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Friday, 21 October 2022


If some of you are getting sick of me out gassing on the ‘Kraine… let me know in the comments and I’ll shut up if enough folks are tired of it. I just find the whole thing incredibly fascinating. The Globohomo morality play vs. Russian pragmatism makes for fascinating conversation. In my last scholarly poast, I stressed the importance of informing yourself. This morning I learned from a very unreliable source that Ukrainian city of Kherson had fallen, and that the Russians were on the run.

I was stunned. Sooooo… off to a web search! It was incredible - JewToob was lit up with vids showing victory in the city! Russians captured! Russians in retreat! Russians evacuating civilians!!! Martial law!!! The tide had turned!!! WTF??? Was the General finally right about something…? And I? Out to lunch?

Then I noticed the authors of the vids: CNN. ABC. MSNBC. The Guardian. The same guys that told us that chinkypox was an extinction level event. That masks can stop a virus, and that the vaccine would save us. That Trump was an orange Hitler. That pedophiles are valuable contributors in the schooling of our kids. But this time? You can bet they’re telling God’s honest truth about the ‘Kraine! Victory in Kherson!!!

Pull my other finger, morons.

My usual sources, some of them actual Russian officers, admit that they made some strategic retreats in Kherson. Other areas were easily held. Yes, they are flooding resources into the area. Yes, they are frantically shooing the civvies out. They suffered some minor losses and inflicted minor losses on the Ukes.They’re doing all this because they are going to do the same thing here that they did at Marioupol. They’re going to pull their guys back, invite the Ukes in - then surround it  and turn the area into a cauldron with artillery.

My worry in all this is that I will get caught in a bubble where I find myself surrounded by other people that think like I do, while real world events leave me looking as stupid as General Aesop does. But for now… I believe the Russians. We’ll see how that works out.

In the meantime? Britain is on the ropes financially and cannot support American sanctions much longer. As are fwance, Germany and Poland. Here, the skies are starting to cloud over, fall is giving way to winter… and so it must go for Europe, one would think. In the Kraine the power grid is knocked out, which in turn are causing other hardships on infrastructure. Saudi Arabia, China, and India have told Joe Biden to FOAD. If I have anything wrong - be a sport and let me know in the comments.

I hope you’re all having a wonderful day, and that you stay warm in the days ahead.


  1. Katyushka on Studebaker21 October 2022 at 10:59

    Maybe the 27 million losses (MIL&CIV) during WWII makes Russia proceed ever so slowly.
    They don't have a zero attention span soundbyte mentality and I hear they enjoy chess. (sarc)

  2. I enjoy it, doesn't mean much in the whole scope of things. You keep doing what ya do well, fart and belch out loud and keep the little general tongue tied....

    1. I suspect the farts are of the magnum class.

  3. " while real world events leave me looking as stupid as General Aesop does."

    that's not possible

  4. Mr. Filthieasaurus- (you probably an old fossil) Your perspective on the Bidens' Playground is appreciated by me as I am in agreement. Like Gonzalo said- "The Russians dont lie. They might not tell the whole truth, but they don't lie."

  5. Bravo at least you are willing to admit when your incorrect, Unlike our little Marine Reservist General.

    I do wonder how many times the NATO Mercs and their Ukranian sidekicks are going to march into another Caldron before figuring out that's AH BAD?

    I saw that the Ukrainian "President" announced that Russia was going to destroy their own hydroelectric dam, flooding the city of Kherson for a "False Flag" to blame it on the Ukies.

    After the Russian Air Defense shot down a salvo of American MRLS missiles aiming for that dam.

    LOL pull my other finger it's got bells on it.

    I wonder how long before something bad crosses the ocean.

  6. Always a chance we will get information wrong in this day and age of active propaganda. No worries, when you find out you were wrong, correct (on page 1). Enjoy coming here and reading your comments. Me and the other 20 or so...LOL (just kidding... Keep it up).

