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Sunday, 30 October 2022

Sunday Ramble: Old And Boring

 And I LIKE it that way, too! 😑

Pop sounds like he may slowly coming back to himself. He has never done drugs well, and after his fall, the painkillers and tranq’s mess him up. He tires easily. The Fatty-Dancing-Nurses-Of -TikTok and other Heroes-Without-Capes at the hospital are in chaos. The Covid Monster is back - or is he? They can’t decide. One day - no visitors allowed!!! This means YOU!!! The next - only wives and spouses are allowed in the ward. The next… only one visitor at a time, and - they must wear not only masks but gowns, rubber gloves, hair things… and hermetically sealed rubber boots, HAR HAR HAR!!! The rules change daily - and mom is in her glory. She makes a show of obeying all the rules, and snitches on the patients that don’t. Or the ones moving around when they shouldn’t. 

As mom bragged and gloated about her exciting fun and games at the hospital I was dismayed that my newfound sense of serenity in dealing with her…had fled! The old bitch was punching my buttons and I felt myself spinning up…this Covid bullshit just hacks me right off - but Mom had left the sportzball game on TV. I focused every iota of my attention on it to drown out Mom and ignore her. It’s a trick I’ve seen Pop do and it did the trick with me too! I tuned her right out and deliberately ignored her. She is a stupid old harpy, what she thinks doesn’t matter, and I have things in my own lane to keep an eye on. Sheesh - I’m coming up on 60 and I still think like a child! I have no business getting mad at her. 

Mom says she lost her sense of smell in her battle with the Covid Monster; and that coffee tastes like sludge to her. I think I can believe that… the house reeks of potpourri so bad… I can hardly breathe. GAH! It smells of old women, despair and lunacy!

I can and will enjoy coffee.
I will not murder my mother.
I am a good son.

Good lord…there’s that horrible STINK
on my blog again!!!

She still wants me to visit in the afternoons, but that ain’t gonna happen due to parking availability. Nor am I gonna wear a friggin Covid space suit. I will visit sometime during the week when menstrual and menopausal fatties and Pop - are all lucid! HAR HAR HAR! 

The fuselage of the Turd Bird will be completed today or tomorrow. The guts are in and secured. The rudder is sloppy but will work; it’s slaved to the steerable nose wheel and tacks well in the basement. I need to take it to the church parking lot and really give it a roll to double check it.  The elevator will be hooked up today and I hope to have the gas tank plumbed and secured up front. I am nose heavy on the CG balance and don’t know what to make of it. My single engined Twin Star is nose heavy as hell by my reckoning… and he flies like a champ! Who knows… I have some big 515 gr. cast lead boolits that I can epoxy on at the back that will level it out. Or maybe I will go to Poli’s and see if he has any 10 lb. lead ingots for sale! 


I gotta clean up the Reclusium and some guns one of these days too…

I’ve resolved to stop being a spiritual slob and start going to church again. I am not good at spirituality; I am prone to periodic bouts of truancy and slovenlyness. I don’t get it. It takes concerted will power for me to do it sometimes. I am going to resume my biblical studies as well. 

Welp…that’s it for now…might as well wrap up this week with some rude jokes and random ignoramia! Have a blessed Sunday, and try not to kill anyone.


  1. I have not seen a lead or even a tin ingot for sale at a physical shop since my son was about as tall as my boot. Probably been like 30 years or so now I have had to order them either solo or order them in at the supply store.
    What I started doing to my mom when she really got on my nerves was to carry a kindle with me before you could do the same thing with a smart phone, and just start reading and openly ignoring her until she shut up.:)

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  3. Y’Know what ‘they’ say, “blood is thicker than water.”
    Seems to me that horse $h!t is thicker than blood.
    Walk away.

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