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Sunday, 2 October 2022

On Sacrifice

 Last weekend at church one of the fellas did a spectacular speech on sacrifice. It has had me mentally constipated all week. I think he was in John in the bible where the people are asking him if he's a king, or a prophet, or a wiseman or a saviour... and he humbly responds, "I am just a voice - crying alone in the wilderness".  He expounded on the nobility of being humble and making sacrifices that seriously lessen you and cost you - with no real return. The gist of his speech seemed to be that we look at sacrifice as an investment rather than a sacrifice... and that the two terms have very different meanings. I was just gobsmacked! 

I have always looked at sacrifice that way. If there is no return on it, I will not make it. I have always encouraged others to think this way too. It wouldn't even occur to me to make a sacrifice without a payoff of some sort down the road. Even as a Christian, that has been my attitude. If I am a nice guy and a good son, and I don't murder my mother and treat her well... I hope that at least on some level, my Maker might see my efforts at being a good son and that that will stand me in good stead when I for my judgement. 

This is the thing that still boggles me about Christians. I am talking about the REAL McCoys here - the ones that talk the talk AND walk the walk, that practice what they preach: they will sacrifice themselves to hopeless causes... or at least, pieces of themselves... or so it seems to me. One of the speechers at the little chapel out in the country tried to rescue a homeless street kid a couple years ago. He opened up his home AND wallet and tried to give that kid a second chance. The young man was apparently a mess - drugs, failed family, street life, etc etc. My dealings with the kid were sparse and favourable... but deep down in my gut - I knew this kid was just bad news. When we looked at each other I could tell he knew I knew it... but I kept my big mouth firmly shut. For awhile it looked like the hand up worked, but eventually, the kid fell back on drugs and his old life. It bummed our Christian right out. I just shook my head because I could have seen it coming a mile away.

Right now a couple close to us are doing the same thing with a single teen mom with a newborn with some of the back history the young chap above had. I don't know all the details, all I know is that the young lady is setting my bush radar off, and I would never have her inside my perimeter or trust her. I know that she almost certainly will fink on her would- be saviors. 

In both those cases, there is a LOT of investment... and nothing but a net loss to show for it. My wife is a real McCoy christian too... and I think she wants to do something similar. But... hells bells. I have money and guns and ammo and preps on the premises, and zero tolerance for drugs and drama. My daughter just destroyed my ability to make the kind of real emotional sacrifices that those kinds of people entail. If I let the wrong person inside our perimeter, the consequences could be disastrous.

Does that make me less of a Christian...? Or disqualify me as one...?

Well, I suppose that is what happens when you try to edjyacate a retarded old stubfart beyond his intellect! I often get bunged up on this Christianity stuff and truly suspect that question may not be one that I would appreciate the answer to... and perhaps that is the difference between the out house Christian like me and the real deal...?

GAH! Have a great Sunday, y'all... and thanks again for popping by. If ya have any wisdom to share, feel free.


  1. Stop beating yourself up. The Holy Spirit gave us different gifts. God has a history of being undeniable when He really wants us to do something.

    With regard to pay-off, sometimes "cost avoidance" is a return. Did the young hood kill anybody or commit any felonies while in your friend's care? Did they O.D. on drugs? You might not see the return but considering the hood's prior environment there was one.

    Your blogging is you manifesting some of the gifts the H.S. gave you. Only morons are absolutely certain about important things. My guess is that you are not a moron. Do the best you can, and then move on (shaking the dust from your proverbial sandals...not taking the worries with you).

    With regard to your wife; there is a screaming need for respite for caregivers of challenging children and adults. Something as simple a four hours every-other week is huge for those parents. They can have a date or shop or share a bottle of wine. Huge, I tell you.

    1. excellent, erj. a way for wife to contribute without disquieting homelife

  2. The "payoff" does not come in this life; read the story about the sheep and the goats in chapter 25 of the Gospel according to St. Matthew

  3. Eaton Rapids Joe already said it.

    Beyond a gentle discipline be kind to yourself.

    St. Francis of Assi

    Take care of the caregivers. ONE Patient at a time Sir.


  4. A story that was told to me by a grizzled senior NCO when we were triaging injured civilians in the sandbox.

    An old man who goes for a walk on the beach after a big storm has passed.

    That day, the beach was littered with starfish.

    From a distance, he spotted a little boy. The boy seemed to be picking something up and throwing it back into the sea. The man could see that he was doing this over and over again. The man asked the boy what he was doing. The boy replied that he was throwing the starfish back into the ocean. He said that if they were left there on the beach, they would die when the sun got high.

    To this, the old man replied that there were thousands of starfish on the beach! “You won’t make much difference” he told him.

    The boy picked another starfish and threw it back into the sea. Smiling, he then turned and told the man “I made a difference to that one!”

