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Monday, 17 October 2022

The Battle For Perception

It seems to be a recurring theme on the internet that the war in the Kraine is being fought in completely different ways by the adversaries. For the Russians, it’s the classic battle of tactics, battle space, attacking enemy assets while carefully expending and defending their own. As you’d expect, they’re grinding down the last elements of the Ukrainian military now… and now they are starting to chew on NATO…or, pardon me, their “mercenaries”.

For the west, the war is all about perception. It’s all out PR warfare. It really is amazing when you think about it. In an age where real, solid information is cheap and easy… it’s only a click of the mouse away…we live in an age of “narratives”. Which is a polite way of saying politically weaponized propaganda. The vast majority of our narratives are driven by the mass media. On social media, pozzed platforms like Twitter and Facebook are patrolled and policed by censors that enforce the official narratives of the ruling class. Just recently I had to strike off two good men - the Intrepid Reporter and the Bitter Centurion. They had to be silenced for having the wrong opinions.

Most of us know our govts are shot through with Globohomo shills, carpet baggers, degenerates, perverts, diversity hires etc ad nauseum. Almost every single one of us knows you can’t trust the press or the media anymore as they are merely the propaganda arm for the gov't. And yet…

The US is winning that PR war hands down. Take some of our local celebs of the stubfart-O-sphere, the thot-O-sphere, and the…the…hag-O-sphere! HAR HAR HAR! HAR HAR HAR! I know, I know…I shouldn’t make fun… I apologize… but the point here is this: these people all position themselves as independent thinkers and hard noses that won’t hesitate to oppose their govt on moral and ethical grounds and will even take up arms and endure hardship if necessary. Fair enough… but not one of them can think for themselves. They get all their information from the mass media and think they’re informed. None of these goofs can even source their own information. If their govt ever DOES come to load them into the cattle cars and take them away to the camps, those idiots will load up and get on the train and laugh and sneer at you if you refuse to go with them! HAR HAR HAR!


We live in an age when our govts wield a propaganda machine that makes those of the old soviets and nazis  look lame. It's power is almost beyond belief. One would think the days of propaganda and mass lies would be over with the advent of the internet... but good grief! In nations where nazis are basically considered the lowest form of life, where fascist ideologies are basically illegal - we are sending so much money to these guys in the Kraine that we are literally bankrupting ourselves. We are taking the best weapons out of our military arsenals and giving them away for free to these fellas.

These are our allies hard at work in the Kraine, 
and how they deal with those drunken, murderous Russian peasants.
The mass media will never poast vids like this. 
They poast only those sanitized pics that show the Russians
committing atrocities.

But thes Russians in the Donbas deserve this, dontchya know!
Comrade Misfit and Tam said so!!!
This kind of thing is not new either… it’s been going on for
at least seven years in the Donbas.

Can you imagine yourself in Russian shoes? Probably not, so effective are the Globohomo propaganda machines and narratives. Perspective and objectivity are the enemies of narratives and agendas. But … let’s try it? Imagine if Canada started ethnically cleansing its cities and towns of ethnic Americans. Imagine if we started costing you Americans billions of dollars as we flagrantly cheated and screwed you over on trade deals. If you complained about it? “Fuck you, Yank! If you want to get stupid about it, we can have tens of thousands of Chinese and Russian soldiers here, and so many missiles and tanks, that we could be in Washington in 6 months. Less, if we get really mad! Nobody wants to hear your grievances, the cool kids on Twitter and Facebook hate you and make fun of you…so just sit there, shut up and take it!”

Imagine that if, instead of a Uke flag, it was the Canadian one as we posed for pics like this:

Take it easy, Schmuelley. I’m sure this is only some random
incel LARPing for his friends…
And you are one of them! Stand with him!

Even the fuggin JEWS are lining up to stand with these guys!  Don’t tell me that propaganda is dead in the 21st century! The mind wobbbles. Yet - this is what the war looks like to the Russians. And people capable of basic critical thought.

How did that flag get in there?
These are the guys whom the Euros support 
as they face a winter with no fuel or employment.

The GERMANS are throwing in with them. In Germany, swastika symbols are banned and treated as hate symbols. But this year, they face poverty and squalor as they support full blown nazis in the Kraine. You’d think somebody might point this out to the guys at Der Spiegel.

I’m sure any passing semblance to the Hitler Youth here
is purely random and coincidinkle, Tam.
Nice friends ya got there.

These are not isolated kooks. These guys are a
thing, and they are present in numbers in the Kraine.
You are not in Kansas, Dorothy.

And yet, morons like Misfit hang the Nazi label 
on 'Putler'. The utter stupidity of that… I can
hear the devil laughing from here.

I could go on all day like this.  There was a vid going round on telegram when Marioupol fell. The Russkies brought in hundreds of buses to move the thousands of POWs they’d taken, and as they processed the prisoners…they ordered them to take off their shirts. They ended up with hundreds, possibly thousands - of shirtless men with necks and knuckles (and gawd knows what else) tatted up with swastikas, death heads, and SS lightening bolts. They got separated out. The Russians probably had plans similar to those of the Ukes in the vid above. Yup. REAL nice friends we have in the Kraine, eh?

