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Sunday, 23 October 2022

BCE Is Back… Sorta…

 Here he is!

And - good gravey!!! But! Jeez…He’s looking pretty rough! Did you see that awful hat? Jeez Louise! I wouldn’t wipe my ass with a hat like that! HAR HAR HAR!!!! Of course I was far too polite to say anything on his new temporary blog! Wouldn’t wanna hurt his feelings dontchya know!!! I yam a gentleman of restrained bearing and unfailing courtesy and politeness.


Once the Globohomo American Empire falls, and Red Dawn gives way to Glorious Soviet Day in Canada - I for one will greet our new Russian overlords to snitch on my former countrymen - AND enforce proper winter hat dress codes. You won’t see stinking Taliban Doo-Rags around here, Comrade. BCE, Quartermain and Cederq will be sent to work camps in Tuktoyuktuk for fashion crimes. Of course…the women will be redeemed, though! No more slovenly toques or headwear will be tolerated for them either!

Oh my goodness… THAT’s better, eh?

I don’t care how many baby seals got bonked
to make that hat!

Let’s just say… there’s gonna be a few changes round here. Our women will make the ice queens in Moscow positively envious! Can you imagine the glorious future that awaits? Can you imagine the peace and relief, as mobs of morons like this are broken up by attack dogs, rubber bullets, billy clubs and paddy wagons?


30 days in the can would do wonders for restoring 
your lady-like demeanour, you feral bitches! And if that doesn’t work, the billy club and
horsewhip will! 
A lot of those fatty land whales would benefit largely
from a healthy prison food diet too!

BCE brought up the interesting doings of China’s chairman, Xi Pingpingpong too… where he publicly cancelled one of his former associates at the Commie Party party or whatever it was. No warnings. No fanfare, no trials. The guy was just sitting there until security walked up, and quietly led him away. And he disappeared.

And… it really got me to thinking… I mean… as much as a man can think at 1:00 am with a wife and dawg snoring like 747’s and acid reflux threatening a virulent case of Mt. St. Helen’s disease… 

Things are SO bad now… would stuff like that be a bad thing? Sure - every shitlib moron would climb up on his high horse, and piss and moan about “the threat to our democracy!!!!” But… please, hear me.

Consider: would you really be all that hurt if Joe Biden were cancelled like that? How about Justin Turdo? Nancy Pelosi? Mitch McConnell? Tell me - with a straight face - that our nations wouldn’t be much better off if these people were made to disappear? I’m telling you right up front - my rights and freedoms would not be infringed ONE IOTA if the liberal jewesses of the NYT were prohibited from publishing anti-white hate speech. Or if BLM rioters, arsonists and looters were shot in the streets by the military. Would you shed a tear if the pedophiles were rounded up and sent to the camps? 

We saw this in longer lived empires like Rome. The ancient Romans cycled between govts. Sometimes the republican govts became so corrupt and so incompetent, the only thing for it was for a strong, competent dictator to come to the rescue by putting the worst ones to the sword and scare the rest of the political class straight. Then the reverse would happen: you’d have some retard like Commodus, or Nero or Caligula that had to be removed for the good of the empire, and a restored republic would rule. The point here is that the Empire changed… but survived.

It’s sobering to think, isn’t it? The American Constitution works fine to protect the rights of guys like Hunter Biden, Hillary Clinton, and connected political shitbirds. It protects the swarms of feral BLM noggers that burn down their own neighborhoods. But… if you were in the Capitol Buildings on Jan. 6, or a trucker expressing your freedom of speech in Ottawa earlier this year…Welp, you’re an insurgent. Or just a “random kook from a fringe community of people with unacceptable political opinions.” Your rights don’t exist anymore.

I’m tellin’ ya, folks. We are there. We are at a point where if some autocrat took power, and started sending our former leaders up for helicopter rides…we’d be better off. 

I am no political scientist. But I think I personally have been indoctrinated with the idea that all dictatorships are bad, and ultimately devolve into tyranny. But… is watching a former democratic republic devolve into a a liberal democracy any better? I mean… those guys are either morons or carpet baggers… and they are talking about throwing nukes around now.

For me, at least, it’s something to wonder about. I hope things end well for these interesting times and the people that live in them.

Have a great Sunday, and thanks for dropping in.


  1. " I am no political scientist" Well, thank fucking Crom for small favors, eh?

  2. Fucking love it

  3. I acknowledge things COULD get better. I'm just a bit too pessimistic right now. The Reds have infested all areas of politics, schools, business, civic groups, military etc. A great fall is baked in at this time.
    Please change my mind. I haven't found the right hopium yet.

  4. Mr. Filthie- I am in agreement in regards to Mr. Country's hat. It looks like a skint-back weener.

  5. That's the basis for the DotGov in Heinlein's 'Starship Troopers'. "The Disorders" timeline... Societally speaking, -everything- went cray-cray, and the Combat Vets said "Enuff's Enuff" and formed a new Gov -after- hanging all the former Gov idiots who got them in that position...

  6. 1] we don't have that many helicopters, it will have to be done in masses. we'll bury them the way the murdered unborn are dumpsters
    2] when dottir was little we were walking and she asked which form of govt is best. told her that 'best' depends entirely on the morality of the governed and of the governors. a godly tyrant infinitely better than the demon worshippers at the helm now

  7. 20 patriots, rule .308.... Lord watch over us.

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