    Reminded me that I could not save them all but had to try to save who I could.

  5. Sticky wicket. And everyone has their pet ideas on it. I know we are to help the poor and needy. "Pure religion is this: to visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction and keep oneself unspotted from the world." James said that at the prompting of God Himself. When I tried to help my dad, I prayed hard about getting in between God's chastening and my dad's backside. I don't hear anyone talking about that. Never have. If God is using hardship to discipline or get someone's attention, I don't want to frustrate that.

    I think a lot like you. It's difficult to be SURE you are hearing the Lord and not just being softhearted. Or like me, you wonder and worry about your help as a possible "bribe" to be accepted and liked. "There heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked. Who can know it?" Jeremiah 17:9 That tells me my own understanding of my own actions may be deceptive. Humanity is messy.

    Some get around that by giving a few bux to a church or org and mollify their conscience. Others give everything they have to whoever asks and never exercise judgement to the outcome of their sacrifice. Still others give to get: "Should I give a tithe on my net or gross pay? Well, do you want a net or gross blessing?" If you give to get, you are wicked. Double minded and all that. It can be a pickle.

    Personally, I'll help if I can. But usually it's with stuff not money. Or, I'll ask for a bit of work and pay them for it. I firmly believe that giving money for the asking debases the individual. They feel like a worthless beggar. Taking someone into my home to live is reserved for family at this time. It would have to be an exceptional case to change that.

  6. About 40 years ago my wife brought a 13 year old little girl home from church . She explained out of the childs hearing that her mom and dad had been getting high on Nyquil [yes , freakin' Nyquil] and had been sexually molesting the poor thing . What I noticed first about her was that when she came in the door she looked my younger fitter body over up and down and then focused on my dick bulge before meeting my eyes in a very hungry stare . I told the wife to get her out of the house . I could see trouble coming and did not need anymore than I had . Sadly she hauled her over to her sister who's semi-preacher hubby had a known pedo problem .

    1. You dodged one heck of a bullet.

      A buddy's parents are devout Christians. The mom totally rejected her husband's advances. She was totally oblivious to his needs and desires. At some point they took in an unwed pregnant 19 year old. She got a first hand look at their marriage dynamic. The teen and the husband talked, over time she voiced concern for him, and they ran off together and eventually married. AND they are still together, 30 plus years later. If there are rifts, this kind of "loving help" will expose them, if not exploit them. Even innocently. I don't think the dad wanted to quit his wife, but ultimately did.

  7. you are not disqualified! the place to 'help' these types is placement in a formal environment--drug treatment program, living accomodations for unwed mothers
    the real help is in intercessory prayer, which is way harder in my opinion
    we took in a youth with bad raising. he went his way without doing too much harm to us
    at my age and widowed i would never do it again
    some are living basically, that is with no forward looking or planning. where can they get a bed and a meal? where can they get the next drug dose and how?
    it is purely instinctive and spur of the moment.
    'wilderwealthywise' had a good article about the r/K lifestyles maybe in april very good
    pray for them and God will sort it out. that is a promise. we may not live to see it but He will come through
    gently do not let your wife go too far

  8. Due to life experiences, keeping one hand on my sabre works for me.

  9. As others intimate, a christian sacrifice *is* an investment. Any fool can cut his own leg off, that's not christian. The difference is that the payoff of the investment is reaped by others, not yourself. Yeah, maybe you get a payoff in an afterlife, but if *that* is the motive, then that's not christian either. God's motive for his forgivness isn't personal gain, it's love. That's your motive also, but it has to actually *work*! Good intentions don't cut it, actions are judged by their fruit.

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  11. Yeah... I guess being 'christian' means different things to different folks. I actually got in chit from one of the retired pastors at our church because I wasn't doing it right in his opinion... and it pished me off so bad I stopped going for a couple of weeks.

    The wife does what she can. She goes to the bible camps as a counsellor in summer, and does the church Girl's Club on weeknights and she loves it. It's going to have to be enough... I just can't do lost causes anymore. I keep thinking that we are on the edge of a global economic meltdown... and we are gonna be in for a world of hurt... and the druggies and welfare class are going to be the first to suffer the hardest, and the rest of us had better be prepared to deal with them... or else. I know that IS an un-christian attitude... but at some point these folk have to answer for themselves and do for themselves and bail outs and handouts are not the answer...

  12. Actually, I think that is exremely wise. Be prepared to terminate *all* threats expeditiously and withextreme prejudice. Now you can negotiate from strength.

    Then, when things go sideways, you don't panic, because you planned for this and prepared. You have the power to deal with things calmly, the time to deliberate. You have the power to elimiate the threat, so you also have the power to be loving and merciful. You can calmly give each situatlon it's due, and choose calmly and wisely from strength, instead of lashing out in panic from weakness.

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