  7. That was Jesse, why 'Anonymous' I have no idea.

  8. I've been waving red lanterns at the 'Kraine Train since the beginning. For one, I felt... and STILL feel... we have enough trouble to deal with in the good ol' US of A to be sticking our noses in a squabble that's been going on since the 1400's. For another, I was doubting the media coverage from day one. Why? The video chats with the supposed victims in this fight. Remember that lady with the three small kids who was chatting with the Faux News people again and again? She was supposedly holed up in a subway tunnel while an air raid was going on. There she was, in that tunnel, with bombing going on in her town. Did you notice that the audio and video never jittered at all? Did you notice that the lighting was PERFECT? Faux News never lost the feed either. This was the way with EVERY interview with the people "over there." Most folks can't achieve that kind of reliability under IDEAL conditions! This was a "Capricorn One" setup for sure...

    1. I finally listened to FOX. Is it my imagination or are those guys thoroughly cucked too?

  9. Overstating your case by a mile is still lying. I looked, and there are no reports that Kherson had fallen at Aesop's site. Why do you continue to tell whoppers instead of engaging with reality? And if you're not a faithful witness here about what he wrote, how can anyone believe anything else you say about anything? Virtue and character don't wash out clean once you crap on them.

    If things are going so well for Russia, why are they evacuating people from this newly-"Russian" region by the thousands?
    Is it because no one is coming?

    If Russia is just waiting to spring some genius trap, why have they waited six weeks, and given up 100 miles of territory to do it? This is as stupid as claiming Germany was just doing a tactical retreat from Normandy to the Seigfreid Line to draw Patton in.

    Focus on realities. You were happy to quote the same sources you make fun of now when they were telling you of the slow Russian progress over the summer.

    Now that the cards are going against Putin, and the lack of ability from his rag-bag army begins to tell, methinks you do protest too much.

    It sounds like you're madder about being wrong, and getting the score run up on you as a result, than you are concerned with describing things accurately. Do you have stock in Gazprom, or what?

    1. Anon, check out Aesop's comments. Snip: Blogger Aesop said...
      Okay Pat, let's grant your premise.

      So let's say, contrary to all available evidence, that the Russians are destroying everything the Ukes can throw at them. Now tell us why the Russians are in headlong retreat from dismounted troops, and preparing to evacuate Kherson?

      This should be good.

      October 20, 2022 at 3:42 AM

      I could post plenty more if you like.

      Aesop the Great Hunter Biden of Russians

    2. I wish I had stock in Gazprom, so far doing rather well in the world markets.

    3. There ya go, thanks Mike.

      For the record - I never have, nor will I ever quote the mass media as a confirmation of the integrity of any of my views or opinions. In fact, if they agree with me on anything, I double and triple check my facts.

      My information comes from actual people with feet on the ground, video and others in the same boat confirming the facts and details. And the cards are NOT falling in favour of the Kraine. Putler remains with the upper hand. In England people are already going hungry so their kids can eat. Currencies are collapsing, inflation is going insane, and the world is aligning against Globohomo. US military recruitment is diving, while skilled and experienced servicemen opt for early retirement.

      The cards have always been against Brandon, and his position worsens with each deal. Unlike General Aesop, I invite critique and correction - with the obvious caveat that those corrections and rebukes are legit. Sorry Aesop… but YOU are going to show YOUR work, and if all you can do is scribe the faggots and vibrants of CNN…YOU will be the one to STFU and FOAD.


    4. I saw that comment, it was made to a commenter saying all the armored vehicles destroyed were Ukrainian. Which is as laughable as Baghdad Bob. Perhaps it's news Michael, but the Russians have already been in headlong retreat for six weeks, and Russian state radio announced themselves three days ago they are, in fact, evacuating people from Kherson, which used to be 50 miles behind the front lines. So Mr. Aesop seems to have stuffed you.

      To try and mash those two comments together to say something they clearly don't say defies logic and the English language. But I can see why you're loving this commentary if you can't tell that for yourself. Many of us can read simple English sentences without getting confused.

