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Thursday, 22 September 2022

Today's Inappropriate Laughter Test

 Here we go: I will be watching you all VERY carefully! If any one of you wanks or retards laughs - you fail the test and you will catch the very hell of it!!! I am NOT screwing around - I seriously expect everyone to be as angry and outraged as I am about it!!!!

Are you ready? Here we go!

HAR-ack!!! HAR-cough!!! HAReck!!!

Pardon me... I seem to 
have acquired a small case of chinkypox...!

Excellent work, men! I think we can all agree that this is just more antisemitism and that we aren't being genocided - we're just being replaced! HARckle, HARgkle HARglab!!! And stop saying it's the evil joos, you fricken bigots!!! We are committing moral, ethical and intellectual suicide all on our own too!!!!


I am just glad nobody laughed or smirked at this and that you're all just as angry and outraged as I am. Who'da thunk those old Hannah-Barbara cartoons were so hatey and racist???

Gawd, I gotta stop hanging out at Blab. The bad kids over there are an unhealthy influence on my behavioural develompMINT...


  1. And they aren't even really Jews ( hebrew )... ever hear of the Khazarian Mafia. All this horrible shit going on traces back to them going back centuries. How far down the rabbit hole ya want to go Herr Filthster?

    1. my husband, a theologian, told me this history;
      the king in a slavic country became an Orthodox Christian
      his people were pagans
      he decreed that everyone in his purview study Judaism and Christianity then choose.
      no more sacrificing in sacred groves
      most were baptized.
      the khazars, however, chose Judaism
      that may be when Judaism started being transformed
      they are mixed in by now but i wonder if genetic testing could show how many are actually abrahamic
      they were a totally different people than the Hebrews

    2. I read somewhere less than 6% are abrahamic

  2. Malaria has defied attempts to create a vaccine because it changes its cell coat on a regular basis so our antibodies have nothing they recognize.

    I suspect the "last" unmasking is not the Great Reveal but merely "Boardwalk" just before "Go, collect $200".

    1. daughter has lyme [now on plateau, thank God!]
      doctor gave her quinine along with antibiotic to break into cell walls of spirochetes, and he varied meds 3 times per year to keep germs from catching on where they modify to protect themselves
      that is probably why evil doers are closing door to chloroquine

  3. I used to be a ‘stand by Isreal’ kind a guy and regarded them as our friends. Out of boredom, I started fact checking some of the more reasonable antisemites on Blab… and was horrified by the results.

    I now have serious trust issues with those guys and some tough questions. I no longer consider them friends, that’s for sure.