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Friday, 14 October 2022

I See You


I like the Ukes. I like the Russians.
I love Americans.
Ordinarily I'd proudly stand with any of them.

But... when your best friend is picking a fight he can't win,
or one that he shouldn't....
friendships get pushed right to their very limits.

If that makes me a traitor in your eyes - so be it.

I see it all the time especially with the wanks that sit off to the sidelines and huffily declare that they are neither conservatives or liberals, or republicans or democrats because they are both equally bad or obnoxious, and beneath them. The moral high ground for them is as easy to attain by chickening out to the sidelines, assuming a holier-than-thou posture... and hope that it flies. Cretins - there are varying shades of grey, and although the area between black and white is there... it is not nearly narrow enough to justify that. 

It's like those fags that 'don't see colour' - "there is only one race... the Human Race...". Tell that to the white toddler that got shot in the face by a nogger because he was there. Or the old lady that got kicked in the face in front of her home as she planted flowers - by a passing nogger. Or those grannies that got "run over at a parade by an SUV." Or the guy that got sued for a billion dollars because he had crazy opinions that rich powerful liberal jews don't like. There is no virtue in refusing to see dangerous or adversarial people for what they are.

. We readily acknowledge differences in genetics in dawgs, horses, flowers - you name it - but go squishy in the pants when genetic science is applied to humans. That's just the race issue. Cretins are heading for the sidelines on other controversial social issues too. The war in the Kraine should never have started. The Orange Hitler would have cut a deal with Putler and that would have been the end of it. Instead we have a senile derelict threatening to use nukes. In his prime he was a pedo and a moron. There are varying shades of grey... but ya don't need to be a genius or a virtuous visionary to see the shades.

Stuff like that meme above is how cowards and stupid people virtue signal each other. I get that people don't want to get involved with stupid fights with stupid people. But hell's bells... we've stuck our heads in the sand for 3 generations now, trying to avoid a fight with them... and now we are on the brink of WW3. Sticking your head in the sand won't work well for you when they start lobbing the nukes. If that happens - your virtue signalling won't mean a thing to our descendants (if there are any), and if anyone survives, your inaction will be seen the same way it was for the Germans that refused to do anything while their gov't set the world on fire in Nazi Germany.

If you're prone to this kind of behaviour... you need to get off your ass, and inform yourself. That means more than reading the head lines at MSNBC or listening to the faggots and vibrants on the CBC. If you think the situation in the 'Kraine can be summed up in 30 seconds by some paid actor scribblarian (hork, spit!) journalist, or some talking head posing as an expert - you need to either do some home work, learn to fact check... or join the stupid kids at the back of the class.

Do your home work, pick your side wisely... but don't put on airs of moral and intellectual superiority when what you're really doing is being lazy and craven. There is no moral superiority to be found on the sidelines and people will see your empty posturing for what it is.


  1. Any side that is against burning it all down better just to build the global soviet is fine.
    That would be the common people of everywhere who just want to make a life out of living.
    The Lord Acton quote about eventually it will be the people versus the banksters comes to mind.


  2. You've predicted Russian victory here over and over again, and any evidence has been MIA . I see the battle lines are moving towards Moscow, not Kiev. The Russian invasion stalled, then massively retreated, and finally regrouped. The next attempt cost them the Black Sea flagship, and moved like a glacier for five months. Now, Russian troops are moving 10 miles every day in the wrong direction, back towards Russia. So if you're going to keep claiming certain victory, you're going to have to show some cards, or your bluff is called, and you fold.
    I thought Russia was the odds-on favorite to win this in a walkaway, and instead, they make the Girl Scouts look like an elite fighting force.
    So instead of blustering some more, cough up why you think the way you do, back it up with something besides "Because!", and try and stay on that, instead of just spewing the same empty posturing from the other direction.
    And if the memes you hate are so wrong, why are they digging so deep into your skin that you can't help yourself? It looks like you keep going after the worm, no matter how big the hook is. Blow them off and move on.

    1. Jacob Plater, Will you return and post a Mea culpa if perchance you were quite incorrect? Or like our beloved Aesop just move the goal posts and ignore things?

      Russian Victory seems the point of disagreement. Russia from the very first was quite clear their mission was to destroy the Ukranian Military.

      Given the MASSIVE amount of military gear and money, fuel and so on NATO (Mostly USA) has dumped into this fray to the "Victorious Ukrainian Army All Hail Victory" and that Ukraine early on sealed their boarders to catch and deploy every military age male (Cue the Russian men are fleeing Russia Meme) which now includes 13 to 65 years of age it seems they are taking quite a beating.

      Finally, after the bridge bombing and the Uke's foolishly taunting Putin's 70th Birthday with a Commemorative Stamp mere hours after that event the Vietnam style rules of engagement have been dropped and a new General often referred to as the Butcher of Chechnya for his brutal but effective 2nd campaign against the CIA supplied Chechens.

