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Monday, 3 October 2022

From Quartermin's Comic Book Stash: The Best Starship Captain

 The nerds, queers, and geeks of modern science fiction genre will have pitched arguments about who's the best Starship Captain: Picard, Kirk or any number of diversity from the retarded spin offs.

The best starship captain, without peer - is none other than Zap Brannigan:

But from Quartermain's famous comic book collection comes this honourable mention, and a close second:

If there are any other big problems on your plate this Monday... hand 'em over to me and I will take care of them for you!


  1. It has to be Captain Malcolm Reynolds of the Firefly class cargo carrier Serenity.

    Or it's Ed Mercer Captain of the Starship Orville.

  2. Yeah I suppose so Skler - that would have been something that guy off of the Firefly series would have said...