In survival situations what you don’t know CAN hurt you. You might want to have a care for where and who you get your information from. There are forces at work here that haven’t been seen in close to 75 years. They may not be exactly the same as their ideological ancestors, but the metrics of the way they work are the same. Lie. Lie Big. Do it often. And... that is what the Ukes and our own mass media are doing. If you get your info from the mass media, Mark Twain wants to have a word with you. By the time they get through with idiots like Aesop - he'll be wearing a brown shirt and beating up women and old men. Tam and Misfit will rat out traitors and crime thinkers for him to beat on. That is the way these people roll and when they get a head of steam up - they can kill tens of millions. 

I did not assemble this screed to beat up Aesop or Misfit or whatsherface - but to encourage everyone here to stop letting morons do your thinking for you. Dire times seem to be in the offing; you need good information and no one is going to give it to you. You need to take the info you get, fact check it, and and evaluate it in light of observable events. Narratives will get you killed, or lead you to kill someone you have no business fighting with. Think: if NATO, the EU and the UN were doing their jobs, Russia and the Kraine would be at the negotiating table.

Gathering your own intel and informing yourself without the mass media is daunting on the face of it but not impossible. It’s a skill, and you will get better at it with time. I can get you started: ignore CNN, MSNBC, CBC, BBC and all official mainstream sources - or at least regard them with deep suspicion. Those guys do not do investigative journalism anymore, they are just a bullhorn for the gov't.

Type it into your search engine: "Why does Russia want the Ukraine?"  You will be in for about 20 hours of podcasts, essays, and reports generated by people with boots on the ground, from Russia itself, and of course, you’ll see blatant pro-Russia propaganda. You will see vids and photos that directly refute the narratives we see being pushed here. Fact check the people talking that purport to give you the 'real facts'. Expect to get burnt the odd time. Guys like Matt Bracken are excellent objective starting points. More videos, more essays. This is a complex issue. It cannot be summed up by the homosexuals and talking heads of CNN in 30 second sound bytes, or ten minute interviews with experts like Aesop, Misfit and Tam. For those idiots, the blatherings of the mass media are all they need to slap the 'launch' button and head for the fallout shelters. Do you want to take potential survival advice from people like that?  

Don't worry about 'showing your work' to that lot either - they have neither the attention span or the depth of intellect to check you. Form your theories and be vocal with them and invite critique. The goal is to inform yourself so that you don't do anything stupid, or cause anyone else to either.. Show your work to objective, sober minded men with reputations for clarity. (I realize that lets me out along with Aesop, my authority and expertise is limited to rude jokes and ignoramiae). 

I think that if you take the time and do all that - eventually you will arrive at where I am at. This war is not about the Kraine. The only relevance of the Kraine in all this is as a proxy for money laundering douche bags like Kerry, Pelosi, Romney and Biden. The REAL goal here, is regime change in Russia. And Globohomo will fight to the last Uke to achieve it - and will possibly throw in the their allies in Europe to do it.

Don't be a peon pawn, folks. Think for yourselves. At some point, when the morons answer to Darwin and Murphy... you're going to have to anyway. Without good info... all your preps and hard work are worthless.

Have a great Monday. Be smart today.


  1. Russia may end up winning the physical war, and Ukraine can end up winning the virtual PR war. If that happens, my bet is that the physical trumps the virtual. Just like in the Matrix movie, when you get unplugged in reality, you die in virtual.

  2. You're going to end up on someone's list Glenn.

  3. I continue to be astonished how few people have ANY critical thinking skills remaining. Un-fucking-believable. The reality and truth of what the motherWEFers have perpetrated upon us, their plans for further depop, mind control, microchipping, child raping, cricket eating ad nauseum is on view for anyone who can click a mouse.
    And I always come back to my main point about Ukraine- if you know nothing about the conflict, but you see clinton, bush, kissinger, WEF, rothschilds, again ad nauseum lined up against Russia, and urging on a wider war that may include nukes, you might just take a pause and say HMMM....

    1. EXACTLY. That comes back to the point about fact checking too. Our mass media is owned by 'happy merchants' - over 95% of it is. I am not comfortable with anti-semitism at all... but I am growing increasingly unhappy and uncomfortable with the guys in funny hats with a penchant for rubbing their palms together when they are happy. There are all kinds of nasty truths that are being stifled and censored by 'our side' and many involve the Usual Suspects as you note...

  4. Aseop checking in to call you stupid and a traitor in 3....2....1...

  5. I'm certain that Ukraine supporting Soros' efforts in Russia, stealing billions in oil and natural gas, making being Russian (a third of their population) illegal, shelling Russian towns for 8 years, killing 40,000 Russian civilians, and ignoring every single provision of a peace deal, had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with Russia getting pissed off at the current government of Ukraine.

    I'll just state for the record that the current president of Ukraine is, indeed, fake, gay, and Jewish. I'm sure that's just a cohencidence.