      I suspect once the November elections are done, Putin will show us that the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans are not quite the moat we think of them.

      All Putin needs to do is wait until Europe is freezing in the dark and NATO is done. Saudi Arabia (Who is replacing American systems with Russian ones) has already started the process of killing off the petrol dollar.

      Then America's ability to bribe politicians across the globe will be like bribes of toilet paper.

      You think things are expensive now, wait until the World doesn't need US Dollars for trade reasons.

    2. Jacob,
      The Russians have already won. They won in 2014.
      They have the Crimea and the four oblasts back in the fold, Belarus on their side just for starters.
      Additionally, they have approximately 75% of the worlds population ON THEIR SIDE cheering them on.
      (read any news sites outside the western hemisphere).

      At the same time, the idiot savants running the western world have commited economic suicide. Not only have we ostracised most of the planet with our policies, leading them closer to dropping the US dollar as their reserve currency, but we have doubled down on domestic policies that are not only unworkable but downright destructive.
      Stop looking at the world through the US Gov lens. We are only, in the "west", 5% of the worlds population.

    3. Ukraine's fielded military is something like four times the size of Russia's, in theater, today. And they've got their act together, the opposite of "destroyed".

      And Russia doesn't have 75% of the world's population on their side. They don't even have 75% of their own population on their side. They have the leaders of the two countries with 75% of the world's population "sort of" on their side. So your figure is off by about 4.999998 billion. Don't kid yourself.

      And if they won in 2014, why have a war???

      If they have those oblasts "back in the fold", why are they still rocketing them every day?

      Who's moving goal posts now?

    4. Hmmmmmmm. What they said, Jake. In case ya missed it, Russia took off the gloves 3 days ago, and took out 35% of the Kraine’s power grid.

      In three days. Let that soak in.

      But… keep fighting! You can win this!!! 😂👍

    5. And Jacob remember that they waited several months ADVOIDING destroying Civilian support systems like power grids that have MILITARY Uses.

      Gloves are off, pretty soon America will enjoy some.

    6. For you, Jacob:

      Seek the truth. Question everything.

      Quote"The largest problem America faces is distrust, both at home and abroad. Thus far the war’s most important world-historical surprise has been the failure of the U.S. to rally a critical mass of what it used to call “the world community” to punish Russia’s contestation of the American-led world order."

      Quote"In the 1990s, between the Gulf War and the Iraq War, the U.S. and its Western European allies controlled 70 percent of world GDP; that number is now 43 percent."

  3. I agree 100% Filthie. The main problem with the Ukraine conflict is these fanboi's that are anti-Russian cannot even fathom the pure fact that the Ukrainians forces have not been fighting Russians for the most part. They are going to fight real Russians now though. This is a Ukrainian civil war, or was up until about 2 weeks ago anyway. We are only involved due to Democrats wishing to defend their money laundering and pedophile playland.

    While I do not harbor any animosity for those that claim both sides are just as bad in political situations I still cannot see how anyone can say even RINO republicans are as bad as straight Femocrats. Even the guys who claim we should all be out fighting right now rather than posting opinions and such don't bother me much. Their hearts are in the right places but they refuse to see the larger picture of proper timing.

    The absolute truth is until we get a solid leader with political clout and legitimacy behind him in control we are nothing more than a random bunch of individuals who cannot contend with the might and power of any government alone. So far no one has appeared to fill that spot but one someone does things will explode and lines will solidify.

    1. Oh don't get me wrong if they come for me I will go down swinging and hopefully take a bite out as I do. I am just talking about those who feel we should already be out there fighting. I don't follow that dictate as I do not feel it is time yet due to lack of any formal leadership.

  4. The Ukraine isn't worth one North American life. If that imbecile in the White House or the prancing queer in Ottawa brings it to that they should be deposed. Putler can be the Yuros problem. Send ole Merkel over to suck a concession out of him. She spent long enough with her lips on his ass to get the cheap energy she needed.

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  6. One thing people must understand about Russian culture is that they say exactly what they mean. No dissembling, wordy crap like our politicians. Putin said time after time that Russia would not tolerate NATO on their doorstep. The Ukies were bombing Russians in the Donbass and hosting bioweapon labs as the Pentagon admitted. Putin doesn't want all of Ukraine, just the parts that were already occupied and to end the military threat and Nazis on Russia's border. If the Ukies are stupid enough to destroy critical infrastructure in what is now part
    of Russia (by vote) they'll get the same back in spades (FAFO). Brandon is just following the WEF's plan to destroy Russia, Europe, and the US and retain global dominance. Putin and Xi are just pissing on their parade. And we get to suffer for it unless we get out our pitchforks, torches and rope to put a stop to it. People are still too comfortable to step up and do what is necessary, but by next year this will start to change. Hold your family close and pray for all who stand against the Darkness.