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Filthie's Mobile Fortress Of Solitude
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Friday, 23 September 2022

Where Do Ya See Yourself In Five Years, Filthie?

When the robot archeologists find my rotten corpse 300 years from now…
my bleached bones will be surrounded by piles of spent brass, with empty mags
scattered about, and the bolts of my guns locked back.

The bones of my enemies will be heaped ungraciously 
around me too!


  1. A laudable plan. Remember, if a man is known by his enemies, insult a better class of person.

  2. Hope those mags are unpinned!! hehe.

    Chutes Magoo

  3. If POTUS45' wishes/predictions come true, neither you nor I will be the skeleton, we'll be dancing on the bones and all those aches and pains will be a memory.