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Monday, 24 October 2022

The Beardo Drone/Psyop Expert

 Y’know…. I saw that one too - about “the cheap Russian drone with a moped engine!!!” that had a four cylinder  550cc boxer engine. That certainly is NOT a moped engine. Mopeds are mostly 50cc to about…what? Say, 125cc? In the real world, 550cc is a small midsize motorcycle engine. That engine configuration is also a very popular one … for small aircraft. I just wrote the whole thing off to shitlib media incompetence but then I saw why they reported things that way. Now it makes sense: the new narrative was that those things are harmless jokes, slapped together by some filthy illiterate sand rat in Iran, to be launched by drunken Russians at Ukrainian shopping centres and school yards. Mopeds are generally seen as unserious machines. I should have seen the play, here… but this old beardo saved the day! The old bugger is often worth listening to. Those Iranian drones are cheap, but highly effective. It makes sense that the establishment would try to misrepresent them. Up to 65kg of high explosive, a proven engine design with a beautiful power/weight ratio engine? Yep…these are serious weapons. The Ukrainian power grid will be toast if the Russians decide that is the way they want to go.

I am lukewarm on this guy.
He can be monotonous to listen to…but
most times he is on point.

And I kept quiet when the usual suspects laughingly reported that Nestor and Pyotr are shooting them down with small arms fire. It didn’t occur to me that doing so results in the missile falling on top of whatever is below it when it gets shot down. That may be a real bad idea in a big city…

This is the hell of fighting with Russians that the west doesn’t get: with Russians….EVERYTHING is a weapon. I remember some famous blunders made by the NATO tall foreheads that had them doing the ol’ face/palm thing. Back in the day, Ronald Reagan was thinking about space based weapons and killer satellites. The Russians laughed. “We’ll send up a bag of sand, in a counter-orbit. We’ll see how your billion dollar satellite does against a bag of rocks, gravel, and sand moving at 27 times the speed of sound…” 

And so it goes. American astronauts use a pen in space that cost millions in R&D to develop. The Russians cosmonauts used pencils. Narratives are great for influencing the cool kids and the politicians and flatterers that pander to them… but in the real world? They are not of much use.


  1. The SpacePen myth again. Mandela effect in full force...

  2. SNIP 30 seconds of Goggle here Anonymous (Aesop's visiting again)

    Space Pens, Pencils, and How NASA Takes Notes in Space
    The real story behind the iconic Space Pen and how NASA testing helped it soar
    Originally published 08/27/2021
    The Space Pen has captured the American imagination in more ways than one. It’s appeared repeatedly in pop culture and even worked as a plot device in a "Seinfeld" episode titled "The Pen," and in 2021 was inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame. It’s also the subject of a myth that the space agency spent millions to invent a pen that can write in zero gravity, while cosmonauts simply used a pencil.

    So, what’s the truth? Let’s get to the facts about the Space Pen, pencils in space, and how NASA astronauts write on the space station.

    Is the Space Pen a real thing?

    Yes, it is. The Fisher Space Pen made its television debut in October 1968, as Apollo 7 mission commander Walter Schirra demonstrated weightlessness by blowing on a pen to control its movement as it floated about the capsule. It was one of the first live video transmissions from an American spacecraft. Since then, Space Pens have appeared in television shows from "Mad Men" and "Gilmore Girls" to "How It’s Made." The pens are on display not just in space museums but also in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. In 2021, the technology was recognized by the Space Foundation as an innovation developed for space that now improves life on Earth, joining around 80 other technologies in the organization’s Hall of Fame.

    Why not just use a pencil?

    NASA wanted to avoid pencils because the lead could easily break off and float away, creating a hazard to astronauts and sensitive electronics on the spacecraft. In fact, a pencil is such an impractical alternative in space that cosmonauts also have been using Space Pens since 1969.

    Did it cost taxpayers millions?

    Nope. Paul Fisher at the Fisher Pen Company had already been working on a pressurized pen. That said, it would never have reached the heights it did, in orbit or in popularity, without NASA’s testing.

    1. This is an example of what happens when ya believe everything ya read. It appears I may have been hoisted on my own petard. Or not. I can show you websites that prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the world is run by jewish ghouls that hang upside down in a cave and sacrifice children and drink their blood. There are all kinds of eye witnesses and obscure experts that will attest to this. Not saying you guys are wrong and that I am right... but I will take that correction under advisement and not be surprised at all if it is indeed true.
      Nevertheless... the US is known for pitting high tech against low tech adversaries... and it is not always high tech that will be the victor.

    2. Felix Dzerzhinsky24 October 2022 at 10:26

      "may have been"? You think?
      Stop proving that clown shoes aren't necessary to be a clown.
      Explain again how Reagan's "stupidity" totally collapsed the US in 1990 and therefore the Soviet Union won the Cold War.

      Did you even get newspapers that far up in the 1980s, or are you winging your posts based on old Saturday Night Live Weekend Update reruns?

    3. That you, Aesop? Or one of your finger puppets? ;)

      Honk honk, wise guy...

    4. Felix the fuzzball. I note he doesn't post at Aesop's. Nor anywhere else I visit.

      I suspect a finger banger of Aesop's.

  3. The Strategic Space Initiative did what it was designed to do. The Rus tried to compete and it bankrupted them. What happened after is a typical late history American response. Scrap them and pick the meat off their bones. BUT.... the Rus is wiley, and they found some of their grit that was almost wiped out by the reds. They are in the lead, and the slack-jawed American betters are being led down the garden path. Reversal. It was so unnecessary. If we could have devised a 'Marshall Plan' for them instead a recycled "Reconstruction", I think we'd be better off. It's been difficult for me not to see the Rus as the ancient enemy, instead of a possible ally. Lost opportunities are bad.... We didn't learn a thing from our own history....

  4. I received one of those Fisher Space Pens for Christmas right around that time - still have it somewhere - I saw it the last time we moved. Pretty cool pen to have - some bragging rights because we were all so enamored of the space program.