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Thursday, 6 October 2022

Patient Men

 Yeah. I know. Just like your typical ankle biting yapping mutt.

Yap yap yap yap!!! And then it chits on the floor. He’s trying to get my attention. Stupid dawgs thrive on attention… even negative attention.

I am not an expert on Russians like General Aesop here, advised as he is by the best homosexuals, jewish women, marxists, and propaganda that Globohomo Inc. can provide. (But he does his own memes, dontchya know!!!) How could anyone argue with sources like The Guardian and MSNBC? Listening to them the Russians are on the run and it’s all over but the crying. They’d never lie or deliberately misinform people, would they?

But in point of fact… in the real world, Vlad conceded the Battle of Kharkov with a shrug and ordered his men to fall back. If some internet retards want to think the attrition rates were favourable to the Kraine during that… there is no harm in it. For Vlad, anyway. They did pish him off with a recent armoured fire fight. Russia loses its share of those… but they are winning war.

And that is the problem. They win so much, so fast, that they outrun their supply lines, get stretched to thin to adequately guard themselves - and then they open themselves up small enemy reprisal raids and attacks. It happened to America during the Sandbox Wars. Periodically militaries need to halt, reorganize and get their poop in a group before proceeding on. It’s called an “operational pause” by the tacticians. Vlad has done a couple of these so far. Each time he does, Globohomo crows in victory, and the Special Ed kids dance with delight. They’re doing it right now, forgetting that within a time span of less than 48 hours… the Russians just annexed the Donbas. Oh sure, you can bet that shoot out with the tanks pissed off Vlad…but he already squared accounts… and of course, Globohomo didn’t get the memo. So I suppose a peon like Aesop can be forgiven if he missed it too.

That’s the last cruise missile strike in downtown 
Keev, on a repurposed military 
75 dead - most of them officers.
But - don't worry about it, its probably

It didn’t even warrant a footnote in the lame stream media. You’d think that with a real media…claiming victory, while your senior officers were getting blown up in your own heavily defended capital city…MIGHT warrant a blip in the news…?

NAH! Perish the thought!!!

I am a shithouse tactician at best, so I say what follows reserving the right to be wrong. I think the war in the Kraine might be about to change. Consider: Washington DC is in chaos. They are attacking their own ally's pipelines. They are shelling out billions to the Kraine and throwing money away faster than they can print it - while telling Florida they'll just have to suck up the damages for a devastating hurricane and the influx of thousands of illegal, illiterate welfare class immigrants. The liberals are waging unrestrained culture war on Heritage Americans and even attacking their children. Aesop was running his mouth about Pootin getting assassinated by his own people? I won't be surprised if Biden goes for an unexpected dirt nap first.

Our colleagues in Europe are in really deep trouble. A winter without fuel is already driving business closures and unemployment through the roof. The Euro and the Pound Sterling are tanking. The Ruble is at record highs. As are Russia's energy sales. Interestingly - Russia has volunteered to fix the Nordstream pipelines while Globohomo and Uncle Sam sit with stupid expressions on their faces. Didn't see that one coming. didjya? Germany's biggest chitlib moron - Angella Merkel - stated on public record that "maybe it's time to start taking the Russians seriously?"

Gee... ya think, Anjie? 

 Would it make more sense for Putler to sit tight, consolidate his wins, reinforce his captured territory - and let western stupidity work against itself? The old nickel goes that you must beware of the wrath of a patient man. Say what ya want about Putler - he has been preparing for this conflict for at least six or seven years. Globohomo has been infuriating and are now actively attacking their own people. Putin is an accomplished covert warfare specialist. Biden is a pedo and a Globohomo clown.

Who knows? Maybe the Ukes will weaponize all their hobby drones and blow up the Russians tomorrow... but I am not betting on it. I see retards dancing and singing and playing with fire. 


