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Tuesday, 20 September 2022

Shut Up And Take My Money


Well it’s finally up for sale. I coulda prolly nigger-rigged a cruder version of one of these myself. It’s funny how that works. I could do something like that but I am stumped by an old school RC plane.

Of course, she’s gone way past me on this, with the 3D printed parts. I’m told any idiot can run a 3D printer… but the proof of one’s brilliance lies in designing the parts and assemblies to make them work.

In another life I’d have bought a kit and put it together just to admire it… but…not now. I finally grew to like my cell phone. It has my bible on it, my wind apps for the RC airplanes, calendar…it is too handy a tool NOT to use. Yeah, I know the thing is spying on me… but I ain’t got nothing to hide. I am quite clear in my own mind on this now: if the new world order wants to make its mistake… come and get me, you fuckers. Send your expendable useful fools to do the deed, and tell them to take body bags with them, and be up to speed on their blood types, allergies and that jazz. And pray they do the job right the first time. 

But… I suppose if things get that bad… I’ll just throw the smart phone away. I used to think the cell phone was the greatest thing in the world for kids but now I am of the exact opposite opinion. On blab there’s a poast up about some black kid. He was being a monkey so his parents punished him by taking away his cell. But the niglet was so addicted to it and the social media apps, that he chimped out in a blind rage and wrecked his parent’s  home. He smashed windows and tore down the drapes, smashed the TV, tore the drawers out and hurled them and their contents across the room… and apparently this is not uncommon. This phone might make an excellent device for the kids as well as the sentimental retronaut. The kids can still call mom and dad in an emergency and maybe talk to some of their friends…but will keep Globohomo Inc. at bay for a couple more years…

I hope this gifted artist makes a million dollars.



  1. I'd like one just for the novelty/cool factor, but if you can get it WITHOUT a built-in GPS geolocater, I'd pay big money for one. The more I can preserve what little privacy I have left, the better.

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  3. I watched that video. On the one hand, the viciousness of the nigglet against his own family is heartbreaking. Yet, they brought this on themselves. So, yeah, don't care. I can't wait to hear what this abomination of a 12 yr old perptrates against the populace.

  4. They lost me when the number displayed on the screen. Make it an option??

  5. i can haez nickname21 September 2022 at 07:50

    Sailfoam? Ain't nobody got time for that. Rotary up the operator to connect a call.
    Wonder if the acetates of John Dillinger tapped calls still exist somewhere in the Indiana Jones warehouse.