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Tuesday, 27 September 2022

The 300,000

This is the best case scenario the Uke soldier faces
in the ‘Kraine.
It now looks like they’ll fight to the last man - or else.
Most Ukes, though, will never see the Russians
that kill them.

 As I suspected, the great ‘Kranian counterattack has fizzled out; the Ukes literally have nothing left to follow up with. In the news, talking heads are yapping about them pushing on to liberate Mariopol and outside the mainstream media stupidity chamber… actual strategists are laughing. Their warnings about lopsided attrition rates and kill ratios fall on deaf ears. The ignoratti are laughing as 300,000 trained Russian combat vets are getting called up to move into the ‘Kraine. They think Putler is a mad man, who just magically flipped out one weekend and decided to invade the ‘Kraine on a whim, for no reason whatsoever. He’s calling up troops because “he’s panicking about his impending humiliating loss!” It doesn’t even dawn on them that he’s been preparing for this conflict for at least  6 years, possibly double that.

The referendums in the Donbas are all going horribly wrong, so the western establishment tells us they are fraudulent. These are the guys that told us that Donald Trump hacked the 2016 election, and the one that installed Biden was as squeaky clean as church on Sunday.

Right now Poland is screaming it’s head off - stop sending money and equipment to the ‘Kraine!!!! They’re losing - badly! Send it to Poland instead!!!! They know the score: they know that in a couple months, they are going to have that Russian Bear on their door step when the ‘Kraine falls… and the Globohomo Establishment will expect the Poles to be their new proxy to taunt and annoy the Russians. And that the Russians can do the same thing to them that they did to the Ukrainians. Again.

Aesop, his husband and their boyfriends are carrying on and gaming WWIII complete with nuclear exchanges…and the prattling of the faggotry has gone from the ridiculous to the sublime. They are not unusual. I saw the vid he scribed his last poast from and it had tens of thousands of likes. The comments filled up with 6500 fanbois who think victory in the ‘Kraine is assured. “A limited exchange of nuk-u-lar weapons will smarten those pesky Russians up, A-HYUK, A-HYUK, A-HYUK!”

This is what Russia looks like to the
mass media LOLberts.

When the squaddies went to war in Iraq they noted that while they were in the sandbox…Americans at home were at the mall. Today they’re at the theatre watching cartoons. Or super-hero movies. One of my esteemed visitors the other day said that the pursuit of truth leads to an island…and how true that is. After watching General Aesop’s vid, another one, a mere click of the mouse away…featured a live cast where this Australian fella is podcasting right from Moscow. He noted that the Russians there are concerned and frightened about the events in the ‘Kraine…but they will not be cowed. Grim veterans are reporting in to do their duty and hold against the west at any cost. Their women understand and will support them from home as best they can. There are protesters and activists, of course… but they are held in contempt and generally ignored. Those 300,000 new Russians are not for the Ukes…they are for Poland and Germany…if NATO decides to get stupid about all this. There were only 158 people viewing that one - from a source right in Moscow, with boots on the ground. Some clowns dance better than others, I guess.

I’m personally almost certain that contrary to Aesop and his alarmist cohorts… nukes are not on the table. WW3 is simply not economically feasible. But…another Cold War? That could be extremely profitable to any number of divisions of Globohomo Inc. An arms race would inject new cash into flagging defence contractors. A cause de jour might re-invigorate nose diving recruitment…? I’ll have to think about that some more. 

Is this whole thing a senseless waste of money and lives? Or is there a larger plan at work here?


  1. Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make ye fret.

  2. Our media hoi-polloi laugh and caper and jeer, saying in what dire straits Russia must be to call up reservists. Meanwhile, the US has been calling up and deploying reservists and Guardsmen for 30 years straight.

  3. Globohomo may want nukes, if they don't trust the clotshots to kill enough peasants. Russia will nuke firstest and mostest once they're convinced it's inevitable. In short, it's not impossible. Still improbable, though. The clotshots are definitely delivering for the depopulation agenda. A winter without heat will deliver a lot more.

  4. It's the chinkypox all over again. If you don't mask up, social distance and inject the vax - it's because you're a bad person and you should be punished. If you don't support the Ukes, its because you are a loon and should be punished.

    I expect a new Current Thing along any minute to divert attention away from the Ukranian debacle...

