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Sunday, 11 September 2022

Would YOU Play With It?

I’d carefully check and look around to make sure there was no one
around to see and make fun of me. 

Then I’d go in the chitter, and lock the door to make sure…and I’d have a ball
with it!
No apologies either!!!

I just learnt that adult Lego is a thing. If I caught a fag like Quartermain or Pete doing it…you’d never hear the end of it! I’d rag on those guys and make fun of them until they punched my lights out! HAR HAR HAR! I guess what they do with adult Lego is build fairly detailed toys like this and display them as nick-nacks at the office or in the den. And… they play with them when nobody’s watching. Lame denials are useless!!!

The Turd Bird is beginning to take shape. So far everything fits, everything’s square and plumb. Everything here is held together with clamps… and it’s time to start gluing stuff up. Once you’re glued up…that’s it. If you forgot to do something that is much easier to do the the thing is in pieces… Welp… yer screwed now, HAR HAR HAR! Engine mount is on, front nose gear bracket is on… everything’s been lightly sanded… and I just KNOW something’s gonna go for a shit when the glue comes out and sets and cures.

I am going to pin this thing down the way the Lilliputians did to Gulliver… and hopefully nothing goes horribly wrong. I know this one’s going to come out nose heavy and I will have to put in the guts as far back as possible to get the CG I need… and if I slip up on any of that the thing will be firewood…

So I guess I’ll take this last pic and savour the promise and potential one last time…and then get the glue out. Wish me luck. If you hear anguished sobbing coming from the Reclusium…seal the door with heavy stones, and run for your very lives! For a chimp out of biblical proportions will be upon you all! 

Errrrr… well… thanks for stopping by everyone!!! I hope YOU have something fun lined up, and that you and your family have a glorious Sunday.


  1. Glue it up, Glen. Looks great from my angle. House cleaning and reclusium time with the dogs an cats for my rainy Sunday, Monday down here in God's country. Btw, I still have a tote full of Legos from my younger days still up in the attic somewhere.
    Ohio Guy

  2. My legos turned to nuts, bolts and gaskets. My buddy gave me a forty pound erector set. (Truthfully, I think that is the more American of the toys) I still haven't got a spot to set it up.

    I have found that if I had a project like the Turd, I'll take a couple days to do something else, then come back and look at it with fresh eyes. I've got errors like that before.

    Good luck and happy gluing!

    1. When the engineers were pinning together the robotics line in the lab I worked in, I asked each of them one simple question: "Did you have an erector set when you were a kid?" Out of a dozen of them, only one didn't, and he said "Well, I was into model rockets instead."

    2. It still is funny to me how we all kind of gravitate to the same things, then, somehow, we wind up on the same blogs. Like the motor-heads in school.... Turd Burds of a feather, I reckon.

  3. 'Tis a fine recluseum thou doth have.

  4. My mother gave me a Lego set when I started college in engineering (and yes, I get her sense of humor). This was back when they were just rectangular blocks in red or white. I pinned up a fine approximation of two turns of a double helix that I was very fond of. I don't know where or when I lost it, but somewhere in many moves, it vanished.
    And as WDS said, that is one fine shop you have there. I can almost smell the balsa across the interwebs.

  5. My day was spent taking the copilot side of a Learjet apart to get at a brake pedal transducer. No lowly master cylinder for these high dollar toys…it’s all done electromagically. In typical Lear fashion, you can see it or touch it, but never both, and the trim panels that hide it all are bigger than the spaces they come out of. 12 screws, 2 cover halves, 4 1/2 hrs to remove it.

  6. Careful, now:

  7. Forget LEGO. Get COBI.


  8. I still have a DAK Kubelwagen, FW 190-D long nose, Panzer IV and Panzer VI Tiger diecast NIB. The Kubel has the DAK palm tree swastika logo which is not possible today.
    Might open them sometime during winter after 20+ years.
    Make a Fieseler-Storch in Afrika Korps paint scheme for Stubb strip!

  9. Helo looks full. Where do ya fit the marxists?

  10. No tellin how many hours my imagination ran with lego's as a kid