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Friday, 23 September 2022

When We Were Kings

I remember flocks of ducks coming off the big slough in numbers that
darkened the sun.


  1. Be sure to remember about those younger day hunts, I'm thinking days like that for our children will not happen. Far more innocent times back then, firearms are rarely considered as recreation by the public.

  2. “Then we shall hunt in the shade.”
    -The Filthie Spartan

    1. We need to paint six packs on our guts and airbrush our muscles, Mike. Errrrrmmmmmm... mental note - we better not have either Cederq or Quartermain help out with that... :)

  3. I still see big flocks in the bay but definitely not like years ago. I don't chase them like I did when I was young. After that stupid duck dynasty shit show every yahoo with a shot gun was out there causing havoc. Between the boat landing & getting run over in the water or your decoys getting blasted I don't go to public areas. My little Wood duck swamp keeps me plenty busy.

  4. multiple epic floods in the lower illinois river valley changed our duck hunting for the way less productive