  6. BCE posted an update over at Coldfury

    1. I saw that and smirk rudely with approval.

      I like Cold Fury and all - but must make my position on that known as well. CF is a great place to keep everyone up to date, but if JL or BCE want to check in with the slow kids... the Thunderbox is at their service...

    2. Thanks Glen, my 2x DMs is either or I'd love to guestpoast here and leave a few floaters in the Thunderbox LOL

    3. Your always welcome, BCE. I am at if ya need to bark one off! 😂

  7. XLNT rant!
    Tree Mike

  8. I still think they want the Russia of the 1990's. you know the one where they can steal whatever they want for pennies on the dollar
    if that much. Vlad put a stop to all of that shit. otherwise it would be the same as Uke land now. and about joining Nato ? that would be the same as the asshole across your street putting a machine gun
    post in with it pointing right at your front door. why is Nato even around anymore ? I mean other than a way to take whatever money they can from us .
    I still think Vlad should have done the world a favor and nuked the assholes at Davos when they where all there for their yearly circle jerk this past spring. that one act alone would have removed a lot of the problems in the world. we all should make lists of the assholes behind this stupid shit, so after they start the coming nuke fight anyone alive afterwards will know who to drag to the nearest wall and shoot them.

    1. “These people are playing with matches… I don’t think they understand the scope and scale of the wildfire they are flirting with. They are fucking around with a civil war that could last a decade and cause millions of deaths… and the sad truth is that 95% of the problems we have in this country could be solved tomorrow, by noon… simply by dragging 100 people out in the street and shooting them in the fucking head.”

    2. well, it might have gone up to a thousand by now. but the idea is sound enough. most of these assholes have never had to fight before and it shows. they are beyond stupid as well.

  9. FJB & General Ass-slop

  10. Colonel Kilgore Trout17 October 2022 at 09:47

    Iran is supplying kamikaze drones and troops as a new phase of the denazifying SMO begins.
    General Armageddon is in charge now and recruiting offices are open for the keyboard field marshal Sun von Rommel lovers of the 51st state Ukraine.

    1. It's not an SMO any longer. It's now a full blown military operation to protect Russian soil. Ukies are fucked.

  11. We know the Donbas has asked for Russian protection for years now yet. Now though the Western Democrats scream Russia is almost enemy number 1? Perhaps Russia figured out what the Western Democrats were up to and planning?

  12. Bang on the money Glen. I grew up watching real events and seeing the nightly ‘News’ totally twist their reports.

    After watching the BS during the Chinky Pox I would suggest that the media are now enemy number one.

  13. My bet is that America will have to be “compassionate” toward Europe as it deals with its own self-inflicted energy woes this winter. In other words, the price of propane and natural gas will go up as all our natural gas gets sent to Europe. The cost of our natgas will skyrocket, and Europe will pay through the nose from what they get from us as well. This will squeeze money from just about everyone and fill the pockets of the few still more. My question is this; the Nordstream pipeline was put into service eleven years ago. Nordstream 2 wasn’t even online at the time of the “sabotage.” What did Europe do before Nordstream 1 was operational? Think about it. The previously used delivery methods are still in place. What’s preventing their use? This whole "Ukraine" thing stinks of BS. I have not been a fan since the beginning...

    1. Peteforester Russian gas went through the Ukraine. The Green Party of Europe forced the early retirement and shutdown-destruction of many a Coal Fired Power Plant, Whole City Coal Fired Heating Systems and even Nuclear Reactors.

      All these facts took almost 20 seconds on Google, you should try it before commenting.

  14. My guess is that Russia isn't going to waste an instant going after the hearts and minds of Western NPCs. They're probably going to focus on killing them that need killing, and they have the manufacturing and resource base to carry it off.

    The West can't focus on real-world war, because the West no longer has the manufacturing base, nor the will to access their resources. Therefore the West focuses on propaganda, because that's all they can afford.

  15. If your a Krainelandia Vet (Nosey ol’lady) ya should probably not brag about Serving The New American Nazi Regime.

    Juss a passin thought

  16. I knew all of this already, but damn what a fine presentation especially for normies to WAKE THE FUCK UP...send out to everyone you know

  17. LOL Aesop you took your medicine and changed your hair color, I never recognized you until you started typing.

  18. "Russia's beef with Zelensky is that he quite obviously isn't their puppet..."
    No, he's America's puppet, and also the source of the Big Guy's 10%.
    " country killing people in another country to take their land can't ever be painted as anything but what it is.'
    Are you consistent enough that you also feel that way about the US in the War for Southern Independence?

  19. Unfortunately, some people don't wake up until reality slaps them in the face.
    This is what you are Aesop. You can argue against reality with the best of them!
    But, anyone that is behind this county's dealings in Ukraine has some serious mental issues. Just look at the big players who are behind this.

  20. " country killing people in another country to take their land can't ever be painted as anything but what it is."
    So, one country killing thousands of people within their own country is OK?
    Wake up dude. Ukraine has been killing their eastern citizens wholesale for at least 7 years and we haven't batted an eyelid.
    Why? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ That's why.