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Thursday, 29 September 2022

The Future Is Feminine


I bought an e-book where the author proposed that witch burnings were actually a means of community protection. His supposition was that witches were usually worthless women that gossiped, started rumours and feuds within the community, slept around, and created discord and acrimony in those around them. Pioneer communities lived close to the edge and as they say - a house divided against itself cannot stand. Folks HAD to get along to survive. Looking at the antics histrionics of our nasty and contentious women today… it makes a lot of sense. They are tearing the country and western civilization apart.

I personally might add that witch burning would actually build morale, cooperation and camaraderie. I’ve got the funnel! Has anyone got any gasoline and matches? 


It’s prolly just re-bottled Famous Grouse cut 
with AeroSHELL or Winchester Red Dot.

I favour more permanent solutions 


  1. It used to be known that unrestrained females were a huge danger to social relations and the Women policed themselves to make sure it did not get to be a problem through chaperons and such. Many Feminist scream about the mythical Patriarchy but truth is the first target of feminism was the actual Matriarchy that kept them in line.

    1. Some of it is understandable, PP. First wave feminism, for example - back in the 50's: Women's work previous to that - was truly never done. They had their hands FULL keeping a respectable house. Then along comes electricity - and all their jobs are literally done by machines. What are they going to do all day? Idle hands and idle minds would drive men around the bend too. They needed someplace to be and the workplace was the only option. I get egged when I say this but its true - some women ARE damned competent and have what it takes to function in a man's world.... but they are few and far between.
      What do we do with these women? They have destroyed the patriarchy and now they need something else to destroy... and Bobo seems to have it right as far as modern feminism goes... it is flat out sheer lunacy, and apostasy to say so...

  2. Hercules (now Alliant) Red Dot, sir.

    "Do not bear false witness" was more about not gossiping than it was about telling lies. If you did not observe it personally, then keep your yap shut.

  3. Feminine? Tits or GTFO.