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Wednesday, 28 September 2022

Things That Go FRA-A-A-APPPP In The Night


Ya ever cut a fart that you can actually see? I have, and they’ve woken me up at night, they’re so bad. It’s really unfortunate that a guy can’t somehow capture them. If I could - I’d mail them to guys like Quartermain, Cederq and Biden.

Are farts aqueous? Perhaps something involving a moist sponge… 🤔 


  1. It looks like he is smelling that fart. He is saying DANG! What the hell died?

  2. The World must have some rating of odorosity which determines the lethality of said body gas. We already have weather warnings on UV ray strength, and bad allergy days. Isn't this knowledge worth having? What would the name of this rating be ?

    Top men should be on top of this - the fate of the world hangs in the balance !!

    1. Fart lethality is measured on a logarithmic scale uses bouquet and loudness to derive a rating. A five on The Rectum Scale is survivable, and will generate attention. Lethality and increases dramatically at about 7 or 8...

  3. I bet you prestage a ripper and then cover your poor wife's head with the covers and then let fly... mucus and faeces be damned!

  4. Ned
    Never pet the fart kitties....

  5. I dunno...but this post only made me think of Aesop's latest Nordstream Tales featuring the Evil Vlad.
    Ohio Guy

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  7. does a particle fart with a side of gravy count?
    almond milk gives you a fart with the same volume ( physical, not sound ) as the quantity of almond milk you drank. dry and odorless.
    V8 Splash gives tuba toots, and makes the side of gravy orange.
    cauliflower or Brussel sprouts for rank and putrid.