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Tuesday, 11 October 2022


Good lord… I’m sick and fucken tired too. Pop is in the hospital recovering from a fall where he broke his arm and hip. He’s effed right up and on drugs and pain killers. They’ve had to put him in restraints a couple times. Now… They just shut out visitors because of Covid. My parents are triple vaxxed. Awhile back I was banned from Mom’s wonderful presence when I refused to obey her orders and get vaxxed myself.

And today… mom came down with Covid. 😖 Darwin and Murphy chit on me. “No Covid for you, Filthie,” these demons chuckle, “We have something AWESOME planned for your demise!!!” I bet it involves lots of pain, and mountains of suffocating manure!😡

GAH! Those two idiots were voting for this bullshit 30 years ago. That age demographic in Canada voted for free social programs, free ice cream and endless parties and bragged about their virtue as they ran up the credit cards. Their critics back in the day did the financial math and told them what would happen and even when…and the system is breaking down right on schedule. Pop will be alone until next Monday. That’s when Covid packs it’s bags, and goes to Bermuda, and the patients in dad’s ward can have visitors again. Like… who ARE these cretins running the hospitals? They bitch and whine and expect the families to help out on the ward because they’re so short staffed. Now they kick the families out…and what happens to the patients? If anything does happen…well! It’s not their fault!!! They are short staffed! They are all heroes, coping the best they can! So shut up, you heartless conservatives!!!

The wife says I cope with grief by getting angry and right now… I am just effen smoked.  Whaddya do with bullshit like this? Our nurses are menstrual nutters, and our doctors are corrupt quacks. FFS. But to mom and dad… they’re heroes. They are the priests and priestesses of the Covid Demon, and you will shut up and sacrifice you kids and elders and do as you’re told! God forgive me… but… how I truly hate these people. Fine then, fuck them… I’ll die at home, thanks.

For me… I got a plane to build. I’m going into the basement to make toys. It’s that, or go to jail for murdering some friggin morons that truly aren’t even worth the bullet!

The first side of the rudder didn’t go too badly…

So I had my first go at applying covering film that these little RC planes use. This is a bit of an art. Any imperfections on the surface underneath will be made glaringly obvious by the film when it contracts.

I went around the edges with the first application 
and got a few wrinkles on this side when I got it done.

It’s a weird colour I got. In this pic it almost looks like gun metal grey. When the light changes it goes pitch black. I guess now a fella doesn’t have to buy decals for these models anymore either - chances are the old lady can make them for you. The wife has a cheap little hobby CNC cutter that she uses to make greeting cards, arts n crafts, and cute little stickies for the little ones at the church girl’s club. They get ones like little ladybugs, flowers, bumble bees… but! This same device can be made to serve the forces of evil too!

Perfect markings for the sinister 
Turd Bird, eh?
I will have it made in white.

The sky is the limit for graphics. If it’s simple one-or-two colours…you can get anything ya want… as long as it’s in a .png format… hmmmmmmm….

So, all the CNC cutter does is cut the shape. If you feed it white material the skull and crossbones will come out white and contrast nicely against the black background. 

The trick now is to keep the mind and hands busy… and try not to do anything stupid in the Reclusium either. If I mess up down there - there’s only one bunghole to blame.

Hate to ask… but If you can spare a thought or maybe a prayer for mom and pop…I’d be sincerely grateful.

Have a great Monday you guys.


  1. Here's to you!!! One thing my mother and I did agree on was politics. It was the only thing we did agree on but it was enough to keep me from strangling her on a daily basis. Ya know I really just thought this Covid thing was a democrat vote and election stealing ploy but now I really am getting the opinion that it is a big government and big business coop to just change the world into their utopia at our expense. Seems they always use it as an excuse to get what they want one way or another.

    1. it may have begun as election stealing but when the evil doers realized what scope it gave them they doubled down

  2. Sorry to hear about your parent's coming down with Wuping Cough. I hope they improve in health soon. It is strange how many people who are vaccinated are catching the bug. Just coincidence I'm sure.

    Your airplane graphics are cool !

  3. IMHO, one should never hate to ask for prayers. Consider them, and you, on the list.

  4. Ongoing prayers. Remmeber to get some R&R for yourself.

    ONE Patient at a time, Glen


  5. Will do Glen. The list never seems to get any shorter

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  7. Glenn, I'm late to the party as per usual. Maybe put some of Charles Nungesser's emblems on the bird. The K-Nig-It of Death. I've always been partial to that one.

    And you are on my permanent prayer list, I'll put your long suffering missus and folks on it too.

  8. I can offer oodles of thoughts and prayers, but sadly no sympathies except for your fathers arm and hip. When you are that brainwashed and ignorant and unwilling to listen to others logic and reason. There is just no hope. I lost my parents both in 2007. My dads younger brother is now 95 and lost to me because of this covid crap and he was a favored uncle. I use to call him every two weeks and would visit out to Michigan once a year and spend three weeks with him and my Aunt. Not after he said I wasn't welcome in his house until I got the shot...

  9. have prayed. you need the prayers. keep calm and carry on. can your bro stay with your dad?

  10. I hear ya Glen. I'm at the point right now where if I had every leftist demoncrat, liberal in a hole I would gladly use a dozer and bury them all alive. Fortunately, the Lord is not going to let me do that so I, like you with your aircraft building will channel my rage into something constructive, until my inner fires cool down a bit. Jesus loved everyone, but I'm sure He wouldn't LIKE those who are killing kids with the vax. Have a good day brother, I'm gonna go have another coffee and play my guitar for awhile.

  11. Thank you guys for all the prayers and well wishes. God knows, we need 'em right now. And may our Maker bless every one of you and yours in return.