      And Mr. Filthie? Running around in circles, sourcing this to anonymous mystery "boots on the ground", which on most of the internet is just code for "I pulled this out of my ass", and then pointing out 10 other things, all true, which have nothing whatever to do with what's happening in Ukraine. So no points either.

      That's what I'm talking about. You're just backtalking, but the more that you chop, the less chips are flying.

      If the point you were trying to make is that Ukraine's so-far allies, including America, are going to have a tough time at some point down the road, that's fine, but it's totally irrelevant to Ukraine's success on the ground since the end of August, otherwise there wouldn't be any. Maybe it will matter in six months or a year, but it doesn't seem to be getting Putin a hell of a lot of traction in combat right now, does it? Whether he's even still running the show in Russia six months from now is a very interesting question, but one I doubt your mystery sources can shed any light on. Even the commentators on Russian state TV seem to have a pretty good case of the ass with Putin right now, and all those draftees are swarming to neighboring countries rather than fight in Putin's war.

      Maybe try talking to them about how things are really going in Russia. Better if you had any firsthand pages or videos to back up your opinions, and posted them. Right now, you're preaching to your choir, just providing the kneejerk "Is not!" every time Aesop or anyone else says "Is so!"

      All I'm saying is step up your game, if you can. "Because I said so" is all you keep bringing. You just sound to me like a kid throwing a tantrum for being sent to bed without his supper. Is that all you've got? Or can you actually back anything up?

    5. LOL Aesop-Anonymous welcome to Glen's house.

      Meanwhile wait a bit. Let's see what finally happens as Winter and the reality of Europe freezing in the dark without Russian natty gas AND BTW Russian Electricity comes into play. Food shortages as lack of Ukranian and Russian Wheat will also be on the show later.

      Worldwide lack of fertilizer between Our Beloved Sock Puppet Biden's EO's and the anti-Russian Sanctions will make things a bit sparse for the tables of the Sanction Commando Nations.

      I notice Russia has done quite a brisk business IN RUBLES with many European nations and the 3rd World who prefer Russians as friends. You might like to check out Forbes and Barrons about those facts.

      I suspect pretty soon IF the American Advisers in Ukraine don't pop a false flag nuke, the support for the Ukranian Fiasco will dwindle pretty fast.

      As Bore patch put it so nicely. French Haircuts from Madam Guillotine as outraged Germans and others show just how little they care about their paid for by the USA Politicians support for Ukraine.

      Yes, the US can do some more damage as proven in the Nord stream and Bridge attack but slowly the worm will turn.

      Our Republic is dead stolen in a color revolution-coup by the Deep State to install a figurehead Sockpuppet to autopen anything put before him.

      Protect your families, cheering for the Military Sports ball game in Ukraine will mean nothing when the oceans fail to protect us from our own Deep State.

    6. Sounds like Gaeslop is responding to you, which is fine. You actually have the "propaganda initiative' not Gaeslop.

      A year or so ago Dmitri Orlov recommended that Putin do with the Donbass exactly what he is doing today with Khersan, namely pull back from undefensible locations the friendly civilian population, bring in the children, leave the older women unable to produce anything and set in place abandoned fortresses which are economically worthless. That and destroy using old and new technology the power stations and infrastructure built during the Soviet era.

      The ZOGland is spending around $10 billion per month mainly in graft and weapons which are not working except for the HIMARS and satellite technology. Soon the leaves will fall and mud season will arrive and the Iranian will finish off the electrical power and any refining, the British and Germans will starve and freeze and the Democrat Congress loses the midterms. Then the party is over.

      I've looked at younger Russians who were too young to remember the 1990s. And they love the Western lifestyle. One of them Natasha left for Georgia last month. She is back to Russia having found out that the only thing that ZOGlings want is her young pussy and coonfirmation that her grandparests of Putin's generation and parents who decided to let her have her way and be forced back to Eastern Siberia as opposed to a Tel Aviv brothel were wrong.

      Gaeslop censors or ignores negative commentary which is fine. Gaeslop is a ZOGbot. He is losing any credibility if ever he had any.

