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Wednesday, 5 October 2022


 So. Elon is gonna go ahead with the acquisition of Twatter, huh? I really don’t know what to make of it.

I suppose there’ll be the usual histrionics from the usual suspects. But apparently, now that the platform is basically a crazy train for liberals… these are the kind of enlightened discussions going on among our wonderful and diverse adversaries on the other side of the political divide.

I don’t know if Twatter or Bookface CAN be “fixed”? 


  1. I think he is wanting to turn it into an main advertising method now that they can prove it isn't all bots.

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  3. It's always fun seeing the "oppressed minorities" honestly expressing their opinions about one another:-D.

  4. Fix social media? The rolling cesspool of butthurt peoples?

    LOL We cannot even fix Aesop. Now the running commentary is if you're not anti-Russian you're a Quisling against America (cue some fireworks here).

    Yep, they are calling the folks on the Right a worse threat than the Leftists if they support Putin vs the global homo World Economic Forum.

    1. Yeah…I’m watching him melt down over there. MSNBC plays him like a retarded Stradivarius. He’s declaring victory in the Kraine again - less than 24 hours after Putler annexed half the country. He’s gloating about some minor firefight the Ukes supposedly won, and probably has no idea the Russkies just shelled a military barracks in Keev and killed 75 men - mostly officers.
      This is going to be one interesting winter…