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Sunday, 2 October 2022

The Filthie Whodunnit Pundit


Look folks. This isn't rocket science. The man is right: Russia would never blow up its own pipeline. Anyone that says so is an idiot. No - we have no smoking gun evidence. And no - it isn't Poland either.

Think. Poland would NEVER do something of this magnitude unilaterally on its own. None of the Euros would. Hmmmmm. That would leave a culprit that WOULD act unilaterally, and the perp would almost certainly have a history of doing so. How many countries does that leave?

I read the other day that the pound sterling and the Euro are in full collapse. Britain was bragging it had just elected a strong empowered woman for Prime Minister…. Who’s since turned out to be yet another chicken headed bint. Germany is starting to smell Weimar-ish again.

I ain’t gonna point fingers but we all know who dunnit, with a 95% certainty…


  1. As I commented over at the Feral Irishman where oodles of "Smart Folks" are ooohing over Lawdogs it was a methane incompetent Maintenace thing.

    Oddly I was amused to read that per kilometer of pipeline that Russia had the best safety record according to my Forbes magazine from 2020.

    Funny how something that MAKES MONEY for the Russians for decades in the Artic and underseas they are suddenly Incompetent to maintain.

    What about the FACT that Nord stream is a 50-50 Partnership with BOTH European and Russian Engineers working on it jointly. OH YEAH, guess after Germany dropped billions on a pipeline, they'd Ignore maintaining it.

    But hey, you be you. Just because quite a few notable people said we would destroy that line, several European news reported that just the week earlier that Germans were ON THE STREETS demanding their Deaf Politicians GET it re opened, and Oh SNAP, it's gone.

    NOT in American news, just like the Dutch farmers protests over shutting down their farms for immigrant housing.

    INCLUDING the Nord stream pipeline that didn't even have natural gas run through it yet. Records by German Engineers was the never opened Pipeline was full of "technical Gas" mostly Nitrogen.

    While the US TRAINED CLOWNS (err the Politicians of Europe) are blowing and scraping to the World Economic Forum and the US Deep State (You really don't think Joe the Sock Puppet has any authority, do you?) the people of Europe are getting QUITE aware they will freeze in the dark without Russian gas.

    Maybe Europe has more balls than "Freedom Loving" Americans and a night of the long knives will erupt when it gets cold and nasty over there.

    Pretty soon you and I will understand Joe the Sockpuppets Reichstag speech in a blood red "Liberty Hall Philidelphia" where he said that 50% of America was Maga semi-fascists and a Danger to OUR Democracy".

    They DO Hate you and want you dead or in a "Nice reeducation camp". Please pack a small bag.

  2. Ah I just found that a Hothi or perhaps Iranian pre-dawn attack on Saudi Arabia's oil refineries on Sept 15th took out HALF their capacity or about 5% of the world's oil supply.

    Yeah, some really smart person's going to say something like SO WHAT? 5%. Saudi Arabia was a major provider for oil and gas to Europe via tankers.

    And good times well be had by all. Our Sockpuppet is busy destroying American Oil and Natural Gas supplies by regulations and shipping it overseas to Europe.

    The Ukrainian Proxy War has sanctioned half the world out of Russian oil and the destruction of Nord stream 1 AND 2 puts paid to the idea that Europe could MAKE NICE to the Russians and not freeze to death in the dark.

    First the Europeans go dark and cold, then it's our turn assuming the District of Criminals doesn't trigger a nuclear exchange by a false flag dial a nuke. Why would Europe affect us? World Financial Markets are incestuous and interrelated. When Major Banks in Europe take a dive SO DO WE. All those "Derivatives" and Bonds fall into a blackhole.

    And good times were had by all.

  3. Oh I was on the wrong thread lol. Found another good utube channel you might like it's called Redacted. Kinda liberal European but they are not buying the Western BS either .

  4. The tell is the media. Sure, we can all talk about motive, intent, and means... but when the north American mass media went silent? Boom! Those arseholes gave the show away by refusing to even talk about it.

    This will end badly for the guys responsible, is all I gotta say about it.

  5. Glen as nice as Schadenfreude is, it's really going to suck for us regular people. Rich and powerful folks seldom lack money for ever more expensive foods and fuel.

    Point of fact in all those starving 3rd world countries have you ever seen a skinny Dictator-Peoples Comrade etc.?

  6. You know the old saw, " The race may not go to the swiftest, nor the contest to the strongest, but thats the way to bet". Let's see now- we have the US military completely under the control of the Puppetmasters, complete with pure idiot meat puppets like our own Punchdrunk and Judy the Kamel, and motherWEFers installed also in every NATO country plus OZ, NZ, etc.
    They have told us all their plans: no food, no energy, killer vaxx's , and now war.
    Hmmm- nope it's gotta be the Ruskies.

  7. Send a submersible to take photos of the breaches. It will be really obvious whether the explosions came from outside the pipeline (sabotage), or inside the pipeline (methane hydrates due to bad maintenance).

    1. Excellent observation. Why wasn't this done days ago, and if it (probably) was, where's the pictures?
      The lack of information tells me they do not want us to see what's down there.

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  9. Now Dear Aesop's latest is Old Unexploded military Ordnance maybe from WW1 done up and exploded to destroy Nord stream in three + locations.

    Is anything beyond an enlisted reservist Marine jumped up to holly weird expert and I understand GI Billed to a ER nurse in Los Angeles CA?

    I do wonder how much projecting of his (assuming it's pronouns here) sexual habits when anybody that disagrees with the Mighty Aesop is sucking somebody's junk.