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Sunday, 11 September 2022

Via Cederq


“Got a call just now, Miss Peggy, ChuckinBama’s wife said he passed away due to heart complications Thursday Morning. Chuck was 61 and I had talked with him Monday evening on the phone. I will surely miss you my friend…”

Chuck stopped by to use the facilities here at the Thunderbox and it was always a dime well spent. There are times when I sit back and wonder how many great guys stop in to leave a rude joke or a salty comment… and I never know anything more about them than that. Jeez.. he looks like my brother from another mother. 61 is way too early to be cashing out… or is it? We seem to go through periods in life where all kinds of meaningful people will seem to pass all at once.

Godspeed Chuck. Look up Uncle Bob on the other side of the Great Divide, and please pass along my disregards. 


  1. I do hope our condolences reach across cyberspace to Miss Peggy. He will be missed; always a good bit of snark and fine tips in the comments.

  2. Thanks Glen! I knew Chuck a long time and he was my younger brother so to speak... CK your email.

    1. No thanks needed, Cederq. I am glad you let us know.

  3. I enjoyed the man's inputs. He was called too soon.

  4. Shit Glen. I’m gobsmacked. Only recently I started chatting with him.

    I hope he passed peacefully and I’ll say a prayer for his wife

  5. will miss him
    God have mercy and comfort his family

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