      What the Russians are going to end up doing is closing the window to the West made 400 years ago during Peter the Great and forming up with the World Island of Asia with Russia, China, Iran and India and working on their own civilization.

      These Iranian drones are merely re-engineered ZOGdrones lost in 2011. Cheap to make in great numbers they will take out power plants and bring back most of the Ukraine to the 1800s.

      Hail Victory !!!

      Pastor Martin "Mad Dog" Lindstedt
      Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri
      Write-In Candidate for US Senate

    7. Finger painting with your own feces is not showing your work, Aesop. So, which is it, then? Are the Russkies running away, gobbling in fright? Or are they on their way through the ‘Kraine, about about to turn it into a cauldron? Your story seems to change day by day. And you seem to get awfully hot under the collar when I notice it…

      Do a web search on “General Armageddon”. Actually listen to Putin when he speaks. Start with that. Ignore Tam, Don Lemon, and the other faggots and tards of the pozzed media. Be a man and think for yourself.

      Do the work Aesop. The bluster and bullshit isn’t fooling anyone.

    8. You have got to be shitting me. You think I'm Aesop?? Excuse me while I laugh my ass off. Because I can point out all the ways you can't string an argument together, and keep falling on your face? The whole world is Aesop then. I only read his stuff in the first place because YOU kept pointing at it, over and over. The problem for you is he doesn't say anything you claim he does, and you don't prove anything you think you do. Keep guessing. Maybe one of your secret internet boots on the ground guys can help you figure it out.
      You never will.

  10. I enjoy your commentary on the Krain, keep it up.

  11. Scott Ritter - Far from losing, Russia is winning

  12. well I have no idea who this General Ahzhat guy is you talk about nor what was said by anyone else BUT the whole liberal Fanboi new liberal world order wet dream virgins are salivating over the Pro Freedom forces in Ukraine pulling out of Kerson. This is because the Russian General Siz-whatever made a statement the other day about how Kerson was NOT Stalingrad. That was pretty much it. So many liberal New World Order types are saying that means the Russian forces will be pulled out. It is true the Free Russian/Ukrainians civilians are being voluntarily evacuated just in case and at this point Kerson means nothing as that area is being supplied by pontoon bridges anyway and the deciding blow is going to come down from Beloruss now anyway. The Russians will probably continue to hold the dam area regardless.

    So as long as Kerson continues to hold out the New Liberal WO types will be having nocturnal emission dreams about the Russians pulling out (they have never dreamed of men pulling out of em before) and then tell everyone about them daily.

    After the push from the North (Liberal types will call it a thrust with a gleam in their eye) Russia plans on the entire corridor being called the Moldavian Oblast anyway.

    1. aesop is

  13. I enjoy your commentary Glen, keep it up.
    It is a fascinating drama as you say, and I hope that cooler heads prevail.

  14. The very first casualty in warfare is the TRUTH.

  15. Keep up the commentary Glen. I personally appreciate the perspective, and don’t have the time to drill down into the BS myself. Never going to find fault with a 60’s vintage lunatic willing to have an opinion and be willing to admit when they got something wrong. Reminds me of the idiot in my mirror in the morning. MartyB

  16. Keep it up Mr. Filthie , love your commentary and rants and pics!

  17. I remember last year when the same folks were saying the Afghan Army was whipping the Taliban and it would take years for the Goatherders to be a threat. Few weeks later the Taliban is in Kabul and the Afghan Army is hanging on wings and landing gear trying to get out

  18. Please continue as you have been Filthie. The Russian Ukraine war is the most significant event the last few decades and will significantly affect the world for decades to come. To not discuss it would be remiss. Anyone expecting perfection in prognostication does not understand the reality of human affairs.

  19. It appears to me that Ukraine (and their proxy masters at NATO) are fighting a public relations war, while Russia is fighting an actual war. Ukraine seems to be willing to trade their soldier's lives and equipment for good press stories, Russia is willing to cooperate because it helps them win the actual war. Glenn, please continue your commentary.

