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Tuesday, 27 September 2022

Via Matt Bracken

Hmmmmm. Interestinger and interestinger….

 “ Today, September 27, "somebody" blew up both Nord Stream pipelines by underwater sabotage, that is, with a submarine/mini submarine/frogman demolition raid. Who? "Somebody." But only Americans watching brain-dead up-is-down 2+2=5 propaganda 24/7 will believe Putin ordered it. Why?

Because Russia controls the natural gas input to the Nord Stream pipelines with valves. They can turn the pressure on and off at will. As long as the pipelines are undamaged, Russia holds more face cards and has more options.

What happened today with the submarine/mini-sub/frogman pipeline demo attack, was that Europe lost ANY chance to reconsider its sanctions against Russia in return for more natural gas.

Now, who, pray tell, might want to forestall ANY opportunity for Europeans to reconsider their sanctions against Russia, as winter sets in, people freeze, and factories shut down, leading to mass unemployment, the worst economic depression in a century, and possibly mass riots that could overturn governments?

Think hard. Ponder. Did Russia originally cut off Europe’s gas? NO. Europe put sanctions on Russia over Ukraine and said, “We won’t buy your nasty damn Russian gas anymore.” But, the option to reconsider sanctions, and buy Russian gas again, was always open. Russia controlled the valves, and was always willing to honor their multi-year contracts and keep selling natural gas to Europe. {Buying with Rubles, etc, as many countries are.]

Now, after the Nord Stream pipelines were blown up today, the option for Europeans to reconsider their anti-Russian sanctions is closed, at least this winter. Only America can send them replacement liquid natural gas, and we can’t send half of what they need by LNG tanker. Way less than half. 

So Europe is now SCREWED. Trapped like a cave diver who is a thousand feet from the cave exit, looking at his last air bottle's gauge, as the needle heads to zero. He's not going to make it, and he knows it.

Here is another analogy. A guy you don’t like much owns a golden goose. Every day it lays a golden egg, and you buy the gold egg on favorable terms. Every day, long term contract. You do massive jewelry business, whatever. The deal works for both of you.

Now, you get into a fight with the owner of the goose, mainly on behalf of one of your much richer friends who hates the goose guy even MORE than you hate him. You are pressured into not buying any of they guy’s golden eggs. Your rich friend assures you that soon the owner of the golden goose will come begging you to buy his golden eggs again, because his income has been cut off.

But it doesn’t work out the way your rich friend said. Turns out, Mr. Golden Goose can sell his golden eggs to other people. He’s not going broke. On the other hand, you, the big league jeweler, you ARE going broke without the gold. You are looking at closing your chain of jewelry outlets and laying everybody off. Bankrupt.

Now, is it logical, do you believe, that under any circumstance, the owner of the golden goose is going to break the neck of his golden goose and kill it, out of a fit of pique, BECAUSE YOU REFUSED TO BUY HIS GOLDEN EGGS!? “

Hmppfppfff all plausible, as far as it goes. And although I am not a petro market specialist… I would not be overly panicked by this. Look - pipelines have breaks all the time. Repairing them fast is now a science. At best… this is just a raised middle finger to Putler. Chances are they’d be able to fix that thing within a week. If Europe and Russia reconcile, they’ll be able to supply emergency fuels by rail and by truck as well.

If that is what actually happened - and I suspect that it is… it would indicate the guys behind it are shitting bricks in fear and are getting sloppy and desperate. Don’t be surprised if some major pipelines in North America mysteriously fail too. Guarding tens of thousands of miles of pipelines will be impossible, and similar retribution would be a piece of cake.

Globohomo has no idea of who they’re effing with.


  1. "Globohomo has no idea of who they’re effing with."

    Nobody seems to have any idea what they're doing. They're just making it up as they go along. Putin is the one who comes across as the adult in the room. But we seem to be fumbling towards an ending that could be as catastrophic as any of the previous world wars. A century from now people could look back on us the same way we look back on the years leading up to last centurhe's Great Wars.

  2. If the US is found to have even facilitated this, the drive for european countries to decouple from the US dollar will be epic.
    We are a country run by idiot psychopaths.

    1. I'm not so sure they are idiots at all. Biden was installed to make stupidity Look like the reason for the bad ideas.
      Stupidity stops being cover for sabotage at some point.
      They are giving Ukraine Material Support, and Now? Ukraine wanted this. Big time. This shuts down cash into Russia.
      Fixing a leak is one thing. The damage is leaking, yeah, but it's Not from a typical leak, a crack, it's been blown up. A sleeve isn't gonna fix it.

  3. I remember being told at a lecture that over 70% of all US one hundred dollar bills are held overseas. and that was late 1980's
    I bet even more are held there today. but for how much longer ?
    India and China already made deals with Russia to buy oil/gas and
    they DID NOT pay in dollars. gold, rubles and yuan.
    we will see the end of the dollar as we know it here soon if the morons "running" things here are found to be behind this.
    make no mistake, this will be seen as a act of war by them.
    and the problem is, no one else has any reason to do it, but the morons here.

  4. The YewS is directly reaponsible.
    Ships, attacks inside russia, giving the krainEacks weapons, and this.

    Payback is gonna be bloody

  5. Just the last Hail Mary plays of the Liberal New World Order. They have to make their plans work and set in stone before the next election in the States and that requires Western Europe continue with them. Holland attacking their own farmers, Italy NOT voting right. Obummer and his freak leftist allies and pedophiles HAVE to make this all work and lock the West into a war or their policies are going to fail so bad no one will let them continue.

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    1. Show us yer tits luv.

    2. I'm so old I'd settle for a view of just 1 jug.

  7. There is a YUUUGE Russian contingent here in the Interior of the Frozen Freakin’ North. And that big shiny pipe what runs from the Slope to Valdisease? Runs right smack dab through the middle of that bunch of enclaves. (And, literally, my back yard. Like a couple hundred yards from the hootch.) It caused all sorts of issues a couple decades back when a guy punched a single hole in it with a .308. What do you think the wailing and gnashing of teeth would be if “someone” cut that thing in half a dozen places? It’s 800 flippin’ miles long and a lot of it isn’t real accessible.

  8. Pedo Joe said ON CAMERA back in February that if Russia invaded Ukraine the Nord Stream pipeline would be ended. And it happened. That's an act of war against Russia. Treading awfully close to WWIII....which would inevitably end up with these of canned sunshine. Not good. Not good for ANYONE.