  1. As far as Putin goes, these jackasses in DC don't have enough smarts to leave that man alone.

  2. Shit man if you knew absolutely nothing about the Kraine conflict, but you did know the clowns pushing the narrative ( soros, clintons, bushes, all the classic neocons, etc ) were the same clowns behind the coof, the killshot, killing off OUR pipelines, all the BS narratives extant, any thinking person who can spot a trend might just say HMMM. Any kee-rist, the "trend" is not one or two data points, these evil cocksuckers control all the media, all the schools, all the pols, ergo control all the narratives.
    It aint rocket surgery :)

  3. He went all in on Ukraine. He is just about out of the game now. Only fuckheaded morons post his bullshit now. Looking at you CA... WTF happened to you? Your site used to be the shit. Now it sucks Ukraine dick.

    1. Hmmmmm.

      I like Ukrainians. Like Russians too. Love trad Americans and patriots. I am no friend of the Kraine in this, however. And I make no apologies for the suckage; this is probably the worst blog on the internet - what can I say?

    2. I think CA keeps publishing his nonsense for entertainment purposes?

  4. I assume CA means Concerned American, WRSA.

  5. A couple or three sites I follow have all come up with some kind of nuclear false flag on the West's part in the Ukraine to goad Russia into responding in kind. And then it's off to the races. Triggering some nuclear event in one of the reactors there, Russia hitting back with a small nuke and then us going after Russia's subs.

    What the hell are these people thinking?

    1. Like someone said "it's like watching a toddler with a loaded gun".


  6. If I remember correctly those barracks were visited by the Rooskie’s newest toy. The rebadged Iranian Shahed-136 now Russian Geran-2 kamikaze drone.

    That sucker is giving the Orcs a real hard time hunting down artillery pieces and other juicy targets of opportunity such as ammo warehouses etc. Unlike the US switchblade the Geran-2 has a big fecking warhead (50Kg??)

    The Germans are fecked and will take the rest of Europe down with them competing for the now unobtanium gas.

    The Brits are still acting like the usual war mongers but are now led by a cabinet of affirmative action hires. They nearly broke the Pound and pension market in under a month of getting their new jobs.

    If it wasn’t so close to home I’d be breaking out the popcorn. A karmic earthquake is incoming this winter.

    Keep up the good work Glen. I think Aesop secretly likes the abuse – he keeps coming back for more.


  7. Too many of the Armchair Generals predicting the imminent Surrender of Russia have clearly Never Read any History. Russia has a 1,000-Year record of being Invaded by European nations, and Crushing them back to their Capitols. It's as much of a National Pastime as Vodka. The 'eggsperts' also have been Ignoring what the Annexation (the correct legal term, given the People Voted for it) of the four Oblasts really means in terms of Russian Law and Tradition. Those Oblasts are No Longer "Borderlands" i.e. 'ukraine'. They are RUSSIA, and President Putin and the entire Military are Constitutionally Responsible for their Defense, no matter What the Cost. No backing Down now, no chance for a "Negotiated Settlement", and certain Impeachment for Putin if the Invasion isn't Stopped, Hard and Fast.

  8. Try looking at these two sites for a balanced view of the Ukrainian conflict:
    I know that you enjoy bashing the Greek poet, but he's correct far more often than he's wrong. And no, I'm not a fan of globohomo or the (((residents))) of occupied Palestine.

    1. On some stuff he does okay, provided his ego isn’t involved. He’s prone to the alarmism and sensationalism of the Globohomo press, and cannot admit to being wrong even when it is observably obvious.

    2. Battle swarm is out to lunch. Laughably so. You can learn a lot by watching the propaganda of both sides. He parrots the Globohomo narrative the same way Aesop does and brags and gloats of fake victories and incipient failure of his adversaries.

      The Russians do too… but they also do video and pics. You see the endless lines of Uke POWs, the stacked corpses, their shattered defences. With the Ukes…all you get are carefully staged photos and gas bags talking at talk.

      Just as Aesop bloviates from California, Lawrence Person out gasses from NYFC. I get my info from the guys who have boots on the ground.

    3. I think Lawrence is in Texas - I have noticed that when he writes about Ukraine, it is definitely one-sided.

  9. Speaking of Aesop, how's your pop's little dog doing?