  20. Continue unabated. You are a nice counterpoint to the general. Same with the Covid. I'm old enough to enjoy the both sides debate.The general is OCD about being challenged.Another blog I read is Roberta. It's sad to see her drift farther and farther left that includes the required refusal to even consider other possible sides having merit. As to the Kraine: I could care less about either side. White v white is what bothers me. The Russ are facing the same problem we faced in the Nam. Nobody wants to fight in a stupid war. Without our billions the Ukraine would've folded long ago. The money laundering is the real gig here.

  21. This is your circus and your monkeys.
    You do what you want. But, if you decide to abandon the subject we're going to have to find another topic in opposition to that asshole nurse.
    I mean that pussy won't allow comments that go against his narrative, so being able to come here and say the truth is a must. Knowing he can't help stopping by here and reading opposition opinions other than his fanboys then expressing himself anonymously like the bedpan changer he is, well that is all a bonus that has no equal.

  22. The usual media apologists for a Ukraine advance are creating a narrative that Russia is being routed and growing desperate. This seeds the concept in the public's mind of a cornered bear lashing out in panic - thus making it easier to pin a false flag (nuke?) on the eeebil old Russkies. Hate to think this is why because it means a major false flag may be inbound.

    1. Lots of folks are thinking the very same thing,TJS

    You're welcome, OG

    The best for last, Ohio Guy

  25. This isn't some 8 episode series on tv, its a real ground war, shit takes a while. We are conditioned to expect to see results, fast, on to the next episode. Life and war aint like that give it some time- sheesh.

  26. Keep at it Glen. Watching Aeslop going down in flames over the last 6 months has been some mighty fine entertainment. Ever since the Buffalo jump shit started he proved to be a ZOG puppet. I'm going to guess the cali faggot isn't even a real nurse. Motherfucker is on the internet too much to be doing any real lifevsaving. One silly piece of shit follower has supposedly met this fucktard irl. I'm guessing a fake profile. Like the ones he uses to post his bullshit on others blogs. Hes a grade A faggot.
    You on the other hand are doing God's work my friend. Keep it up.

  27. An interesting rebuttal to the General’s expert opinions on killer drones:

  28. I'm late to this discussion as I've been off-grid for a few days. If I'm not too late to weigh in, let me support and encourage all posts you care to make on the subject. Considering the enraged responses you get from some quarters, you must be striking a nerve somewhere. Whether you're right or wrong, it certainly makes for a valuable addition to the narratives in play.
    I am of the Robert Anton Wilson school of Radical Agnosticism, and as such, there is no one and no source of information that I trust 100%. I think all the conflicting narratives are a wonderful lesson in Epistemology, to wit: How do you know what you think you know??? And I always follow that with the additional question (especially for myself) And WHY, for the love of all that is great and holy, do you WANT to believe that??? We live in a world where people are capable of believing any particular nonsense they wish. That's how we have such esoteric concepts as suicide bombers, and more than two genders (what part of X and Y chromosome biology don't you understand?)
    As for the 'Kraine, again, there is no source of information that has even passing credibility for me. I'm not there, and I don't know who or what to believe. So I don't. Believe anything that is.

  29. You can always tell an Aesop post by counting how many times it uses the word "I". And that it can write paragraphs and make no point He your typical baby boomer narcissist that is in love with the sound of his own voice.
    So Glen, fuck Aesop and keep up the good work.

    Today, Russia is bigger than it was in January, but fuckwits like Aesop call that losing. Aesop reminds me if the saying,"some people are only alive because it is illegal to shoot them."

    Hey Aesop, you spineless cocksucker, what is your real name?

    Cheer to Glen and to the country that gave us James Doohan.

    1. Someone calling someone else a cocksucker for not posting their real name while posting as Anonymous is why the comments here are the funniest thing most people will read all day. It's like Jerry Springer guests, but lower IQs. Or were you just cruising for a date on the downlow again?