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Monday, 31 October 2022


How About It Folks?

Why not? It was all just an unfortunate 


Something Here From Somewhere Else


Hrrrrrrrrrmmmmmmm…. I keep hearing that voice….softly calling. Is it the October wind, whistling through the eaves? No. No, it’s not. It’s a woman. She’s calling….!

“Fffffffffffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiithiiiiieeeee…. Come down to me, Filthie!…..Ffffffiiiiiiiiiiiiiilllllllllllthieeeeeee….”

And - what’s that?!?! Chains clinking and rattling down in the Reclusium!?!? I suppose I could just leave and never come back…but… what the hell, eh? I’m gonna go down and check it out. I could take my 4,000,000 BTU flashlight…but this candle oughtta do the trick…

If anything happens to me please send a group of shrieking big boobed  blonde bimbos to investigate! For those with little ones… I hope you make out like bandits tonight, and have a happy Halloween.

Sunday, 30 October 2022

Sunday Ramble: Old And Boring

 And I LIKE it that way, too! 😡

Pop sounds like he may slowly coming back to himself. He has never done drugs well, and after his fall, the painkillers and tranq’s mess him up. He tires easily. The Fatty-Dancing-Nurses-Of -TikTok and other Heroes-Without-Capes at the hospital are in chaos. The Covid Monster is back - or is he? They can’t decide. One day - no visitors allowed!!! This means YOU!!! The next - only wives and spouses are allowed in the ward. The next… only one visitor at a time, and - they must wear not only masks but gowns, rubber gloves, hair things… and hermetically sealed rubber boots, HAR HAR HAR!!! The rules change daily - and mom is in her glory. She makes a show of obeying all the rules, and snitches on the patients that don’t. Or the ones moving around when they shouldn’t. 

As mom bragged and gloated about her exciting fun and games at the hospital I was dismayed that my newfound sense of serenity in dealing with her…had fled! The old bitch was punching my buttons and I felt myself spinning up…this Covid bullshit just hacks me right off - but Mom had left the sportzball game on TV. I focused every iota of my attention on it to drown out Mom and ignore her. It’s a trick I’ve seen Pop do and it did the trick with me too! I tuned her right out and deliberately ignored her. She is a stupid old harpy, what she thinks doesn’t matter, and I have things in my own lane to keep an eye on. Sheesh - I’m coming up on 60 and I still think like a child! I have no business getting mad at her. 

Mom says she lost her sense of smell in her battle with the Covid Monster; and that coffee tastes like sludge to her. I think I can believe that… the house reeks of potpourri so bad… I can hardly breathe. GAH! It smells of old women, despair and lunacy!

I can and will enjoy coffee.
I will not murder my mother.
I am a good son.

Good lord…there’s that horrible STINK
on my blog again!!!

She still wants me to visit in the afternoons, but that ain’t gonna happen due to parking availability. Nor am I gonna wear a friggin Covid space suit. I will visit sometime during the week when menstrual and menopausal fatties and Pop - are all lucid! HAR HAR HAR! 

The fuselage of the Turd Bird will be completed today or tomorrow. The guts are in and secured. The rudder is sloppy but will work; it’s slaved to the steerable nose wheel and tacks well in the basement. I need to take it to the church parking lot and really give it a roll to double check it.  The elevator will be hooked up today and I hope to have the gas tank plumbed and secured up front. I am nose heavy on the CG balance and don’t know what to make of it. My single engined Twin Star is nose heavy as hell by my reckoning… and he flies like a champ! Who knows… I have some big 515 gr. cast lead boolits that I can epoxy on at the back that will level it out. Or maybe I will go to Poli’s and see if he has any 10 lb. lead ingots for sale! 


I gotta clean up the Reclusium and some guns one of these days too…

I’ve resolved to stop being a spiritual slob and start going to church again. I am not good at spirituality; I am prone to periodic bouts of truancy and slovenlyness. I don’t get it. It takes concerted will power for me to do it sometimes. I am going to resume my biblical studies as well. 

Welp…that’s it for now…might as well wrap up this week with some rude jokes and random ignoramia! Have a blessed Sunday, and try not to kill anyone.



Saturday, 29 October 2022

Adults Ruin Everything

Take Halloween, for example…

I suppose I am a grumpy old man… perhaps falling to prudishness in my old age… but… hell’s bells… the older I get, the more I think some things should just be left to the little kids, sometimes. 

