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Saturday, 22 October 2022

Saturday Morn Cartoons

Good morning everyone!!! 

Best morning of the week! When me and all the other little tardlets and Pajama Boys wake up, fill our cereal bowls, and troop out to the TV room to watch cartoons! When I was just a wee one, there was this skinny black guy named Bill Cosby. He had a bunch of great friends like Fat Albert, Old Weird Harold, and other colourful characters. The lucky dogs grew up near a junkyard. 

Today Bill Cosby is a fallen star. He was a beloved celebrity until he told niggers to pull up their pants, speak English and be civilized. He starred in a wholesome, successful but preachy sitcom urging blacks to be all they could be. Overnight… he magically turned into a sex pervert. For the record - I dunno if I believe the charges levelled against him. I’ve seen the leftist deep state move against innocent men before with smear tactics and false accusations like this. Who knows?

Today Old Weird Harold and Fat Albert are gone with Bill Cosby. They’ve been replaced by the deadly Stinkmeaner, the Hatecracy, and Crabmeaner. I dunno how I missed these guys. They’re no replacement for Bill Cosby and his gang… but they are worth a chuckle. If you want to waste your intellect with Saturday morning cartoons… these guys aren’t bad.

Have a great Saturday - and watch your back.



  1. For me it was radio on Saturday mornings. Big John and Sparky with "No School Today!"

  2. I don't believe Cosby was guilty of anything except speaking the truth about the blacks in the U.S.