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Thursday, 13 October 2022

This Is Your Kid On Liberal Democracy


I'm serious.

When your kid goes to school, he is going to face drugs, thugs,
marxists, queers, and every other piece of garbage that the left can cough up.

This is what happens when you let the village raise your kid.


  1. This is what happens when ya allow Women to turn a profession into a full blown career and a pension. They always find a reason to add more.

  2. My initial reaction is to agree, PP. But…hell’s bells… this stuff with the trannies and the pedos and queers are a flat out attack on children. Women will now fight tooth and nail for the right to murder their own babies. They aren’t genetically hardwired that way… tens of thousands of years have honed their instincts to protect kids and nurture them.

    Something else has to be going on here because this is satanic stuff…

    1. While there are as you say most women hardwired to nurture as the feminist doctrine is taught that number declines but the ones getting the easy paychecks and pensions galore also rely on government funds to keep those accounts solvent. 20 years ago suddenly every child needed 3 meals a day at school. Wonder how much money those school systems pocketed off the top for that. Detroit needs to spend a million bucks per kid for new laptops... Wanna bet how much of that money found it's way into the pension fund. Now it's we need extra money to teach critical race theory and tyranny awareness... I never ends. They can always find some stupid lifestyle to champion and they will pretend it is serious and important because the money is serious and important. Plus they will find someone to hire specifically to keep that money from that particular topic flowing.

  3. "Women will now fight tooth and nail for the right to murder their own babies."

    This is nothing more than simple mental illness. I estimate that about 2/3 of Western Civilisation is simply Bat Shit Crazy. There's no other logical conclusion.
    Fags, trannies, druggies, pedos, promiscuous sluts and the morons that coddle them are all suffering from a mental disconnect from reality. They don't see that they are actually destroying themselves and all those around them. They would die before admitting they were wrong.

    This is also one of the symptoms of prosperity. It's been so throughout history.

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  5. Word to the mother and well put, Glen.
    Ohio Guy