Filthie's Reclusium: Chamber Of Horrors And Torture

 Unbeknownst to anyone are the horrors and pain I sadisticlly inflict on poor defenseless animals. Cats are my favourite victims.

Back when I had cats I was a master of torturing felines. I'd get 
a piece of masking tape and stick it on their foot... and watch them flip out!
Or put one of the old lady's clothes pins on their tail...
or pull a sweaty old sock over their heads.

Never tried this one before though. 
If you have a place you can do something like this... the yuks
might be worth the clean up...!


Recommended Seasonal Viewing


I watched the first episode off one of the streamers called The Curiosity Cabinet. The horrible monster chiller reminded me of those of my childhood. It wasn't great... but it wasn't a total stinker either.

These guys probly could have gone head to head with Vincent Price had they applied themselves.

Crouching Retard, Hidden Monkeys

Be sure to stop by after school on Monday!

I’ve challenged Pete, Cederq and STxAR all to a fight, all at once!
After I eff those tards up…
I’ll go clean up Misfit and Aesop!

The beat-downs will be EPIC!!!!
So the news is saying that Nancy Pelosi’s husband got pounded the other day. And of course, all the cucked Repubs came out from under their rocks to condemn the violence and signal their virtue.

I think it’s a good thing. The Pelosi’s are just awful people. They do real hurt to people everyday and they do it deliberately and with intent and impunity. They are not the only ones, and they often advocate violence aimed at people like us. They use it through BLM and ANTIFA and they’ve gotten people killed and ruined. Seeing them get what they give is just fine with me. They need to be reminded that those tables can be turned.

I will bet a dollar to a donut that this incident will be hushed up and we will never get the back story on who it was and why it happened.


HAR HAR HAR!!!!! Muh democracy!!!!!! HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR!!!! I could try to lecture these arseholes on constitutional and democratic republics... but in point of fact... if those two got tied down and beaten to death with lead pipes...democracy, the republic or whatever else you want to call it... would prosper!  :)

When We Were Kings


Chuff Chuff Chuff Pow Chuff Chuff POW…!!!

Another metal god!

Errrrr… I suppose I AM a fascist now after all!
Nothing sounds better than a radial engine.

Friday, 28 October 2022

Can Twitter Be Saved?


A friend of mine once said that in any organization, at least 10% of the people in it will be there to cause nothing but trouble. They thrive on it and get a dopamine rush from it.  On a social media platform I think that goes up to 50%, at least. If you get them in management or positions of authority… oh boy, you are in trouble! They will surround themselves with other troublemakers and bring in more.

The first three people walked out the door at Twitter were all H1B pajeets. I strongly suspect that as Elon goes about his house cleaning… the overwhelming majority of faces he will have to sweep out will be brown, black, and/or female. The race, pervert and gender cards are sure to be played. Even if he can turf the diversity and reassert some kind of meritocracy… what can he do? People that got banned or left in disgust have established themselves on other platforms. What can Elon offer that the others can’t?



I don’t like ANY of those! I tend to like short, straight stem
pipes that’ll fit in a shirt pocket along with a pouch
of tobacco and matches.

Always wanted to try a corn cobber though…

The Filthie Girl Watcher: The Bitches

Good morning everyone, and welcom to the Thunderbox! We're so glad to have you here! Today we are going to forgo the usual ignoramia, griping, and inert gases - whilst I orate, pontificate and bloviate about... the fairer sex! We don't do much of that round here; we tend to respect our few female visitors and recognize true, strong women - and not the nauseating phonies and homonculii we are subjected to almost daily.

Kim du Toit has made me physically ill when the old letch starts perving out over old fatties and female starlets that passed their expiration dates ages ago. I have since learned that when that guy starts getting horned out about women or cars - it's best to either have a barf bag handy or maybe be somewhere else, HAR HAR HAR!!! I am perfectly comfortable making fun of him because I know I will never be old, fat and gross like he is.... errrrrmmmmmm... what is that horrible stink coming over my blog??? Gawd - it reeks in here!!! Who keeps doing that?!?! You'd think this place is a bloody latrine!!! Can somebody hit the fan, please?


Yesterday I found myself perving out over Jane Badler - a feature starlet in awful sci-fi show back in the 80's.

I'd take the long way around that one, men. 
She is actually a deadly flesh-eating lizard person underneath that skin suit!

Quartermain! Your're up! This one's for you!
We'd better put our best man on the job!