  5. Even if Globohomo's financial speculator class doesn't want to touch off nukes because it ruins their economic plans, it isn't like they've shown themselves to be particularly competent or bright. These situations have really wide error bars, and it won't take much of a mistake or many miscalculations and they'll have lit off a really hot fire they can't put out. Most of Europe won't even hear the "Ooops! Oh shit!"

    1. I'm not worried. Putler has put the world on notice: if NATO and America want to go there, he will see them, and raise. General Aesop and his husband will have to decide: going all in? For the 'Kraine? They will do what they've always done: leave their former allies fluttering in the breeze, and write the 'Kraine and their former allies off, leaving them high and dry. Then they'll find some other Current Thing to obsess over to take their minds off it.

      NATO is done for. Its members are now dominated by women, queers and vibrants that are more obsessed with hair styles, fashion, and political correctness and grift than in than geopolitical policy and strategy. The crime families can either grab their money and run... or get greedy and stupid and quite literally find themselves in a Marie Antoinette moment.

  6. The 1st nuke will be a US false flag nuke. After that we may be surprised what happens, or doesn't happen. Russian hypersonics are fast enough to nullify NATO reaction/response.

  7. The sewer scum in the District of Criminals has noticed that political winds are shifting against the America! Obey Me stuff in Italy and now Sweden. More countries to come as temperatures drop and folks notice THEIR LEADERS don't care if they are shivering in the dark.

    How do I know this? Yesterday several nations reported underwater explosions and Nord stream (The Russian Gas Pipeline) was crippled at 3 points.

    The USS Kearsarge was noticed as operating in that area so even the Euro-Weenies must wonder why their ability to stop poking the Bear and get their fuel restored as so "Accidently" damaged in 3 locations at the same few hours.

    I think even Stevie Wonder would have seen that as odd.

  8. enter the dumb fucks from state. that is where this latest bright idea
    came from I bet. now there no reason for the Germans to make nice with the Russians to stay warm this winter. or have light or have a job in a factory that is now going to shut down due to lack of fuel. yup, the loons at the state dept.

  9. Interesting. Possibly a quite astute observation too... but, in his place, if I were Putler... I'd shut that pipeline right down myself! Doing so would turn up the heat (pardon the pun) on the Globohomo power players to the point where their own people would be liable to take them out.

    Russia is well inside the NATO OODA loop. At this point, all NATO leaders can do is react, and the longer this goes, the worse their options become.
    The smartest thing they could do is negotiate a deal, declare victory, and walk away...

  10. "WW3 is simply not economically feasible"
    Maybe so, but don't be sure that's a defense. These people are not motivated by money, or even power, at their core. They are motivated by Resentment. On account of all the shit they've taken over the millennia you see. For absolutely no reason at all.

    Think of woke Hollywood for an analogy. They're putting out movies and TV shows that they KNOW are enraging their audiences and will lose them money. (Yeah, that Zazlav guy at Warner Bros is trying to do something about it, but mostly the industry is NOT.) Because "fuck you!" is more important to the lunatics running the infotainment complex than money or even the long-term viability of their enterprise.

    What makes you think the lunatics pulling the strings of states won't take the "Samson Option". And even better if the destruction is on UKR and Polish and Russian soil. Because the Russians mistreated them (for no reason at all). And the Poles hated them worse (for no reason at all). And of course the Germans can NEVER be punished enough. So war, famine, and people literally freezing to death this winter in those countries is a GOOD thing. It's only fair, and just, and a LITTLE BIT of the revenge that is owed to those horrible, horrible monsters.

    That said, I hope you're right Glen. But the problem with your analyses is that despite being a retarded stubfart (whatever that is), you're not fundamentally twisted by bone-deep resentment and insecurity that's been force-fed to you from birth. What "our" leaders are doing isn't exactly rational, but they aren't even trying to be rational. Not how their psyches are constructed.

  11. (Z)elenski, a Bolshevik, was installed by Victoria Nudelman, sorry, Newland, (The Bolsheviks always change their names to hide among us), (Z)elenski SELECTED the holders of office of the next 3 highest positions in his in his dictatorship, (if there is only ONE political party allowed, then the country IS a dictatorship), the selected? Bolsheviks all, right down to the changed names.
    ISRAEL is running Ukraine, same as it runs America, (If your Politicians are allowed dual passports, they are being confused by conflicting and divided loyalties.)