeling... but that one smells like the typical liberal political hatchet job to me...

    2. But, but, but, there is emotional and verbal abuse that is rated up there and above physical abuse Filthie. Women were granted extra-potential power by the male and female feminists in the 80s and 90s and gleefully pulled that lever of pretend power and decided I am woman hear me roars and ruined men because... men by their toxic masculinity were oppressive and we can do anything a man does and better. Tell that to the pedestrian overpass in Florida that collapsed that was designed and engineered by females. Or, another example, Navy ships that can't seem to avoid large container ships that are far less maneuver and powerful then a Navy boat... yeah, why I don't have much to do with the fairer sex.

    3. i agree with cederq i am female and believe in equality of opportunity. i was denied the classes i wanted in high school because girls were not allowed. however, if, having received the opportunity, the subject proves incapable then the door must be closed
      the overpass in florida is proof
      the woman who designed it surely did not do well in class.
      was probably passed so no charges of sexism could be brought against the school
      now that med school standards are being trashed bill gates can rest from trying to kill us.
      the 'doctors' will do it for him!
      sorry to outgas so long but these policies are not only unjust they are dangerous

  7. I've stated this before and it remains true. If Russia was actually capable of conquering Ukraine this show would be over by now.
    It's NOT. Therefore they can't. Ukraine can't defeat Russia, but they can...and have...made the cost of war so high that Russia is failing under the load. This entire thing is a stalemate. And it's probably going to remain a stalemate barring some bizarre change in Putin losing his mind completely and going nuclear on Kiev.

  8. Dan, maybe if you actually read the objective of the Special Operation as outlined by Putin many times. They are not interested in "conquering" Ukraine.

    Ukraine for years was shelling the breakaway Russian sections despite much diplomatic efforts. Russia had to bide their time until a weak US President (der Sock Puppet) was selected.

    Until just last week the Russian's were avoiding targeting civilian infrastructure like power grids as their stated objective was to De-militarize and De-nazify the Ukraine.

    They have been quite successful destroying their best NATO Trained Nazi units so much so that Ukraine is manning their trenches with conscripts from 12-70 now, American Victory in Ukraine will continue until the last Ukrainian is dead. Our US Trainers have forced Putin to expand the war (pain scale) and the question is how long before that expansion includes bypassing the Ukraine and hitting the weapons-intelligence supplier.

    Nothing new under the sun. Proverbs 26 17Like one who grabs a dog by the ears is a passerby who meddles in a quarrel not his own.

    Pretty soon WE will learn about grabbing a large dog by the ears.

    1. As Russia has learned about trying to swallow a porcupine.

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  10. The problem with having sex with a 15-year-old girl is strictly a matter of bureaucratic perspective. In many countries, it is still legal if she consents. Only in the femininist Western utopia is this a crime, and only because 'regulators' have decreed it be so.