A helpful  anonymous visitor commented on how she had developed that "mega-bitch" look. I think he's right, and that TV show would have sucked much harder without her. She deserved a place in much better productions, IMHO. But she crushed that role in spite of the bad screenplay, and no bones about it. 

Helen Hunt's name came up. She is the polar opposite of Jane. She looks like a kind soul and from everything I read, she was a lady in every sense of the word. She could turn men into mush even in a pit like Hollywood. But who knows... I may be misinformed on that. I am not one for celebrity culture. I prefer my quiet life living under a rock deep within Stubfart Forest.

Does Helen have a bitch face? I think it'd be best for everyone 
if ALL the tards gave her a pass..
She is clearly meant for much better men,

Whatever happened to her? She just seemed to come and go, without 'getting any 'Hollywood' on her, if ya catch my drift. Was Hollywood always a pit? Am I idealizing it in my memory? It just seems that the people there seemed to be of a much better sort back in the day. 

My vote for the prettiest bitch in the world goes to Eva Green.

This chick can go from a brimstone-stinking, venom-spitting
fuel injected demon...
to a beautiful angel ... with the crack of a smile.
I think a lot of that is the make up.
She has starred in a LOT of bad fantasy and horror
shows that I could never get into.

If I'm not mistaken, Hollywood DID get to her in the end, as it has with so many other starlets. But... whadda I know? I have no idea what a Kardashian is or why I should care. No idea who Kanye West is either - except that the wanks on Blab are laughing like hell because he said something bad about eeeeeevil jews or something. 

If I have made any errors, perceived or actual - feel free to enlighten us in the comments! I hope your Friday is quick and fast, and that you have some fun lined up for the weekend. Try not to get old, fat and gross!!!


Thursday, 27 October 2022



My grandad was English and my gramma was
a scot. As a little one I learned that you did NOT eat the candy there.

What those guys do to food (haggis, blood pie, faggots and peas, etc.) -
they also do to candy.

I am convinced that Englishmen are behind this nonsense.

An Autumn Princess

My Siberian princess was Sled Dog Sally.
One autumn day the wife made a bandana out of a scarf
and the little husky just lived it.

Macey is much more serious dawg and not given
to frippery or passing fashions.

Give me

a moon-blanket night
to keep me warm

a long-gone smile
to comfort me

a pair of rain-blue eyes
to haunt me

a simple soul
…to love me.

Update - Via Eaton Rapids. Thanks Joe!

I wasn't thinking of dawgs when I poasted that doggerel; but I suppose it applies, doesn't it? It's funny how our Maker moves too. Perhaps the weather or time of year triggered it... but I woke up this morn thinking of Sled Dog Sally - the first dog my wife and I had as a couple. She was a Siberian Husky, coloured much like the one Joe gives us here. She had one brown eye, one grey...and an understated bandit mask. She had a rocky start in life and I almost killed her a couple times trying to break some very nasty behaviour patterns... she was a rescue dawg from the SPCA, She had belonged to some red nigger off the reservation who had a sled team. He made a trip into the city one summer and wandered off, leaving the team in the back of a stuffy cube van in the height of summer. The authorities broke into the van to rescue the dogs trapped inside... and Sally was one of the ones still alive. She'd shown signs of abuse consistent with dogs in puppy mills. But in time she came around. But she's been gone forever, now. Even our house cats loved her.

A lot of us seem to be thinking of absent friends these days... and I just thought the poem might strike a fond chord for some.


Wednesday, 26 October 2022

I Love Lizard People!

 I fell in love with this chick back in the 80s. In the story this hottie was throwing a party for the other lizard people and instead of steaks and lobster… they were serving gerbils, gophers, chipmunks, budgies, and other toothsome tidbits. The dead critters were all laid out neatly and the guests would munch on them as they schmoozed. The premise of the show was that all the earth’s most elite and powerful leaders were actually eeeeeeeeeeevil lizard people disguised as humans. I can’t remember much of it… but I think she was the Lizard Queen who made a habit of seducing her human boyfriends and then eating them after she got bored with them.

Of course the whole thing is ridiculous. The world is actually run by creepy jews, pedophiles, queers and other jacknasties. If evil aliens came to earth, that lot would probly eat the aliens, HAR HAR HAR!!! And of course, that fag Aesop would line up behind the pedos, and I’d align with the aliens and a second blog war would open up!


9mm Perfection



Pakies On Parade

Congrats to Prime Minister Goopinderroopinderglutener in Britain on his new job. I’m sure he’ll do a better job than whatserface did in the two weeks she was there. From all accounts, he’s just another Globohomo/Establishment flunkie. He’s a Brexit Remainer, has no ties or loyalty to the British people, and will find himself probably leading Britain into an economic depression. Everything in life is a choice… right on up to and including slavery and suicide. Britain made its choices, kicked cans down the road instead of dealing with them. They now face a hard winter with a govt that just opened the door for more immigration from India. The last one decreed that white men are no longer eligible for gubbimint jobs. Enjoy the ride, Britain!

Here in Canada we have our own clueless pakie leaders to deal with…😂👍

Is it Monkey-God Day already?

I must prepare a traditional family dinner:
Sun dried curried goat, chutney, Lima beans, fried
Crickets and bananas…



The Womanly Arts


I don’t get it it. How in blazes does the female human animal see the world and express it - in terms of coloured thread? Atheists can laugh at me, I don’t care… but talent like that can only come from God. Skills like these serve no evolutionary purpose whatsoever. Someone meant for us to have skills like these and others… and went to a great deal of trouble to see that we have them.

Tuesday, 25 October 2022


Tuesday Ramble: On Detachment

 Well thank goodness! Mom survived the deadly Covid Monster. She had the flu for a couple days and got over it. They are letting her back into the hospital again. I’d heard Pop got it too, but somehow he survived as well. Thank heavens for the dancing nurses and all the other heroes-that-don’t-wear-capes! And, of course - the vaccine!!!! Errrrrrr…what’s that awful stink coming over my blog? It reeks in here!!! The thespians all said their lines, and played their parts…and in the audience, I spilled my popcorn, snored, and farted in my sleep. 

I don’t get it. Stuff like this used to pish me off. All I can do now is marvel at my newfound serenity. I try to make the right noises in these dramatics but don’t put any feeling into my role. Mom told Dad about putting little Sammy down, and there were tears. I cannot share them, Mom is Dad’s problem and he wouldn’t deal with it… so this is where I watch people who wouldn’t hear me suffer the consequences. I’ve learned that saying “I toljya so!” is only a good way to make folks mad. And to be honest, I had my share of those moments too. Everyone does. I’ll be as supportive of them as I can, but… the piper will be paid. You don’t want to be around when they are settling up either. I think maybe Pop wants to die now…but I may be wrong. It just seems to me that the fight’s gone out of him. The fall has changed him. The roles of the characters in my life change as their journeys change. I say my lines as best I can.

The Turd Bird is a disaster. I’m careful not to get too close with the camera, the covering looks like it was done by a harelipped retard… maybe because it was? 😆👍 HAR HAR HAR!!!

It’s just as Cederq says it is: it started out awful, but got much better as I moved along and got an idea of how the monokote covering works as you apply the heat. I really liked the Jolly Roger. The wife bought a cheap hobby CNC cutter from Costco (called the Cricut) that can make adhesive decals. I don’t think she was very impressed but I just cackled with delight. In a year’s time (assuming it flies and survives) - the thing will have tatters and rags flapping off it as it snarls through the sky! The geezers at the club will cower in terror as The Ghost Of Stubfart Airfield takes to the sky! Covering RC planes is all about technique, and I learned a lot from my first go at it. The CNC Cricut would make a great gift for the arts n’ crafty ladies too. It can do stupid jobs like this, but it can also make fancy greeting cards and embossing and personalized stuff too. Your imagination is the only limiting factor and they are only a couple hundred bucks. The wife says she wished she’d bought the bigger one though. 

Flapz is doing RC now too. He is up to his ears in a monster truck build and I never gave that stuff much thought.

His stuff is all nuts and bolts. Like a real vehicle, you can get accessories, options, different motors, winches, etc etc. It’s a little bit bigger than the Tonka toys we played with as kids… but the thing will look beautiful sitting on the desk or on a bookshelf when it’s done.

I’m trying to talk him into buying an airbrush for the body work but for some reason he doesn’t seem to appreciate my telling him how to spend his money. Can’t imagine why…😊

I hope you all are staying loose and light on your feet, and I hope you’ve got something fun to occupy yourself during the winter months creeping up on us. I got a feeling that this is going to be a long, cold winter.

Going Over To The Dark Side Here, Boss…


Humour? On Twatter?

Who’da thunk it?

Filthie’s Chuck Wagon

Word to the wise, fellas.

Ya might wanna sleep upwind of the chuck wagon tonight…